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also known as 2

8th Sep 18281 - 26th Mar 19061

Life History

8th Sep 1828

Born in Denmark.1

23rd Nov 1855

Married Mette Catrine MYRTUE in Ålstrup, Arhus, Southern Jyland, Denmark.3,1

17th Jul 1856

Birth of son Willads Niels PEDERSON in Ålstrup, Arhus, Southern Jyland, Denmark.4

8th May 1862

Birth of son Willads Peter WILLADSON in Ålstrup, Arhus, Southern Jyland, Denmark.5,6,7,1,8

4th Mar 1865

Birth of son Sören Peter WILSON in Hjørring, Nordjylland, Denmark.9,2,10,11,12,13

about 1870

Birth of daughter Christian WILLADSEN

12th Mar 1874

Birth of daughter Mary WILLADSEN.14

26th Mar 1906

Died in Denmark.1


  • The family name has taken various forms, related to the various languages of the original area and North America.  The family lived in the southern part of Jyland, the peninsula of Denmark connected to the German province of Schleswig-Holstein, and a few miles from The Netherlands.

    Some family genealogies indicate the Danish form of Villadsen, sometimes with only one l.  More common is the -son ending, common in Swedish and English.  The name is spelled Willadson, probably due to association with neighboring German and Dutch, where W represents the sound of English V.   In the English context of North America, the W is pronounced like the English W.

    The Carrigan Genealogy presents very well the basic details of the Willadson/Villadsen lineage.  Here is the information we find there on Peder Villadsen:

    Peder Villadsen
    BIRTH 8 SEP 1828, Denmark
    DEATH 26 MAR 1906, Denmark
    Father Willads Sorensen, Mother Marin Kristen
    Spouse Mette Catrine Myrtue, MARRIAGE 23 NOV 1855, Alstrup, Denmark
    BIRTH 20 FEB 1833, Myrtue, Vester Hjermitslev Parish, Denmark
    DEATH Denmark
    Willad Niels Pedersen
    Willads Peter Willadson
    Soren Peter Wilson
    Mary Willadson
    Christian Willadson
    --  Carrigan Genealogy, http://www.carriganlane.com/w_dir/d0000/g0000001.html#I1178

    The will note that this genealogy reports several forms of the family name among the children of Peder Villadsen and Mette Catrine Myrtue, including the traditional patronymic Pedersen (Peter's Son) and the English name Wilson.  No details are provided on dates or places for the children or the death of Mette Catrine.

    Mette Catrine Myrtue
    20 FEB 1833 - ____
    * BIRTH 20 FEB 1833, Myrtue,Vester Hjermitslev parish, Denmark
    * DEATH Denmark
    Father Sören Christensen Myrtue
    Mother Johanne Christensdatter

    Spouse Peder Villadsen
    * MARRIAGE 23 NOV 1855, Alstrup, Denmark
    1. Willad Niels Pedersen
    2. Willads Peter Willadson
    3. Soren Peter Wilson
    4.  Mary Willadson
    5.  Christian Willadson

    TREE                  _Christen Myrtue ___________
    | (.... - 1814)
    _Sören Christensen Myrtue _|
    | (1794 - 1864) m 1820      |
    |                           |_Ane Cathrine Sörensdatter _
    |                             (1767 - 1844)
    |--Mette Catrine Myrtue
    |  (1833 - ....)
    |                            ____________________________
    |                           |
    |_Johanne Christensdatter __|
    (1796 - 1875) m 1820      |
    --  Carrigan Genealogy, http://www.carriganlane.com/w_dir/d0000/g0000092.html#I1163

    More family detail is provided by the Willadsen Family Genealogy.

    Mette Catrine Myrtue
    Birth 20 Feb 1833 in Myrtue, Vester Hjemitslev parish, Denmark
    Death in Denmark
    Marriage to Peder Peter Willadsen (1828-1906) 23 Nov 1855 in Ålstrup, Arhus, Denmark
    Willad Niels Pedersen 1856-1929
    Willadson 1862-1945
    Soren Peter Wilson 1865-1944
    Mary Willadsen 1874-1945
    --  Willadsen Family, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/20805464/person/1022260935

    Alan Boucher reports all the above children and another child not appearing in the other genealogies, but has no birth or death information.  This many be a child that died in infancy.

    Christian Willadsen, no details
    Parents Peder (Peter) Willadsen 1828-1906, Mette Catrine Myrtue b 1833
    --  Alan Kent Boucher, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/14201731/person/158146843

    Alan also reports some helpful family tradition filling in some personal lore and explaining how members of the family came to North America.  Note that he uses the form Willads as the name for the child others report as Willad Niels Pedersen/Pederson.  I belive Willads is the original full name.  Willads-sen (English: Willad's son) commonly becomes Willadsen, and probably some American family compilers analyzed the -sen off and considered the base name to be Willad for the son.

    Vocation and Romance
    Alan Kent Boucher, 18 Jan 2010

    Peder Willadsen, was crippled in one foot.  He was a tailor by profession.  He had a crew of tailors working for him.  Peder Willadsen would go from estate to estate to tailor for the landed gentry.  One estate was the Myrtue estate.  Peder Willadsen became enamored of one daughter, Matte Myrtue.  It was like putting a match to kerosene.  Peder Willadsen wooed and won Matte Myrtue.

    Willads Pedersen lived out his life in Denmark.  Willads Willadsen and Soren Peter Wilson (brothers) came to America together.  Willads Willadson changed the "e" to "o" in his name when he came to America.  Willads Willadson was the middle child with Willads Pedersen being the oldest and Soren Peter being the youngest.
    --  Alan Kent Boucher, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/14201731/person/157723457/comments?pg=32768&pgpl=pid


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