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James Richard JENKINS

James Richard JENKINS1

18241 - about Aug 18801

Life History


Born in Union County, South Carolina.1

about Aug 1880

Died in Sumner, Tallahatchie, Mississippi.1

about Aug 1880

Buried in Ebonnier Cemetery, Sumner, Tallahatchie, Mississippi.1

Other facts


Married Elizabeth Jane GIDDENS


  • The Neely genealogy comments that James Richard Jenkins was half Choctaw and his wife was full-blood Cherokee.  They both died in Sumner County, Mississippi, according to the records attached to this genealogy.  James' wife was Elizabeth Jane Giddens.  For James to be half Choctaw, one of his parents had to full-blood, or each had to be half-blood.  No other sources mentions this.

    If James Richard was half Choctaw, then that means all his brothers and sisters were too, and yet James is the only sibling of this family so reported in the Neely genealogy.  Also I wonder why he would have been Choctaw if he was born in South Carolina of a mother born in South Carolina.

    No genealogy reports Sara Catherine Jenkins' maiden name or any personal information or her parents.  I have found nothing to tie her to the Choctaw Nation, and no indication that it could be Sam Jenkins who was the Choctaw parent.  Oddly there is no discussion or explanation at all in the Neely genealogy.  I posted a question on the genealogy in October 2013, but there is no answer as of March 2017.

    "James Richard Jenkins parents were my 4th great grandparents the Jenkins were all originally from Union County, South Carolina. My grandmother was Sicily Burrell Caldwell her mother was Nancy Jenkins."
    --   Annelle Taylor,

    It is interesting that Annelle's surname is Taylor (maiden or married?), and there are two individuals in Sam Jenkins' household in 1870 named Taylor.  Annelle reports that her great-great-great-great grandparents were James Richard Jenkins' parents, which appear to be Sam and Sara Jenkins.  Her grandmother was Sicily Burrell, whose mother Annelle says was Nancy Jenkins.  Without the intervening generations it is not possible to tell how the descent occurs.  But it would be paternal, since her grandmother's surname was Jenkins.  Was that her maiden name or married name?

    A couple of genealogies identify Sicily Burrell Caldwell that Annelle mentions as the wife of James Richard Jenkins.  This is impossible from Annelle's comments.  I have been unable to find any documentation for her, and reported details remain limited.  The names of James' and Sicily's children are presented by some genealogies.  I have not found a record of the maiden name of either wife of Samuel Jenkins.

    The Jenkins Genealogy by W H Jack gives some details with explanations that sounds like personal knowledge, but again with no documentation.

    James Richard Jenkins
    Birth 1824 in Georgia
    Death aft Aug 1880 in Sumner, Tallahatchie, Mississippi
    Samuel M Jenkins 1789 - 1870
    Sarah Catherine Jenkins 1797 - 1849
    Wife Elizabeth Jane Giddens
    Birth Aug 1834 in Alabama
    Death 4 Jul 1910 in Sumner, Tallahatchie, Mississippi
    12 Jul 1880, Age 56, Residence Calhoun, Mississippi
    Death Aug 1880, Age 56 Sumner, Tallahatchie, Mississippi
    James Richard died in 1880. He is on the 1880 census dated 10-12 July 1880, so he died after 12 Jul 1880.
    Buried in Ebonnier Cemetery, Sumner, Mississippi
    --  Jenkins Family,

    I have not been able to find any reference to a cemetery named Ebonnier in Sumner or Tallahatchie County.  There is a Jenkins Cemetery in Sumner, but I don't find James Richard in the Jenkins Cemetery list in USGenWeb for Tallahatchie County, Mississippi.

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