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Elisha Champion GRUBBS1

Jun 18001 - before 14th Sep 18351

Life History

Jun 1800

Born in Abbeville, Abbeville, South Carolina.1

14th Mar 1827

Birth of son Stephen Henderson GRUBBS in Jasper County, Georgia.2,3

25th Jan 1829

Birth of son Thomas W GRUBBS in Talbot County, Georgia.4,1,5,6

before 14th Sep 1835

Died in Talbot County, Georgia.1

Other facts


Married Mary Ann HENDERSON


  • Elisha C Grubbs
    Birth Jun 1800 in Abbeville, Abbeville, South Carolina
    Death 14 Sep 1835 in Talbot, Georgia
    Spouse Mary Ann Henderson
    Birth 1801 in South Carolina
    Death 18 Dec 1866 in Wymans Ravine, California
    Son Thomas W Grubbs
    Birth 1/25/1829 in Talbot, Georgia, Death 1873
    --  Henderson,

    One genealogy has Elisha's full name, with Champion being the middle name.  But no documentation is provided.  This is likely correct, since he has a grandson of this same name.

    Most genealogies report the date of death as 14 September 1835. I found, however, that this is the date on which his will was proven.  I would not have thought the will would be proven on the day of death, though perhaps it was in this case.  I rather suspect that genealogies have taken the date of proof as the date of death.

    Will proved 14 Sep 1835

    18 June 1835
    Elisha Grubbs of Talbot Co.

    Weak in body, I lend to my wife Polly Ann all my land and plantation whereon I now live and where Mr. Tillery lives, all furniture, tools, stock, etc. during her life or widowhood.

    My land in Cherokee, lot in the 7th District, 3rd section, to be sold and money applied to payment of my debts. If my wife should become dissatisfied with my present place of residence, my executrix shall obtain a court order and sell said land and plantation and so much of the money as amounts to one-third shall be applied to purchase of other lands for support during her widowhood; the remainder be divided between my mother-in-law and my seven children.

    At my wife's marriage or death, the property to be divided between my mother-in-law and my children, Silas M., James C., William J., Stephen H., Thomas W., Richard C., and Elisha C.

    To my sister Elizabeth Pettis, a heifer and $40. Executors: wife Polly Ann and brother Richard Grubbs.

    S/: Elisha Grubbs. Wit: Benjamin Manes, David Tillman, Cyrus White.

    Proved by Tillman and Manes 14 September 1835.
    Executrix Polly Ann Grubbs qualified same day.
    John Brown, JIC, James Bussey, JIC, Barley Whitkins, JIC
    Rec: 10 March 1836, pp 11-12
    --  Ancestry Stories, Courtesy of T W Wheeler,


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