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Charles Winston WEST

Charles Winston WEST1,3,5,6,4,7,2,8

15th Dec 18731,3,4,5,6,7,2,8 - 11th Feb 19451,7,2

Life History

15th Dec 1873

Born in Arkansas.1,3,4,5,6,7,2,8

between 1880 and 1930

Resident in Prairie Township, Arkansas, Arkansas.3,5

9th Aug 1899

Birth of son Jesse Simpson WEST in Alvord, Wise, Texas.4,9,10,2,11,12

30th May 1902

Birth of daughter Lavada Mae WEST in Big Sandy, Upshur, Texas.10,4,13,14,15,16,17,2

5th May 1905

Birth of son Homer WEST in Texas.4,18,19,2

1st Jul 1909

Birth of son Gentry WEST in Texas.12,10,4,5,20,21,2

24th Jun 1911

Birth of son Opal L WEST in Alvord, Wise, Texas.5,4,6,22,23,2,12

22nd Aug 1913

Birth of son J C WEST in Texas.10,6,24,4,5,12,2

15th Nov 1915

Birth of daughter Emma Harriet WEST in Alvord, Wise, Texas.5,4,25,26,9,27

14th Jan 1918

Birth of son Clarence Aubrey WEST in Alvord, Wise, Texas.28,29,10,12,4,2

5th Feb 1920

Birth of daughter Josie Lee WEST in Texas.12,30,5,31

29th Jul 1924

Death of son Homer WEST in Arkansas County, Arkansas.18,2

11th Feb 1945

Died in Arkansas County, Arkansas.1,7,2

after 11th Feb 1945

Buried in Chute Cemetery, St Charles, Arkansas County, Arkansas.1,2

Other facts


Married Margaret Ann NIKIRK


  • We first see Charley (Charles W) West in the 1880 census, as a child of 6 with his family in Prairie Township, Arkansas County, Arkansas.  Charley is the oldest child, and he and all his siblings were born about 1874, after his parents moved there, apparently from Tennessee.  His father A S West is a brother of Rufus Asberry West.

    1880 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 9 June, Prairie Township, District 2, page 10, Hse #84, Hse #87
    A S West W M 34 Head Farmer NC NC NC
    S J West W F 27 Wife House Keeping TN TN NC
    C W [Charles] West W M 6 Son AR NC TN [b abt 1874]
    M M West W F 4 Dau AR NC TN
    L B West W F 2 Dau AR NC TN

    The initials of his father, A S, stand for Andrew Simpson West.  His mother is Sara Jane Hallett, Andy's first wife.

    1920 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 14 February, Prairie Township, District 15, page 9A, Hse/ Fam #176
    West, Charley Head M W 46 AR AR AR
    West, Margaret Wife F W 39 IN IN IN
    West, Jesse Son M W 20 TX AR IN Farm Laborer
    West, Lavada Daughter F W 17 TX AR IN Farm Laborer
    West, Homer Son M W 14 TX AR IN Farm Laborer
    West, Gentry Son M W 10 TX AR IN
    West, Opal Son M W 8 TX AR IN
    West, JC Son M W 6 TX AR IN
    West, Emma Daughter F W 4 TX AR IN
    West, Clarence Son M W 2 TX AR IN

    I notice that this 1920 census was earlier in the year than the 1880, and yet Charley's age of 26 is yields the same birth year, 1874.  Since the census is dated February, this would make it seem he was either born in January 1874 or some time during the previous 8 months in 1873.

    Yet in 1930 he loses two years.  In 1930, his age of 54, yields a birth year of 1876 or perhaps 1875.

    1930 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 10 April, Prairie Township, District 7, page 3A, Hse #48, Fam #49
    West, Charles W  Head M W 54 AR NC TN Farmer [b abt 1876]
    West, Maggie Wife F W 49 IN IN IN
    West, Gentry Son M W 20 TX AR AR Farm Laborer
    West, Opal Son M W 18 TX AR AR Farm Laborer
    West, JC Son M W 16 TX AR AR Farm Laborer
    West, Emma Daughter F W 14 TX AR AR
    West, Clarence Son M W 12 TX AR AR
    West, Josie Lee  Dau F W 10 TX AR AR

    Note that in this census, Maggie's place of birth is reported as Indiana, as in the previous census.  However, the birthplace of the mother of all the children is reported instead as Arkansas!  Also, Charley's parents once again have the correct states of birth, father North Carolina and mother Tennessee, as reported in 1880.

    The older children, Jesse, Lavada and Homer are now out on their own.  Emma, Clarence and Josie have been born since the last census.  Emma later marries Oregon Knowlton Jr as his second wife.  Josie married William E Padgett.

    Cyrus Lester Mcswain Sr, Tissie's son, was married to my grandma's sister Eunice Davis and Kevin [McSwain]'s wife Gina comes through the Criswell line from Lavada Mae West.  Lavada Mae was daughter of Charles Winston West.  He was Eunice Davis' uncle.

    Eunice and my grandma Lela Bridgette Davis were daughters of great grandma Maggie West, who married Alex Davis first and had several girls.   When Alex died she married Henry Oliver Marcum.  H O had two kids by his marriage to a Rosie?  (I can't find what her last name was.)  She died then H O married Maggie West then H O's boy Roy Marcum married Lela Davis, Maggie West Davis' daughter.

    So I wound up with two great grandparent sets that way on them.  Roy and Lela's daughter Maggie Marcum (mom) married my dad Floyd Utley.
    --  Ancestry Messaging from Mike Utley to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 19 January  2020

    The Criswell/Robbins genealogy provides a lot of details from family sources, otherwise undocumented.

    Charles Winston West
    Birth 15 Dec 1873, Death 12 Feb 1945 in Arkansas
    Father Andrew Simpson West, Birth 1845 Dec 1, Death 1929 Feb 17 in Arkansas County, Arkansas
    Mother Annie Watson, Birth 1852 Oct 11, Death 1929 Feb 24 in Arkansas County, Arkansas
    Spouse Maggie Ann Nikirk
    Birth 10 Aug 1880 in Monroe Co, Indiana, Death 7 July 1973 in Arkansas County, Arkansas
    3 Living
    Jesse Simpson West 1899 - 1973
    Lavada May West 1902 - 1997
    Homer Lewis West 1905 - 1924
    Gentry West b 1909
    Opal West 1911 - 2001
    Emmie Harriet West b 1915
    Clarence A West 1918 - 1994
    --  Criswell/Robbins,

    1940 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 12 April, Prairie, District 1-24, page 5B, Road to Game Reserve, Hse #67, Owns $200
    West, Charles W Head M W 66 Grade 6 b Ark same house in 1935 Farmer
    West, Margaret A Wife F W 54 Grade 6 b Indiana same house in 1935
    West, J C Son M W 27 Single Grade 8 b Ark same house in 1935 Farm Laborer
    West, Opal Son F W 29 Single Grade 8 b Texas same place in 1935 Farmer
    West, Thelma Dau-in-Law F W 24 Single Grade 9 b Ark same place in 1935
    West, Homer Grandson M W 1 b Ark

    I notice that for the first three entries the enumerator has designated the place in 1935 as same house, but on subsequent entries he has written same place.  I don't know if there is any significance to this difference.  Note also that Opal is a son, not a daughter, and is married to Thelma.

    Charlie Winston West
    Birth Dec 15, 1873 Arkansas, USA
    Death Feb 11, 1945 Arkansas County, Arkansas, USA
    Andrew Simpson West (1845 - 1929)
    Sary Jane West (1851 - 1883)
    Spouse Maggie Ann Nikirk West (1880 - 1973)
    Jessie Simpson West (1899 - 1973)
    Homer West (1905 - 1924)
    Opal West (1911 - 2001)
    J. C. West (1913 - 1996)
    Emma Harriet West Knowlton (1915 - 2009)
    Luley Bell West (1878 - 1884)
    John A West (1880 - 1955)
    Frank S West (1888 - 1938) Half-sibling)
    Burial Chute Cemetery, De Witt, Arkansas County, Arkansas
    Created by Lin May 02, 2011
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #69237893,


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