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William Foote JONES

William Foote JONES2,3,4,5,6,8

18082,3,4,5,6 - after 18807,6

Life History


Born in Virginia.2,3,4,5,6

between 1828 and 1850

Resident On 1928 Arkansas County Tax Rolls in Prairie Township, Arkansas, Arkansas.1,8

about 1834

Married Nancy UXOR in Arkansas County, Arkansas.4

about 1835

Birth of daughter Manerva JONES in Arkansas County, Arkansas.4

about 1839

Birth of daughter Sarah Ann JONES in Arkansas County, Arkansas.23

26th Mar 1841

Birth of son William Foote JONES in Arkansas County, Arkansas.24,3,25

about 1845

Birth of daughter Nancy Ann JONES in Arkansas County, Arkansas.23

about 1848

Birth of daughter Louisa Helen JONES in Arkansas County, Arkansas.24,3

about 1851

Birth of daughter Lorinda JONES in Arkansas County, Arkansas.3,2

about 1855

Birth of daughter Hannah JONES in Arkansas County, Arkansas.3

after 1855

Death of Nancy UXOR in Arkansas County, Arkansas


Resident in La Grue, Arkansas, Arkansas.1

about 1868

Married Mary Emily LEVERETT in Arkansas County, Arkansas.2

12th Nov 1869

Birth of son William Foote JONES in Arkansas County, Arkansas.6,2,9,10,11,12,13,14

about 1872

Birth of son Alexander JONES in Arkansas County, Arkansas.6,13

30th Jan 1875

Birth of son William Thomas JONES in Prairie Township, Arkansas, Arkansas.14,14,15,16,17,18,19,14,6,7,20,18,13

Aug 1878

Birth of son Robert Foote JONES in Arkansas County, Arkansas.21,6,14,22,13


Resident in Prairie Township, Arkansas, Arkansas.1

after 1880

Died in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.7,6

Last census 1880, wife a widow in 1900


  • Jerry Griffitt provides some information on the Joneses of Prairie Township, Arkansas County, Arkansas.  Much of this information appears to come from family sources, and Jerry also links to censuses that seem to match this family.  However, he reports the death of this William (William Foote) Jones as occurring in 1860, but has children born to him into later decades!  He further reports him in the census in 1880 in the very same location.

    Thus obviously Griffitt's death date is wrong.  I had questions about other information in this genealogy, and never received replies from the compiler asking about some of these uncertain areas.  The basic configuration of Griffitt's information does give us the three wives of William Foote Jones.

    He names Mary Jane Granbery as a wife, in second position, but I can find no info about her.  No other genealogy I have seen has this wife.  If she was a second wife between Nancy and Mary, it could only have been between abt 1865, when Nancy's last child Hannah was born, and abt 1868, when William married Mary (based on birth of their first child Foote in about November 1869).  Considering that Mary Jane Granberry may be that same Mary E Jones, their reoprted birth dates are almost 20 years apart, so this does not seem like a possibility.

    Griffit provides the maiden name of Mary E Smith, William Foote's documented second wife.

    William Jones
    Birth 1808 in Virginia
    Death Dec 1860 in Prairie Township, Arkansas, Arkansas
    Spouse Nancy [Last name unknown] b 1813
    Spouse Mary Jane Granbery 1826-1887
    Spouse Mary E Jones b 1843
    --  Jerry Griffitt,

    The following Arkansas record appears to be for this William Foote Jones, from the 1928 Tax Rolls in Arkansas County.

    Arkansas, Compiled Census and Census Substitutes Index, 1819-1870
    William Jones
    1828 Tax List
    Mississippi Township, Arkansas County AR
    Database AR 1819-1829 Tax Lists Index

    In the 1850 census, William F is the last person listed on page 31.  The rest of his family is on page 32.  His wife is reported as Nancy.  I have not been able to determine her maiden name.

    1850 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 13 November, Prairie Township, page 31-32 (16-17), Hse/Fam #23
    William F Jones 42 M [no occupation reported] b Virginia (b abt 1808)
    -- page 32 --
    Nancy Jones 37 F b Tennessee cannot read or write
    Manerva Jones 15 F b Arkansas
    Sarah Ann Jones 11 b Arkansas
    William F Jones 8 M b Arkansas
    Nancy Ann Jones 5  F b Arkansas
    Helen Jones 2 F b Arkansas
    John Holdway 20 M Laborer b Tennessee

    In 1860, William and Nancy are living a little farther west in the neighboring township of LaGrue.

    1860 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 4 July, LaGrue Township, PO DeWitt, p 38, Hse #254, Fam #252
    William F Jones  52 M Farm $4000 Real Estate $1000 Personal Estate b Virginia (b abt 1808)
    Nancy Jones 48 F Housekeeper b Tennessee
    William Jones 17 M Farm Laborer b Arkansas
    Louiza H Jones 12 F b Arkansas
    Lurinda Jones 9 F b Arkansas
    Hannah Jones 5 F b Arkansas
    William Honwell 23 M School Teacher b Tennessee

    In 1870, William has moved back to Prairie Township and By 1880, William has married again.  He and his second wife the widow Mary E Smith are living in or near the town of St Charles.  Mary was the widow of Benz Smith (Schmidt) b, who was born in Prussia.

    1870 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 2 July, Prairie Township, PO St Charles, page 12, Hse/Fam #89
    Jones, William F 61 M W Farmer $320 Real Estate $500 Personal  b Virginia
    Jones, Mary E 28 F W Keeping House born Arkansas cannot read or write
    Jones, Lorinda 18 F W Farm Labor born Arkansas cannot read or write
    Jones, Foote 7mos M W born Arkansas November 1869

    Mary's one son Henry from her previous marriage to Prussian Benz Smith (Schmidt) is reported here as a stepson of William.  It is puzzling why he did not appear in the 1870 census with Mary.

    1880 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 11 June, (Location & District Unstated), p 17, #115, Fam #118
    William F Jones W M 71    Farmer VA VA VA (b abt 1809)
    Mary E Jones W F 38 Wife Keeping House b AR Mass KY (b abt 1822)
    Henry Smith 14 W M Step-Son On Farm AR Prussia AR (b abt 1876)
    Foote Jones 10 W M Son On Farm AR VA AR (b abt 1870)
    Alex Jones 8 W M Son On Farm AR VA AR (b abt 1872)
    Thomas Jones 5 W M Son On Farm AR VA AR (b abt 1875)
    Robert Jones 1 W M Son On Farm AR VA AR (b abt 1879)
    James Morgan 15 W M Bound Boy On Farm MS Unknown MS (b abt 1865)


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