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Sarah A BROWN1,2,4

about 18481,2 - 23rd Aug 18883,4,5

Life History

about 1848

Born in Mississippi.1,2

16th Jun 1869

Married George Washington BUTLER in Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee.4

1st Mar 1870

Birth of daughter Mary Brown BUTLER in Mississippi.2,1,6,7

Sep 1871

Birth of son Benjamin B BUTLER in Mississippi.7,1,6

1st Apr 1873

Birth of son Robert Harvey BUTLER in Mississippi.1,7

22nd Feb 1875

Birth of son George Washington BUTLER in Friars Point, Mississippi.8,9,10,1

7th Sep 1876

Birth of daughter Elma BUTLER.5

28th Sep 1876

Death of daughter Elma BUTLER in Jonestown, Coahoma, Mississippi.5

Jun 1877

Birth of daughter Sarah F BUTLER in Mississippi.1,11

Aug 1879

Birth of daughter Martha A BUTLER in Mississippi.7

2nd Sep 1883

Birth of daughter Dixie BUTLER in Mississippi.7

28th Dec 1885

Birth of son Thomas David BUTLER in Jonestown, Coahoma, Mississippi.6,5

23rd Aug 1888

Died in Jonestown, Coahoma, Mississippi.3,4,5

after 23rd Aug 1888

Buried in Jonestown Cemetery, Jonestown, Coahoma, Mississippi.3


  • Sallie A. Brown
    Birth Aug 1848 in Mississippi
    Death 23 Aug 1881 in Jonestown, Coahoma, Mississippi
    Col. James Brown 1796 - 1880
    Mary Ann Strong 1807 - 1890
    Marriage to George Washington Butler 16 Jun 1869 Memphis, Tennessee
    --  Bailey Family,

    Sallie is the common nickname for Sarah.  In that era, the common nickname was often used for records.  It is possible that her real given name was actually Sallie, not Sarah.  But the fact that one daughter was also named Sarah is a strong indication that her proper name was Sarah.  It is not known what the middle initial A stood for.

    Grave of Sarah A Brown Butler, Jonestown Cemetery, Jonestown, Coahoma, Mississippi
    Mrs S A
    Wife of
    G W Butler Sr
    Aug 23, 1881
    --  Photo 12 Dec 2009 by Jack Dodson

    In the 1900 census, when George is a widower with several children in the home, the youngest child is a daughter Dixie.  But she is 7 years old and her birth date is reported as September 1883.  This is two years after the date of death of George's wife Sarah A reported on her burial monument.  Jack Dodson, a Butler researcher married to a descendant, has the Family Bible with a list of some deaths, including that of Sallie.

    The entry in the family Bible reports Sallie's death as 23 August 1888.  The date on the burial monument is an error.  The current burial site, where the marker is, was not the original burial plot.  Sallie was buried on the family land, and much later moved and the current monument put up.  This indicates that the date on the monument was either miscopied from the Bible or from some other source, or that the engraver carved the wrong date on the monument for the new grave.

    Only three deaths are recorded.  The three deaths on the page are as follows.

    Elma Butler Died Sept 28, 1976
    Mrs G W Butler, Aug 23, 1888
    Thomas David " Aug 12, 1896
    --  Family BIble entry, scan courtesy of Jack Dodson, 29 August 2011


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