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Oscar Landon GREEN1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9

3rd Sep 19011,2,3,4,5,6 - 24th Dec 19641,6,7

Life History

3rd Sep 1901

Born in Cooke County, Texas.1,2,3,4,5,6

about 1928

Married Mollie Isabel MORGAN in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.4


Resident in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.4

29th Jun 1934

Birth of daughter Betty Jo Leta GREEN in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.1,2

27th Feb 1937

Birth of daughter Wilma Maurice GREEN in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.10,11,12,2

17th Dec 1939

Birth of daughter Pairlee Isabel GREEN in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.1,2,13,14,15,16

24th Dec 1964

Died in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.1,6,7

Other facts


Birth of son Living GREEN


  • Oscar is the son of James Daniel Green, who appears not to be related to the other lineage of Greens married into the Jacksons of Parker County, Texas.  The genealogy and family notes for James Daniel Green were provided to Green-Jackson researchers by Houston Green, a descendant of J D.

    The information he has states no place of birth for Daniel's children, but reports that James Daniel was a full-blooded Chickasaw Indian from Oklahoma City.  However, the censuses recording J D and his family list them all as White.  I have noted that in states other than Oklahoma, there are few recordings of people as Indian, and "White" is usually a designation in contrast to only "Black" or "Negro."

    Oscar is first reported in the 1910 census as a child of James Green, living in Cooke County (Gainesville area), Texas.  The 1900 census tells us that Oscar's older brother Andrew was born in Weatherford.  We don't know the year they moved from Weatherford to Cooke County, but since they are living in Cooke County, Texas in 1910, this may indicate that Oscar and his sister Jessie (spelled Jesse in the census) were born in Cooke County, Texas.

    1910 Federal Census, Cooke County, Texas, 30 April, Justice Precinct 5, District 60, page 10A, Hse #126, Fam #130
    Green, James D Head M W 34 Married 13 yrs OK GA GA General Farm Laborer Owns [b abt 1876]
    Green, Liza R  Wife  F W 33 Married 13 yrs  Borne 5 children/3 living  TX TN MO [b abt 1877]
    Green, Andrew  son M W 12 TX OK TX [b abt 1898]
    Green, Oscar L  son M W 8 TX OK TX [b abt 1902]
    Green, Jesse J Dau F W 4 TX OK TX [b abt 1906]

    Oscar's family is back in Weatherford before the 1920 census, and this is their location for the rest of their lives.  We do not have details to specify when they moved to Cooke County, or back to Weatherford.

    1920 Federal Census, Parker County, Texas, 9 January, Weatherford Ward 1, District 61, page 8A, 107 Cypress St, Hse #145, Fam #167
    Green, Jim D  Head Rents  M W 44 Married OK OK OK Laborer [b abt 1876]
    Green, Lillie  Wife F W 23 Married at age 23 TX OK TX No Occupation [b abt 1897]
    Green, Andrew  son M W 21 Single TX OK TX Foreman, Oil Field [b abt 1899]
    Green, Oscar  son M W 18 Single TX OK TX Laborer At Home [b abt 1902]
    Green, Jessie J Dau F W 12 Single TX OK TX No Occupation [b abt 1902]

    Oscar's family moved to Parker County, Texas, where he lived the rest of his life.  In 1930 we find he has married the widow Mollie Isabel Morgan Green, and they are living in Weatherford town.  Mollie is reported in family tradition to have been the daughter of the Mayor of Weatherford.

    1930 Federal Census, Parker County, Texas, 17 April, Weatherford Ward 4, District 4, page 6B, 202 S Akard St, Hse #154, Fam #163
    Green, Oscar  Head Rents  M W 29 Married at age 27 OK OK OK Caretaker, City Disposal Plant
    Green, Mollie  F W 25 Married at age 23 TX OK TX

    In this census, the wife's name was first written as Millie, then over-written to correct it to Mollie.  Ancestry.com notes the

    1940 Federal Census, Weatherford, Parker, Texas, 5 April, Weatherford Ward 4, District 184-4, page 7A, Hse #161, Rents $8
    Green, Oscar L Head M W 39 Grade 6 b Texas Rural Parker Co in 1935 Laborer
    Green, Mollie Wife F W 35 Grade 5 b Texas Rural Parker Co in 1935
    Green, Houston E Son M W 8 Single Grade 2 b Texas Rural Parker Co in 1935
    Green, Betty J F W 5 Grade 0 b Texas Rural Parker Co in 1935
    Green, Maurice Son M W 3 Grade 0 b Texas
    Green, Pairlee, Infant Dau F W 3mos Grade 0 b Texas


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