John LANGSTON Mary LANGSTON Mini tree diagram

Elizabeth PERSONS1

17141 - 17941

Life History


Born in Edgecombe County, North Carolina.1

after 1743

Married John LANGSTON in Granville County, North Carolina.3


Birth of daughter Mary LANGSTON in Granville County, North Carolina.1

11th Nov 1790

Death of John LANGSTON in Greenville County, South Carolina.2


Died in Greenville, Greenville, South Carolina.1


  • The family name of people that seem to be Elizabeth's parents appears in wills as Person.  Some genealogies spell the name Parsons.  John T. Palmer had her place of death as Greenville, Granville, North Carolina.  This is not correct, since Greenville is in Pitt County.  Thus it is not clear whether this person meant to say Greenville city (with Pitt County) or Granville County.  He has the death place for Eliabeth's husband as Greenville County, South Carolina in 1790, and hers as possibly Granville County, North Carolina.,  Perhaps he meant Greenville, Greenville County, SOUTH Carolina for Elizabeth?  Another source says Greenville County, South Carolina, like her husband, so I am taking this option.  Since John had the town as Greenville, I am interpreting this to indicate that he meant Greenville, Greenville, South Carolina.  John T. Palmer, PhD, includes the following information from sources:  in 1750 John Langston and son Absalom were on a tax list of William Person.  Deed Book F, pg 313 of Granville Co, NC notes Joseph Langston to Thomas, Esq for 30 pounds, 170 acres Source: Mary Poole Lasseter  In unrecorded Wills: Elizabeth Langston is witness to Will of Mary Person Date of Will 20 May 1761 Date of probate Aug 1761  Deed Book 1 pg 355 4 Feb 1767 John Langston to John Thompson, both of Bute Co for 75 pounds current money for 300 acres in Bute co adj Bennit. Wit: Benjamin Person, William Person Jr, proved by Benj. Person.  Wife of John Langston, not named, having relinquished dow right before Wm Johnson, Esq, Bute court, April 1767  Deed Book 3, pg 325, 26 Aug 1770 John Langston and Elizabeth, his wife, of Orange Co. to Randolph Hazlewood of Bute Co for 300 pounds for two tracts of land in Bute Co, a total of 590 acres Wit: James Langston and Wm. Maddray Proved by William Madry, Bute No. Court 1771 --


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