Louis Bernard DUMONT Félicité DUMONT Jean-Baptiste DUMOND Louis DUMONT Pierre DUMOND Caliste DUMOND Mannet DUMOND Virginia DUMOND Reges DUMOND Louis DUMOND Sarah R DUMOND Robert F DUMOND Elizabeth Narcissa WHITE Sarah E FRAZIER Nancy A DUMOND Serina A NOLASTNAME Félicité CAILLOT Mini tree diagram

Israel A DUMOND2,1,3,4,5

18322,1,3,4,5 - Jun 18811

Life History


Born in Arkansas County, Arkansas.2,1,3,4,5


Married Elizabeth Narcissa WHITE in Arkansas County, Arkansas.6

about 1857

Birth of son Louis DUMOND in Desha County, Arkansas.2

about 1858

Birth of daughter Sarah R DUMOND in Desha County, Arkansas.5,2

after Aug 1860

Birth of son Robert F DUMOND in Desha County, Arkansas.5

before 1865

Death of Elizabeth Narcissa WHITE in Arkansas County, Arkansas.6

25th Sep 1865

Married Sarah E FRAZIER in Arkansas County, Arkansas.6,6

before 1869

Death of Sarah E FRAZIER in Arkansas County, Arkansas.5

about 1869

Married Serina A NOLASTNAME in Arkansas.5

Oct 1869

Birth of daughter Nancy A DUMOND in Desha County, Arkansas.5

Jun 1881

Died in Arkansas County, Arkansas.1

Jun 1881

Buried in Old Menard Cemetery, Tichnor, Arkansas County, Arkansas.1


  • Israel is reported in several different family genealogies of different lineages that intersect with the Dumont line.  In 1850, we find him for the first time by name in the census.  He is in the household of his widowed mother Felicity/Félicité and an older brother Regis/Reges.  His name is misspelt here and in 1870, but we can tell what is meant.

    1850 Federal Census, Desha County, Arkansas, 1 November, Chester Township, page 71 (141), Hse/Fam #268
    Felicita [Félicité] Dumond 42 F [No occupation listed] $1500 Real Estate  born Arkansas
    Ragios [? maybe Ragies = Regis] Dumond 21 M born Arkansas
    Isreal Dumond 19 M born Arkansas

    In 1860, Israel is listed as A Dumond.  He is living next door to his mother Félicité (written in the census as Felicita).  I was able to identify him with the help of his entry in the Noonan-Howarth genealogy, which includes this line of Dumonds (http://trees.ancestry.com/pt/person.aspx?tid=1008393&pid=-2016416830&ftm=1).  Patrick Noonan reports that Israel was married to Elizabeth Narcissa White in 1855.  The wife of A Dumond in 1860 is Narcissa.

    1860 Federal Census, Desha County, Arkansas, 2 August, Chester Township, PO Redfork, page 13 (65), Hse/Fam #96
    A Dumond 28 M Planter born Arkansas
    Narcissa Dumond 25 F Housekeeper born Tennessee
    Sarah Dumond 2 F born Arkansas
    Louis Dumond 3 M born Arkansas

    Israel Dumond's wife here is Elizabeth Narcissa White, married in 1855, acording to Patrick Noonan.  Several genealogies report that Israel Dumond had two wives.  Narcissa died sometime after the birth of Robert, born in 1860.  When she died, Israel married Sarah E Frazier 25 Sep 1865.  But the 1870 census reports a third wife named Serina (Serena?).

    1870 Federal Census, Desha County, Arkansas, 11 August, Chester Township, PO Chester, page 5 (477), Hse/Fam #48
    Du Mond, Isriel  38 M W Farmer born Arkansas  father and mother of foreign birth  cannot read or write
    Du Mond, Serina A 28 F W Keeping House born Tennessee can read, cannot write
    Du Mond, Sarah R (P?)  12 F W born Arkansas  cannot read or write
    Du Mond, Robert F 10 M W born Arkansas  cannot read or write
    Du Mond, Nancy A 7 months F W  born Arkansas Oct 1869
    Allen, Charles 8 M W At Home born Arkansas [literacy not noted]
    Allen, Edward 4  M W   born Arkansas

    In the 1870 census, the wife of Israel is Serina A, and there are two children surnamed Allen in the household.  This appears to be a widow and her two children from the marriage to a man named Allen.  The younger Allen child, Edward, is 4, meaning he was born to Mr Allen and Serina in 1866, a year after the reported marriage of Israel to Sarah Frazier.

    This Serina seems, then to be a different person from the Sarah Frazier reported as Israel's second wife.  It appears that Sarah died before the 1870 census, with no children.  No children appear which could be the children of Sarah.  Robert F is reported as age 10, so born in 1860-61, before Israel married Sarah (1865).  Louis, who was age 3 in 1860 (a son of Narcissa), does not appear in 1870, and it appears that Robert is a different child.  Louis must have died before the 1870 census.

    This census also reports a 7-month old Nancy A Dumond, and her month of birth is given as October 1870.  This would be the first child of Israel and Serina.  Thus they were married probably in 1869, possible January 1870.  Note, however, that 7 months old does not match October 1869!  It should be 9 months old or born in January 1870.

    Israel is buried in the Nady Community (Tichenor, Arkansas, address), not far from Arkansas Post.  In Find  a Grave the old burial spot is described thusly:

    Old Menard Cemetery
    Nady Road
    Arkansas County
    Arkansas  USA
    Postal Code: 72166

    Cemetery notes and/or description:
    Found in an open field just a few yards South of Wallace Menard Cemetery (AKA: Coose/Menard Cemetery), on Nady Road in Nady, Arkansas County, Arkansas, USA 72166.
    NOTE: The National Geological Survey (NGS) refers to this as the Menard Cemetery.

    A Find a Grave Memorial by Dale Houghton gives a good summary of Israel's family.  Dale comments on this burial spot.

    "Orville, I just remembered another Dumond that I manage.  His name is Israel Dumond, # 61220315.  He is in an old cemetery on my wife's nephew's property in Nady.  Might this be one of your wife's family?"
    --  Dale Houghton, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 1 June 2015

    Israel Dumond
    Birth unknown
    Death Jun.

    (part of the broken stone with day and year of death is missing)
    Inscription: " Aged 49 years."

    RESEARCH ON "ISRAEL" SAYS: BORN: 1832. DIED: Abt. 1881.

    FATHER: Louis B. DUMONT. B: 15 OCT 1777 in Grondines, Quebec, Canada. D: JUNE 1861 Desha County, AR. ( Another date of death: 1830)
    MOTHER: Felicite Caillot. B: 27 FEB. 1791 in Ste. Genevieve, MO.
    D: UNKNOWN. MARRIED: 20 MAY 1810 in Arkansas Post, AR.
    HER FATHER: Jean Baptiste Caillot dit LaChance.( Jean's FATHER: Nicholas Caillot dit La Chance. His MOTHER: Marianne Giard.)
    HER MOTHER: Therese Gossiau. ( Therese's MOTHER: Marie Louise Catherine Messager. )
    Jean Baptiste DUMOND: B: 1810 - 1815
    Louis DUMOND: B: Abt 1816
    Pierre "Peter" DUMOND: B: 1820 - 1825
    Caliste DUMOND: B: Abt. 1825 in Ark. Co., AR.
    Mannett DUMOND: B: 1825 - 1830
    Virginia DUMOND: B: Abt. 1827
    Reges "Roger" DUMOND: B: Abt. 1829

    SPOUSE 1: Elizabeth Narcissa WHITE: ( Married: 1855 Ark. Co., AR ). CHILDREN:
    Louis DUMOND
    Sarah DUMOND
    Robert F. DUMOND

    SPOUSE 2: Sarah E. FRAZIER: ( Married: 25 SEPT 1865, Ark. Co., AR. ).

    SPOUSE 3: Serina A. NO-LAST-NAME: (Married: Abt. 1869, AR. ). CHILDREN:
    Nancy A. DUMOND

    Burial Old Menard Cemetery, Tichnor, Arkansas County, Arkansas

    Created by Dale Houghton Nov 06, 2010
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #61220315, http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GSln=DU&GSfn=i&GSpartial=1&GSbyrel=all&GSdyrel=all&GSst=4&GScntry=4&GSob=n&GSsr=81&GRid=61220315&df=all&


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