Silas Ebeneezer MOORE Emily Ann Meese MOORE Mini tree diagram

Mourning Star FOLSOM2

about 17991 - about 18501

Life History

about 1799

Born in Georgia.1

16th Nov 1816

Birth of daughter Emily Ann Meese MOORE in Georgia.3,1,2,4

about 1850

Died in New Salem, Rusk, Texas.1

Other facts


Married Silas Ebeneezer MOORE


  • Mourning Star was the descendant of a line of Choctaw "royalty" and a European trader named Nathaniel Folson.

    Nathaniel and Edmund Folsom, fifth generation from John1, are the founders of the Choctaw Folsoms.

    It is said that Nathaniel Folsom's father (Israel Folsom) took his family to North Carolina, and then on to Georgia, where Nathaniel had some schooling.  Then, then they journeyed to Choctaw country.  Here, Nathaniel (about 19 years of age by now... it was about 1775), had some kind of dispute with his father.  The result was that his father and the rest of the family left, and Nathaniel stayed behind.  He was to remain with the Choctaw for the rest of his life.

    Nathaniel ran a trading post, located along an ancient Indian trail that later became known as the Natchez Trace, and although that was more than three hundred years ago, a marker still stands to show where the trading post, called "Pigeon's Roost," was found along the Natchez Trace, the main north-south trail to and from the southern parts of the country.

    Nathaniel married not only one Choctaw bride, he married two.  At that time, multiple marriages were common in the Choctaw Nation.  He married two sisters and princesses, descended from a line of high chiefs among the Choctaw.  Their names were I-Ah-Ne-Cha and Ai-Ne-Chi-Hoyo. These two wives bore 24 children, 14 of whom lived to adulthood.  The first of these sisters was Aiahnichih Ohoyoh (which means a woman to be preferred above all others).

    She was a niece of Miko Puskush (Infant Chief), who was the father of the famous chief, Amosholitubbee. She was a descendant of a long line of ancient chiefs, and belonged to the most prominent clan, Iksa Hattakiholihta, one of the two ruling clans, and the only clan from which chiefs were selected, with an exception now and then. The marriage to her sister was about the same time.
    --  Ancestry Stories,


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