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Malinda Jane MULLINNAX

Malinda Jane MULLINNAX7,5,1,2,6,3,4

also known as Melinda J MULLINAX3

21st Aug 18481,2,3,4 - 9th Mar 19225,6,4

Life History

21st Aug 1848

Born in Pickens County, South Carolina.1,2,3,4

20th Oct 1910

Death of John Franklin EVATT in Garvin, Anderson, South Carolina.6

9th Mar 1922

Died in Pendleton Township, Anderson, South Carolina.5,6,4


9th Mar 1922

Buried in Sharon Cemetery, Pendleton, Anderson County, South Carolina.5

Other facts


Married John Franklin EVATT


  • Melinda's name varies in the sources.  You will notice also that in some sources the last name is spelled Mullinix, probably following current spelling by certain branches of the family.  Different branches settled on different "official" spellings of the family name over the decades.  Even the Old Pendleton Genealogy has John's name as Mullinix, where others in this family are spelled as Mullinax.  The fist census reporting Malinda, at age 1, 1850, spells the family name Mullinax.  Melinda appears in the 1850 census as Melinda J Mullinax.

    1850 Federal Census, Eastern Division, Pickens County, South Carolina, 29 July, Eastern Division, Pickens, p 909, Hse/Fam #47
    JG Mullinax, age 30 born SC
    Elizabeth A Mullinax, age 31, SC
    Margarett A Mullinax, 4, SC
    Melinda J Mullinax, 1, SC

    Though several family genealogies list Malinda's name as Jane Malinda, in censuses she is always Malinda J and her death certificate records her name as Malinda J.  The name is spelled Malinda in most sources, including the 1900 and 1910 censuses, and her death certificate.  I am following the name order of the census and death certificate and its spelling on her death certificate and other supporting documents, to list her as Malinda Jane Mullinax.

    Her death certificate also reports her father as William Mullinax, while other sources report her as the daughter of John Gaines Mullinax.  We see in the 1850 census her father is reported as J G Mullinax.

    I am not sure how to evaluate that information.  Malinda's father is documented as John G Mullinax.  Perhaps John was also named William, a fact not reported in any of the family genealogies I have seen.  The informant on her death certificate is T F Evatt, which is probably her son Thomas.  In the 1900 census Thomas was reported as Thomas H, not Thomas F.

    Similarly his father was reported in that same census as John H, while we know his middle name was Franklin.  In the 1910 census John if John F as expected..  Perhaps Thomas did not know his grandfather's name (which does not seem likely) or said the wrong name inadvertently, or perhaps even the coroner wrote it incorrectly, maybe writing the information later from memory or on his own.

    South Carolina Death Records, 1821-1955
    Certificate #3307
    Malinda J Evatt, White Female
    [Malinda Jane Mullinax Evatt]
    Residence Pendleton Township, Anderson County, South Carolina
    Occupation Housekeeper
    Death 8 Mar 1922 Anderson County, Age at Death: 73 Years
    Born 1849 [only year reported], Anderson County
    Father William Mullinax, born South Carolina
    Cause of death Pneumonia
    Burial 9 March 1922 Sharon Cemetery (Pendleton, SC), by H W Seawright
    Informant T F Evatt [Thomas?], Rt 7, Pendleton, Anderson County
    Filed 15 April 1922

    Note also that these death certificate reports that Malinda's place of birth was Anderson County, South Carolina.  But it appears that the family was living in Pickens County when she was born.  This is their location in the 1850 census.


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