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Isaac TETER4,3,5

16th Apr 18011,2 - Jan 18603,1

Life History

16th Apr 1801

Born in Cahokia, St Clair, Illinois Territory.1,2

13th Oct 1820

Married Eliza VEACH in Sangam County, Illinois.1

before Oct 1822

Death of Eliza VEACH in Sangam County, Illinois.4

14th Oct 1822

Married Susannah GREENE in Springfield, Sangamon, Illinois.4

1st Sep 1823

Birth of daughter Mary TETER in Illinois.8,7


Birth of son George G TETER.7

15th Dec 1832

Birth of daughter Sarah TETER in Fayetteville, Washington, Arkansas.7,9,10,11,12


Birth of daughter Elizabeth TETER in Illinois.5,13,7


Birth of son Isaac TETER in Illinois.14

4th Apr 1845

Death of daughter Mary TETER in Mason County, Illinois.6,7


Married Elizabeth MOSLANDER in Mason County, Illinois.3,17

Feb 1850

Death of Susannah GREENE in Mason County, Illinois.15,3,16

Jan 1860

Died in Parker County, Texas.3,1


  • Evlyn Broumley found information about Susannah (Greene) Teter in the census mortality records.  In the 1850-1880 censuses, a record was taken of deaths that had occurred in those years.  Evlyn wrote about her findings in her genealogy column in the Weatherford Democrat newspaper.

    "My first find was in the 1860 Parker County mortality pages, stating that Isaac Teter, age 60, born in Illinois, died of pneumonia in January 1860, after being sick one week, was a married farmer who lived in Parker County.  By the births of his children, I knew his wife died about 1850; this took a little more searching, but found her as Susan Leter, age 47, born in Kentucky, died in February 1850 of lung fever after eight days in Mason County, Illinois.  Isaac married again and brought his family to Parker County by 1855.
    --  Evlyn Broumley, Kissin' Kin column, Weatherford Democrat, date and page unknown


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