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Mary Ellen TERRY

Mary Ellen TERRY1,2,4,5,11,6,9,9,10,10,7,8

8th Aug 18441,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 - 19th Mar 19328,4,5,6,9,9,10,10

Life History

8th Aug 1844

Born in Murray County, Georgia.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

15th Dec 1861

Married Nathaniel Edwin CONNALLY in Murray County, Georgia.14

before 1863

Birth of son Slade CONNALLY in Murray County, Georgia.3


Death of son Slade CONNALLY in Murray County, Georgia.3

1st May 1863

Death of Nathaniel Edwin CONNALLY in Chancellorsville, Spotsylvania, Virginia.14,4

20th Sep 1863

Birth of daughter Eddie CONNALLY in Murray County, Georgia.13,3,4,4,7

27th Oct 1867

Married Jones CONNALLY in Whitfield County, Georgia.4,11

3rd Dec 1868

Birth of daughter Arizona CONNALLY in Brazos County, Texas.3,15


Birth of son Travis CONNALLY in Brazos County, Texas.16

28th Feb 1872

Birth of daughter Amanda CONNALLY in Washington County, Texas.3,4


Death of son Travis CONNALLY in Brazos County, Texas.16


Birth of daughter Ola E CONNALLY in McLennan County, Texas.16


Death of daughter Ola E CONNALLY in McLennan County, Texas.16

19th Aug 1877

Birth of son Thomas Terry CONNALLY in Hewitt, McLennan, Texas.3,7,17,18,19

27th Nov 1878

Birth of daughter Bertha M CONNALLY in Brazos County, Texas.3,4


Birth of daughter Ella CONNALLY in Falls County, Texas.3

31st Jul 1884

Birth of daughter Rose D CONNALLY in Eddy, McLennan, Texas.3,5,4

28th Dec 1886

Birth of daughter Mary Lyla CONNALLY in Falls County, Texas.3,4

11th Jan 1902

Death of Jones CONNALLY in Falls County, Texas.4

19th Nov 1925

Death of daughter Eddie CONNALLY in Waco, McLennan, Texas.3,4,12

19th Mar 1932

Died in Eddy, McLennan, Texas.8,4,5,6,9,9,10,10

She had been in ill health two years. She had fallen and broken her hip twice. Death certificate: "Fractured Hip from a fall on 30 Sept 1931, Senility, Contributory factor Old Age, Pyelitis Cystitis"

20th Mar 1932

Buried in Eddy Cemetery, Eddy, McLennan County, Texas.4,5,6


  • 1860 Federal Census, Murray County, Georgia, 6 July, Militia District 972, PO Rock Creek, Page 53, Hse #367, Fam #361
    Joseph Terry 46 M Farmer-Baptist Preacher  SC (b abt 1813)
    Dovina Terry 37 F NC (b abt 1822)
    Mary E Terry 16 F GA (b abt 1844, 1843 from family records)

    I remember my grandmother, Julia Virginia (Jennie) Terry, telling me about her cousins the Connallys in Texas.  I particularly remember her cousin Thomas Terry Connally, who was a US Senator from Texas at that time.  But I do not remember knowing how we were kin.  Mary Ellen Terry was the Terry through whom we were kin to the Connallys.

    I was just a young child when I remember my grandmother telling me about her family.  Mamma Jennie probably told me very much I had forgotten in the interim, before beginning my family research as an adult.  She also probably told me at that time that she was born in Texas but I did not remember that.  I had to work it out through census reports I gradually discovered.

    The 1860 census reports Mary Ellen as 16 years old.  However, family sources indicate her birthday is 8 August 1844.  This would mean she had not had her 16th birthday yet when the census was taken in July.  This is just one more example of how people in that era did not focus on the details like specific dates and ages, with which our modern information age is obsessed.

    Mary Ellen Terry married Nathaniel Edwin Connally shortly after the census, and they had one child, a girl named Eddie/Eddy, in September 1863.  A previous child named Slade had died shortly after being born.  Nathaniel was killed in the Civil War, at the Battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia in 1863, not long before Eddie's birth in September 1863.  Marry Ellen married Nathaniel's brother Jones.

    Georgia, Marriage Records From Select Counties, 1828-1978
    Mr Jones Connally
    Marriage 27 Oct 1867 Whitfield County, Georgia
    Spouse Mary E Connally
    Ceremony performed by J A R Hansk, Minister of the Gospel
    License issued 23 Oct 1867 by J P Freeman, Ordinary, Georgia, Whitfield County
    Registered Murray County Marriage Book, p 55

    "I should like to say that I browsed your Terry Family Tree. What a fascinating family, close neighbors of the Cushi Connallys in Murray County, Georgia."
    --  James Jones, email to Ancestry Messaging to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 24 August 2017

    Before the 1870 census, they moved to Texas, as many other Terry-related families did in the period after the Civil War.

    1870 Federal Census, Brazos County, Texas, 16 June, PO Bryan, page 2, Hse/Fam #14
    Connally, J 45 M W Farmer $3560 Real Estate $240 Personal Estate b Georgia
    Connally, M 25 M [sic] W Keeping House b Georgia
    Connally, A 16 M W Laborer b Georgia
    Connally, J 12 M W b Georgia
    Connally, E 6 F W b Georgia
    Connally, A 1 F W b Georgia

    The son listed as A Connally would be Andrew and J is James.  These are the two sons of Ann Hunter, Jones' first wife.  Daughter E Connally would be Eddy, born after her father died,  Mary Ellen and Nat's daughter.  The last child, 1-year-old A Connally, would be Arizona, the first child Mary Ellen had with Jones.

    Mary Ellen was the second wife of Jones Connally, after his wife Ann C Hunter died.  Her first husband was his younger brother Nathaniel Edwin Connally.

    In his genealogy posted on Ancestry World Tree (, no longer online), Johnny L Williams reports that Mary Ellen died at Eddy, McLennan, County, Texas.  Eddy is about 10 miles south of Waco, and is now called Bruceville-Eddy.  This is close to Lorena, which is about 5 miles from Waco on I-35.  Lorena is the town nearest to the place where my grandmother Julia Virginia Terry was born in 1880.  Julia Virginia's father Thomas Duncan  was a 1st cousin to Mary Ellen.

    I have discovered the connections that make the Terry-Jenkins descendants kin to the Connallys of McLennan County.  The most famous of this line of Connallys was senator Thomas Terry Connally.  Thomas Terry Connally was a son of Mary Ellen Terry.  As a daughter of Joseph and Dovina Terry, Mary Ellen was a first cousin to Thomas Duncan Terry, Julia Virginia's father.  By common reckoning, Mary Ellen is thus a 2nd cousin to my grandmother Julia Virginia Terry Jenkins.  By technical reckoning, Family Tree Maker tells me Mary Ellen and Julia Virginia are 1st cousins once removed.

    Our common reckoning tells us that Julia Virginia was a 3rd cousin to Mary Ellen's son Thomas Terry Connally.  FTM says Thomas Terry Connally and Julia Virginia Terry are 2nd cousins.

    1880 Federal Census, McLennan County, Texas, 15 June, Page 33A (scan p166A), District 111, Hse/Fam #201
    Connally, Jones W M 54 Farmer  GA TN GA
    Connally, Mary E  W F 36 Wife Keeping House  GA SC GA
    Connally, Arizona W F 12 Dau  At Home TX GA GA
    Connally, Amanda O  W F 9 Dau  TX GA GA
    Connally, Thomas T  W M 3 Dau  TX GA GA
    Connally, Bertha M  W F 6mos Dau  TX GA GA
    Connally, Eddie  W F 16 Step-Dau  At Home GA GA GA
    Connally, Margaret W F 60 Aunt Boarding TN GA GA
    Walker, Benjamin  B M16 Laborer TX MS MS

    Genealogist Johnny L Williams has gathered other census and related information on Jones Connally and family.  [Edited for form and clarity -- OBJ]

    Moved to Brazos Co., Texas with Hunter in-laws in 1859

    1900 Census Falls Co., TX Page 339B, Blevins Precinct #8, ED 28 - Sh 9
    <Jones Connally s/o Thomas & Mary C. Jones Connally>
    Conaly, Jones Sep 1825 GA GA GA Married 32 years, Owns Home free of mortgage
    Conaly, Mary E. Aug 1844 GA GA GA (wife) 9 children, 7 living
    Conaly, Birth M. Nov 1879 TX GA GA (dau)
    Conaly, Olla E. May 1882 TX GA GA (dau)
    Conaly, Rosa D. Jul 1884 TX GA GA (son)
    Conaly, Mary L. Dec 1886 TX GA GA (son)

    1910 < Mary Ellen Terry Connally w/o Jones Connally s/o Thomas & Mary C. Jones Connally>

    1920 Census Falls Co., TX Page , Precinct 8, ED 89
    <Bertha M. Connally Moore d/o Jones & Mary Ellen Terry Connally>
    Moore, Floyd 43 TX TX TX Owns Home
    Moore, Bertha 39 TX GA GA (wife)
    Moore, Tom L TX TX LA (son)
    Moore, John TX TX LA (son)
    Connally, Mary E. 75 GA GA GA Widow, (mother in law)
    < Mary Ellen Terry Connally w/o Jones Connally s/o Thomas & Mary C. Jones Connally>
    1930 Census Falls Co., TX Page , Precinct 8, ED - Sh , Eddy & Moore Villa Road, 22 Apr
    < Mary Ellen Terry Connally w/o Jones Connally s/o Thomas & Mary C. Jones Connally>
    Connally, M. E. 85 GA GA GA Widow, Married at age 17, Female, Owns home

    --  RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: Descendants of Edward Williams Sr. of Spartanburg,

    An abbreviated death annoucement was available, from the Bryan Daily Eagle, the McKinney Daily Courier Gazette and the Clifton Record.

    "WACO, March 19.- Mrs. Mary E. Connally, 87, mother of Senator Tom Connally died early today at her home at Eddy, 20 miles south of Waco. She had been in ill health two years. The senator is en his way from Washington."
    --  Bryan Daily Eagle, Bryan, Texas, Mar 19 1932, via

    "19 - While her son was speeding from Washington, Mrs. Mary E. Connally, 87, mother of Tom Connally, United States senator from Marlin, died early today at Eddy, her home for many years."
    --  Mckinney Daily Courier Gazette, McKinney, Texas, Mar 19 1932, via

    "Mary Ellen Terry Connally, mother of Senator Tom ... died at her home at Eddy last Saturday.  Senator Connally had been notified of her death and had left Washington for her bedside, but did not arrive ....."
    --  Clifton Record, Clifton, Texas, Mar 25 1932, via

    "March 19 (AP) - While her son was speeding from Washington, Mrs. Mary E. Connally, 87, mother of Tom Connally, junior United States senator from Texas, died early today at Eddy, her home for many years. Mrs. Connally had broken a hip twice in falls. She had been bedridden."
    --  Burlington Gazette, Burlington, Iowa, Mar 19 1932, via

    "Senator Connally's Mother Dies. Waco. Tex„ March 19 - Mrs, Mary E. Connally. 87-year-old mother of Senator Tom Connally of Marlin, Tex, died today at her home near Eddy, twenty miles south of here."
    --  Kansas City Star, Kansas City, Kansas, Mar 19 1932, via

    Texas, Death Certificates, 1903-1982
    Mary Ellen Connally [Mary Ellen Terry]
    Birth 8 Aug 1844 Georgia
    Residence Eddy, Texas
    Father Joseph Terry born Georgia
    Mother Dovina Walker born Georgia
    Age at Death 87 yrs, 7 months, 12 days
    Death 19 Mar 1932 Falls County, Texas
    Cause of Death Fractured Hip from a fall on 30 Sept 1931, Senility, Contributory factor Old Age, Pyelitis Cystitis
    Informant Mrs W H Staton, Informant, Waco, Texas
    Burial Eddy Cemetery 20 March Wilkirson Hatch Bailey Funeral Home, Waco, Texas
    Filed 22 March 1932, Filed State 11 April 1932

    Obituary of Mary Ellen Terry Connally, Hope Star newspaper, Eddy, Texas, 23 March 1932
    Mary Ellen Terry Connally
    88 years old
    Death Mar 19, 1932
    Came to Texas 65 years ago in a covered wagon
    Mother of U S Senator Tom Connally
    Funeral conducted by Rev R J Fletcher, former pastor of Eddy Baptist Church, assisted by Rev F C Rowland, current pastor
    Burial 20 March 1932 Eddy Cemetery, Eddy, Falls County, Texas
    --  Obituary courtesy of "Family Hunter" on Find a Grave.

    Mary Ellen Terry Connally
    Birth Aug. 8, 1844 Georgia
    Death Mar. 19, 1932 Texas

    Mary was 1st wed December 15, 1861 to Nathaniel Connally (1833-1863).  He was killed during the Civil War at the Battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia in May 1863.  She was pregnant with their daughter, Eddie Connally Kendrick, born September 1863.  In 1868 she wed Nathaniel's brother, Jones Connally.  Mary and Jones had 5 daughters and 1 son, Senator Thomas Terry Connally.

    Daughters of Mary & Jones:
    Arizona Connally Clements (1868-1948)
    Amanda O. Connally Smith (1872-1946)
    Bertha M. Connally Moore(1878-1963)
    Rose D. Connally Stanton (1884-1946)
    Mary Lila Connally McKay (1886-1967)

    Joseph Lewis Terry (1814 - 1880)
    Dovinah Walker Terry (1822 - 1899)

    Jones Connally (1825 - 1902)
    Nathaniel Edwin Connally (1833 - 1863)

    Arizona Clements (1859 - ____)
    Eddie Connally Kendrick (1863 - 1925)
    Amanda Connally Smith (1872 - 1946)
    Thomas Terry Connally (1877 - 1963)
    Bertha Connally Moore (1878 - 1963)
    Rose Connally Staton (1884 - 1946)
    Lila Connally McKay (1886 - 1967)

    Sibling Dovina Elizabeth Terry Gay (1855 - 1931)

    Burial Eddy Cemetery, Falls County, Texas

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    --  Find A Grave Memorial #11522516,

    The burial is reported to be in Eddy, Falls County, near Waco, McLennan County.


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