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Malcolm CRAWFORD1,2,3,4

about 15511,2,3 - 15922,3

Life History

about 1551

Born in Kilbirnie, Ayrshire, Scotland.1,2,3


Married Mary Margaret CUNNINGHAM in Kilbirnie, Ayershire, Scotland.2,3,1


Birth of son John CRAWFORD in Kilbirnie, Ayershire, Scotland.2


Died in Kilbirnie, Ayershire, Scotland.2,3


  • I have come to the current information about this person in three stages.  First there was a line that just ended with the name of John Crawford's father as "Earl Crawford."  Sources I had seen at that point were not clear if this man's given name is Earl, or if this is the title.

    Records indicate that the Crawford family held the title of Earl of Glencairn, but I have not probed details.  The line of Crawfords we are looking at here, whose descendant Judith Crawford later married Joseph Terry in Virginia, appear to be from the family of the Earls of Glencairn.  The lines of descent are a bit confused in the sources I have found (as of October 2008) so I have not yet included all the details here.

    There is some uncertainty, since some researchers have tried to connect our John Crawford (who emigrated to the colonies) to the Earl of Crawford.  But the Earldom of Crawford was a title of the Lindsay family from the time of its creation in 1398.  David Lindsay was created Earl of Crawford in 1398.  The title remained in Lindsay hands through the time when John Crawford was born around 1900.

    It is possible that the Crawford line in the colonies with which we are concerned was from a younger son of the Earl of Crawford, who used the name of the Earldom of his family as the surname in the New World.  A second possibility is that this was a member of the Crawford family, also as yet unidentified, whose family held the Earldom of Glencairn referred to above.

    In early July 2009 I found a genealogy that gave the name of John's father as Malcolm, born in about 1570 n Kilbirnie, Ayrshire, Scotland.  This genealogy traces the family line back several generations earlier, to an earlier Malcolm.  There is no mention of an Earl.
    --  Descendants of Malcolm Crawford,

    A few hours later I found a further genealogy, again with good detail, that reported another generation in that sequence.  The father of John was another John, born in 1778, whose father was Malcolm.  This genealogy reported Malcolm's birth date as 1551.  This one also traces the line farther back consistently.

    I did tie this line to the Earls of Crawford, of the family name Lindsay, in Ayrshire.  One personage of that early line was:
    Sir John de CRAUFORD of Ardoch (1st of Craufurdland), Born:  abt. 1222    Died:  abt. 1295.
    John was married to Alicia of DALSALLOCK

    This line is also reported back by others.  I found Sir John of Ardoch in the Salzar genealogy, which I have cited in several instances:
    Sir John de Crawford, Born Abt 1222 in Clydesdale, Lanarkshire, Scotland,
    Died 1295 in Clydesdale, Lanarkshire, Scotland; married 1252 in Clydesdale, Lanarkshire, Scotland to Alicia (de) Dalsallock (Born Abt 1225 in Scotland, United Kingdom)


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