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between 1830 and 1835 - UNKNOWN

Life History

between 1830 and 1835

Born in Arkansas County, Arkansas

about 1865

Married John PERTUIS in Arkansas County, Arkansas


Death of John PERTUIS




  • This Francis (Frances) does not appear in any of the Dumont/Dumond censuses I have found.  The estate settlement of Félicité in 1862 includes the name of Félicité Pertuis as one of the heirs.  The settlement record listing heirs includes "Francis Pertuis wife of John Pertuis" (read April 2008 in a posting on Dumont Discussion List on RootsWeb made by Ralph Dumond in 1999).

    This seems to be the daughter of a daughter of Louis and Félicité Dumont, also name Félicité, who likewise does not appear in the various Dumont genealogies.  The source analyzing this estate settlement record along with other official records (Grand Prairie Historical Society Bulletin, October 1980) indicates that this Félicité Brinsback is the daughter of a Félicité Dumond, who was the daughter of Louis and Felicity (Félicité) Dumond.

    No other children are known of Felicity Brinsback.  "'Francis Pertuis wife of John Pertuis' entitled to one full share in partition petition appears to be only surviving issue."

    This source indicates that Félicité, daughter of Louis and Felicity, was born between 1810 and 1815.  Thus she would have apparently been out of the house and not counted in the 1840 census.  We can estimate that Felicity Dumond Brinsback was married about 1830 (based on birth in 1810-15, since most girls of that era were marrying about age 17-20.

    Perhaps her daughter Francis (who married John Pertuis) was born around 1831-35, and perhaps married about 1865 or so.  Her husband John Pertuis was born about 1834, according to censuses.

    In the 1860 census, John is still unmarried, and is the head of his home, which includes his widowed mother and some siblings.  I have found no further information to specify further the details for Felicity and her husband John Pertuis. They have not been found in the 1870 or later censues.


  • 1. 1840 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas
    • Arkansas Township, p 2

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