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Anne WELLES1,3

between 1359 and 13601,2 - 13th Nov 13972,3

Life History

between 1359 and 1360

Born in Gainsby, Lincolnshire, England.1,2


Birth of son James 4th Earl Of Ormonde BUTLER in Ireland.4

13th Nov 1397

Died in Kilkenny Castle, County Kilkenny. Ireland.2,3

Other facts


Married James 3rd Earl Of Ormonde BUTLER


  • Millennium File
    Anne Welles
    Spouse: James (3rd Earl Of Ormond) Butler
    Birth 1371 Gainsby, Lincolnshire, England
    Parents: John (Sir) De Welles, Alianore De Mowbray
    Children: Richard (Sir) Butler

    A family source provides death information and other family details, but does not cite the source of the information.

    Anne Wells Welles
    Birth 1359 in Welle, Lincolnshire, England
    Death 1396 in Castle, Kilkenny, Ireland
    John (Sir) de Welles 1324-1361
    Maud DeRos 1328-1399
    Spouse James (3rd Earl of Ormond) Butler 1361 - 1405
    Son Sir Richard Butler 1386-1405
    --  CoVan Family, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/9679712/person/194172617?ssrc=&ftm=1

    A well-written article in Wikipedia provides authoritative information and family background on Anne.  Note that there is a one-year discrepancy in the death year reported in the Wikipedia article and int eh genealogy, as with the birth year also.  Reconstructions of this era vary even among formal and official sources.

    Anne Welles was born in Gainsby, Lincolnshire, England in 1360, the daughter of John de Welles, 4th Lord Welles (23 August 1334- 11 October 1361) and Maud de Ros (died 9 December 1388). She had an elder brother John de Welles, 5th Lord Welles (born 20 April 1352), who married Eleanor de Mowbray, by whom he had issue. She had a sister Margery de Welles, who married firstly, John de Huntingfield, and secondly, Lord Scrope of Masham.

    Her paternal grandparents were Sir Adam de Welles, 3rd Lord Welles and Margaret Bardolf, and her maternal grandparents were William de Ros, 2nd Lord Ros and Margery Badlesmere eldest daughter of Bartholomew de Badlesmere, 1st Lord Badlesmere and Margaret de Clare.

    Anne Welles was the great-great-great-grandmother of Anne Boleyn.
    --  "Anne Butler, Countess of Ormond," http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne_Welles%2C_Countess_of_Ormonde

    Note the birth year given as 1360, which is reported by some sources as 1359, as we saw in the genealogy above.  Wikipedia also reports her death and some additional helpful details.

    Anne Welles died on 13 November 1397, around the age of 37.  On 26 June 1397, Anne issued a lease to Sir John Drayton, of the manor of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, and rents and appurtences of the towns of Aylesbury and Burton.

    The Earl of Ormond married secondly, Katherine FitzGerald of Desmond, by whom he had four children. The Earl had an illegitimate son, Thomas Le Boteller Prior of Kilmainham by an unknown mistress.  He is often incorrectly listed as a child of Anne Welles."

    The Wikipedia article helpfully proceeds to list and provide basic information about James' and Anne's children.

    James and Anne had five children:

    James Butler, 4th Earl of Ormond (1392- 22 August 1452), known as The White Earl, married firstly, Joan de Beauchamp, by whom he had five children, including James Butler, 5th Earl of Ormond, John Butler, 6th Earl of Ormond, and Thomas Butler, 7th Earl of Ormond. He married secondly, Joan FitzGerald.

    Anne Butler, married John Wogan, by whom she had issue.

    Sir Richard Butler, of Poulstown, Kilkenny, married Catherine O'Reilly, daughter of Gildas O'Reilly, Lord of East Breffny, by whom he had issue.

    Sir Philip Butler, married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Cockayne, Chief Baron of the Exchequer, and Ida de Grey, by whom he had issue. Elizabeth married secondly, Sir Laurence Cheney, by whom she had a daughter, Elizabeth Cheney, the maternal great-grandmother of Anne Boleyn.

    Sir Ralph Butler, married Margaret de Berwick, by whom he had issue.

    Details are reported by this genealogy for Ann and James' son Richard.

    Richard Sir Butler, Birth 1386 in Knocktopher Castle, Wicklow, Ireland, Death 1405 in Kilkenny, Ireland;  Parents James (3rd Earl of Ormond) Butler 1361-1405, Anne Wells Welles 1359-1396;  Spouse Catherine O'Reilly 1376-1414
    --  CoVan Family, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/9679712/person/193464692


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