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Joseph Floyd MCPHERSON7,1,5

also known as Joe MCPHERSON2

also known as Joseph F MCPHEARSON3,4,6

May 18663 - 26th Dec 19202

Life History

May 1866

Born in Indiana.1,2,3,4,5,6

(most likely)


Born in Indiana.3

(less likely)


Resident in Bayou Meto, Pulaski, Arkansas.7


Residence2 in Kaufman County, Texas.3

before 1901

Death of Sally COFFMAN.1

10th Nov 1902

Married Malissa J COPELAND.1

8th Aug 1903

Birth of son Archie Lee MCPHERSON in Faulkner County, Arkansas.8,1,6,9

8th Jan 1905

Birth of son Clement Franklin MCPHERSON in Cato, Faulkner, Arkansas.10,6,11,12,9

23rd Nov 1906

Birth of son Carl MCPHERSON.1,2

about Jan 1909

Birth of son Othar MCPHERSON in Arkansas

between 1910 and 1920

Residence3 in Wilson, Faulkner, Arkansas.6

26th Oct 1910

Death of son Carl MCPHERSON.13

2nd Sep 1912

Birth of daughter Eunice M MCPHERSON in Arkansas.14,15,6

before 1920

Death of son Othar MCPHERSON in Faulkner County, Arkansas

26th Dec 1920

Died in Cato, Faulkner, Arkansas.2

Other facts


Married Sally COFFMAN


  • We first find a Joseph F McPherson in the 1870 census in Pulaski County, Arkansas, at age 4.  He and his brother Frank, age 1, live with their parents A and Margrete in Bayou Meto.  Facts are very close to those of our Joseph F McPherson.

    1870 Federal Census, Pulaski County, Arkansas, 4 August, Bayou Meto, Pulaski, Arkansas, PO Little Rock, p 7A, Hse #46, Fam #47, Parents A (24 born Ark) and Margrete (23 Born Indiana) McPherson;
    Joseph 4 M W Indiana
    Frank 1 M W Indiana

    The above, however, may be a different family, as the names of his parents, received later from family members, differ from those in the 1870 Pulaski County census.  This is very interesting, as all other details match, including the area of Arkansas.  This is just a few miles from other locations documented as residences for this family.  The names in censuses of this era are known to be full of errors.

    In 1880 I have found Joseph's family in Kaufman County, Texas.  I have not yet found his parents or him in 1900.  Family members have provided information on his parents and siblings (Ref Family info from Jessie Marie McPherson Jenkins and Aretha Tucker McPherson, May 2007 email) that correlates with this 1880 entry from Texas.

    1880 Federal Census, Kaufman County, Texas, 15 June, District 40, page 25A, Hse/Fam #160
    Jos. F McPherson Wm  W M 49   Farmer  AR AL AL (born abt 1831, date of birth matches Joseph Floyd McPherson's father, reported by the family as William Henry)
    McPherson Julia A  W F 32 Wife  Kpg Hse  IN IN IN (Family reports her name as Julia A Thompson)
    McPherson, Jos F  W M 13 Son Works on Farm  IN AR IN (Family reports this son as Joseph Floyd)
    McPherson, John F  W M 10 Son Works on Farm  IN AR IN
    (Family reports as John Henry -- note difference in middle name/initial)
    McPherson, Eliza Bell  W F 12 Dau At Home  IN AR IN (Family reports as Belle)
    McPherson, Laura Jane  W F 8 Dau At Home  IN AR IN (Family reports as Laura)
    McPherson, Wm Lewis  W M 3 Son TX AR IN (Family reports as Lewis William)
    McPherson, Crawford  W M 7mos Son TX AR IN (Family reports as Crawford)

    This information indicates that the family moved from Indiana to Texas between 1872 (when Laura Jane was born) and 1877 (when William Lewis was born.  Information reported by the family gives the birth year of William Lewis (whom the family reports as Lewis William) as 1878.  But if he was reported as 3 in the census, it would seem this would indicate he was born in 1877.  This census was June 1880.  The family could have reported the age wrongly to the enumerator.

    The family reports another child of William Henry and Julia, which does not show up in the censuses or genealogies I have found.  This is Oscar Henry, born in Arkansas in 1883.  This would mean the family had moved back to Arkansas by sometime in 1883.  The family also reports that the family were back in Texas in 1897, but back in Arkansas for the 1900 census.

    These family sources tell us that William Henry die before the 1900 census, and that Julia is living with her son Joseph Floyd in 1900.  (Information from Aretha Tucker McPherson Jenkins and Jessie McPherson Jenkins, May 2007.)  I have not been able to find any of this family in the 1900 census in any state.

    1910 Federal Census, Faulkner County, Arkansas, 16-18 April, Wilson Township, District 35, Page 2B, Mayflower and Cato Rd, Hse/Fam #34
    McPherson, Joseph F Head M W 45 2nd Marriage Married 8 years IN AR IN Farmer
    McPherson, Malissie Wife  F W 34 2nd Marriage Married 8 years6 children/6 living AL MS AL
    McPherson, Archie L Son M W 8 AR IN AL
    McPherson, Clemie Son M W 5 AR IN AL
    McPherson, Carl Son M W 3 AR IN AL
    McPherson, Other (Othar?) Son M W 1yr3mos AR IN AL
    Roberts, Manford Step-Son M W 12 AR Michigan AL
    Roberts, Alford Step-Son M W 10 AR Michigan AL

    The names of the children of Joseph F and Malissa that I report here are listed in the 1920 census.  A 5th child is reported in the 1910 census that we do not see in the 1920 census, reported in 1910 as only Other, a son, aged 1 year 3 months.  That would make the birth year 1909 (census date was 15 April).

    It appears this is a child who died between the censuses.  We cannot confirm this from the 1920 census, because, unlike the 1910 census, it does not report how many children and how many of them are still living.  Perhaps this name is meant to be a spelling of Othar?

    1920 Federal Census, Faulkner County, Arkansas, 9 January, Wilson Township, District 39, page 3A, Hse #39, Family #41
    McPhearson, J F Head  M W 54  IN AR IN (b abt 1865)
    McPhearson, Mallisa Wife  M W 45  AL MS AL (b abt 1874)
    McPhearson, Clemmie Son  M W 15  AR IN MS (b abt 1904)
    McPhearson, Eunice Dau F W 6 AR IN MS (b abt 1915)


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