John III BERNARD Thomas BERNARD Francis BERNARD Alice HASELWOOD Cecily MUSCOTE Mini tree diagram

Francis BERNARD1,3,2

15261,2 - 21st Oct 16021,2

Life History


Born in Abington, Northamptonshire, England.1,2

between 1555 and 1557

Birth of son Thomas BERNARD in Abington, Northamptonshire, England.4


Birth of son Francis BERNARD in Abington, Northamptonshire, England.5

21st Oct 1602

Died in Abington, Northamptonshire, England.1,2

Other facts


Married Alice HASELWOOD


  • Patricia Boen reports that the birth date of this Bernard born in 1526 is also named Richard like his son and two further generations of Bernards.  Others, however, name him Francis.  Patricia reports his son Richard born "before 1590."  In 1590, the elder Richard would have been 54 years old.  Patricia, as several other genealogies, do not report other children, so I initially had no gauge for the range of this family and the children's births.

    Richard Bernard, Born 1526 in England, Died 21 Oct 1602; No Father, No Mother;
    Spouse Alice Haselwood 1525-1612, Child Richard Bernard b 1590
    --  Patricia Boen,

    Details in a genealogy on the Barker family clarifies the range in reporting the birth year of the son Richard as 1555.

    Richard Bernard, Born 1555 Abington, Northampton, England, Died 1613 in Turvey, Bedford, England; Marriage 1605 in Abington, Northampton, England to Elizabeth Woolhouse b 1572; Children John Bernard b 1604, Alice Bernard b 1607, Richard Bernard 1608-1651, Mary Barnard 1610-1654
    --  Barker Tree,

    More information and the names of all the children are found in a genealogy by Carla Dye.  Carla reports the name of the father, husband of Alice Haselwood/Hazelwood as Francis, rather than Richard.  Further, she reports no child named Richard!  The child tin her genealogy that would match Richard reported by some others as born in about 1555 is here named Thomas.  One son here, born in 1558, is named after his father Francis.

    Francis Bernard
    Born 1530 in Abington Hall, Abington, Northamptonshire, England
    Died 21 OCT 1602 in Abington Hall, Abington, Northamptonshire, England
    John Bernard 1491-1549, Cecily Muscote 1495-1557
    Spouse Alice Hazelwood 1525-1612
    John Bernard b 1545; Catherine Bernard b 1547;  Jane Bernard b 1549;  Anne Bernard b 1551;  Margaret Bernard b 1552;  Baldwin Bernard b 1554;  Thomas Bernard b 1555;  Elizabeth Bernard b 1558;  Francis Bernard b 1558-1630; Magdalen Bernard b 1560;  Dorothy Bernard b 1562;  Prudence Bernard b 1566;  Richard Bernard b 1568
    --   Carla Dye,

    A descendant Kinter Bernard discusses this family in a Bernard family genealogy group.

    Re: Francis Bernard and Mary Woodhouse
    Posted by: Kinter Bernard Date: June 19, 2006
    In Reply to: Re: Francis Bernard and Mary Woodhouse by Dianne Rutherford of 1547

    Francis Jr married Mary Woolhouse and they had several children. However, the timing is a problem. I've seen several different dates for Margaret Benard [alternate spelling for Bernard in some sources] Gaines' birth, the most common one being around 1625. However Francis Bernard is supposed to have died in 1620.

    Francis was married twice, the first time to Mrs. William Mercer and it is my understanding, from looking at Napier-Higgins that they had two daughters. Then he married Mary Woolhouse who was the sister to Francis' brother Richard's wife Alice. I am descended from Richard and Alice. As far as I know, Francis Jr. did not have a daughter named Margaret.

    Mary's father was indeed Anthony Woolhouse.

    Kinter tells us that Francis Bernard b abt 1553 DID have a brother Richard, who was, in fact, Kinter's direct ancestor.  This name Richard is left out of the long list of children we have above.  But some genealogies report Richard as the only son and as the husband of Elizabeth (or Mary) Woolhouse/Woodhouse.  There may also be some confusion between the names of Alice Woodhouse, married to Francis' brother Richard, and Elizabeth Woodhouse, reported also as the wife of Richard, but in the position of this Francis whom Kinter reports as Richard's brother.

    It seems possible that two lines of Bernards are mixed here in some of the analyses and reconstructions of this family line.


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