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Judith MOORE

Judith MOORE3,4,2

10th Aug 17931,2 - 15th Oct 18241

Life History

10th Aug 1793


16th Nov 1813

Married John MCSWAIN in Rutherford County, North Carolina.3,2

3rd Oct 1814

Birth of son Louis Hobson MCSWAIN in Rutherford County, North Carolina.5,6,7,8,9,10

16th Jun 1816

Birth of daughter Martha Paty MCSWAIN in Rutherford County, North Carolina.11,5


Birth of daughter Judith MCSWAIN in Rutherford County, North Carolina.5


Birth of daughter Nancy MCSWAIN in Rutherford County, North Carolina.5,12,4,13,14

15th Oct 1824

Died in Cleveland County, North Carolina.1

after 15th Oct 1824

Buried in McSwain Family Cemetery, Mt Sinai Community, Cleveland County, NC


  • Sevral differtent sources have different birth and death dates for Judith.  There are differences in the rading of the death year on her gravesone, from which varkous birth dates have been given, figuring back from her reported age of 37 years based on the perception of the date of death.  Clarification of Judith's birth date is found in the Moore family Bible, made available courtesy of Virginia Owens Long.

    The left page is hard to read.  The right page entries are transcribed below.

    "John McSwain was born 28th Day of august 1794 / Judith McSwain was Born 10th Day of august 1793 and was married the 16th Day of November 1813 / William McSwain was born the 22 Day of July 1762 / Judith McSwain was Born 10th Day of may 1758 / David McSwain was Born the 3 Day of March 1782"
    --  Bible from the records of the Moore Family;  in the possession of in the possession of Virginia Owens Long of Brevard NC, daughter of Otto P Owens;  Otto is the first son of Dove and Onze Owens.  Accessed 1 Feb 2016 on the Owens-Burns genealogy,

    If we take this entry of Judith's birth date as confirmation of the conrrect date, it brings in to question other dates.  The gravestone reprots her as 37 years old at the time of death.  1793 plus 37 years would make her year of death 1830.  The gravestone is the same style and vintage as her husband John's.  If these were put up at or near the time of death, you would think the death year was correct there.

    Perhaps they erred on the age, having in mind a different year of birth.  If she died in 1824, age 37 would make birth year about 1787, not 1793 as reported in the Bible.  If the reading of her death year on the gravestone as 1821 is correct, her birth year was about 1784.  The date in the Bible must be wrong.

    Judith Moore McSwain
    Birth 1784
    Death Oct. 15, 1821
    37 yrs.
    Spouse John McSwain (1794 - 1867)
    Martha Hamrick McSwain Hardin (____ - 1899)
    Louis Hobson McSwain (1814 - 1890)
    Burial McSwain Cemetery, Shelby, Cleveland County, North Carolina
    Created by Elizabeth Olmstead Mar 03, 2009
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #34382673,


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