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Anne SAMMIS5,2,1,3

16674 - 29th Jan 17172,1,3

Life History


Born in New Kent County, Virginia.1

(most likely)



(less likely)


Married Alexander STRANGE in New Kent County, Virginia.10

18th Oct 1691

Birth of son Alexander STRANGE in St Peters Parish, Putneys Mill, New Kent, Virginia.6

before 6th Dec 1696

Birth of daughter Judith STRANGE in St Peters Parish, Putneys Mill, New Kent, Virginia.7,1,3

between 1698 and 1699

Birth of son Mitchell STRANGE in St Peters Parish, Putneys Mill, New Kent, Virginia.1

5th Apr 1702

Birth of daughter Elizabeth STRANGE in St Peters Parish, New Kent, Virginia, USA

before 11th Jun 1704

Birth of daughter Anne STRANGE in St Peters Parish, Putneys Mill, New Kent, Virginia.8,9

before 5th Jan 1706

Birth of son Robert STRANGE in St Peters Parish, Putneys Mill, New Kent, Virginia.1,9

14th Jan 1709

Birth of daughter Elinor STRANGE in St Peters Parish, Putneys Mill, New Kent, Virginia

about 1712

Birth of daughter Agnes STRANGE


Birth of son Michael STRANGE in St Peters Parish, Putneys Mill, New Kent, Virginia.3

29th Jan 1717

Died in St Peters Parish, Putneys Mill, New Kent, Virginia.2,1,3

after 29th Jan 1717

Buried in Saint Peters Episcopal Church, Putneys Mill, New Kent County, Virginia

Other facts


Resident in Christ Church Parish, Middlesex County, Virginia.2


  • The source I originally followed here had several more children than other sources.  The information is fairly complete and consistent on them, so this seems credible.  Henry, the first child, is the child through whom are descended the Gregorys of Oklahoma, through Julia Ann Clementine Strange and Dock Patrick Gregory in Tennessee and Oklahoma.  Strange descendants from this line remained in Tennessee or immigrated to Georgia, Mississippi and farther west.

    Some early sources I found, when there were few sources available online, are now no longer online.  Where information has been available from more recently posted information, I have added these as sources.  These will gradually be updated and more correct information used.  There are several individuals of similar name from that era in UK, Canada and the colonies that some may reference as our Anne Sammis.  This Anne Sammis was born in Virginia Colony.

    Dates vary on the marriages, but several genealogies that report two wives date the first marriage to the nameless wife about 1684.  They date the marriage to the second wife, Ann (Sammis), about 1690.  One of the first sources I was analyzing early had two wives, with 4 children of the second wife.

    However, the fourth child, Elizabeth, reported under the first wife, was born after the date of the marriage to the second wife.   Likewise, two other children under the second wife, Anne (whose maiden name Sammis was provided by another source) were born at dates earlier than the fourth child under the first wife, though after the date of marriage to Anne.

    Then Elizabeth is repeated under Anne, though with the same date as the first listing.  This mess is comparatively is quite neat.  I saw several on Ancestry's One World Tree that were a great mish mash.  It seems most likely that Alexander had one wife, married at the original date, which is one year before the date of the fist child Henry S.

    Another source has a more ordered statement of the birth of the children with two wives.  The unknown wife in this scenario was the mother of Henry and Thomas.  The second wife, Anne (no last name) is the mother of Alexander, born in 1691, and the rest of the children.  I am tempted to think there was only one wife, with differing reported birth dates, that different compilers have taken as two different persons.  The main difficultly with this is the two different marriage dates.  I have not been able to find enough definitive information.  The compiler of the Find-a-Grave memorial below gives the same birth date to both Anne Sammis and "Primer Uxor" (First Wife), 1870, while most sources report 1667 as Anne's birth year.

    Christ Church Parish, Virginia Records, 1653-1812
    Parish Register of Christ Church
    Anne Strange
    Death 29 Jan 1718
    Comment:  Departed this Life

    Millennium File
    Anne Sammis
    Birth 1667 Virginia
    Death 29 Jan 1718 New Kent, Virginia
    Spouse Alexander Sr Strange
    Child: Thomas Strange

    The memorial below from Find a Grave does not reference a grave marker, but presents gathered information in a virtual grave memorial, referencing the cemetery where she is thought to have been buried.  Note that the year of birth is different, also, from the most common so reporting her birth year to be 1667.  There is a problem, also, with the date of death reported here as 29 Jan 1717.  This is in the dual dating range where both day and year differed between the old (Julian) calendar and the new (Gregorian) calendars.  Most sources report Anne's death date as simply 29 January 1718.  If this was a Gregorian date, then the change would be indicated this way:  18/29 January 1817/1818,

    Excellent information on this dating problem can be found here:
    --  Troy L Adamson, Dual Dating and the Gregorian Calendar Conversion in Great Britain and its Colonies,

    Anne Sammis Strange
    Birth 1670 New Kent County, Virginia
    Death Jan. 29, 1717 New Kent County, Virginia

    It is believed she is buried in this cemetery. Wife of Sir Alexander Strange. Their children: Alexander Strange, Jr., Judith Strange, Mitchell Strange, Elizabeth Strange, Anne Strange, Robert Strange, Elinor Strange, Michael Strange and Agnes Strange.

    Spouse Alexander Strange (1665 - 1725)
    Alexander Strange (1691 - 1745)
    Judith Strange Weaver (1696 - 1760)
    Michael Strange (1716 - 1717)

    Burial Saint Peters Episcopal Church, Putneys Mill, New Kent County, Virginia

    Created by Judy Richards Jun 17, 2010
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #53807420,


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