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Hatler Leslie NORRIS

Hatler Leslie NORRIS11,18,1,20,13,2,21,3,15,10,16,5,6,12,22,7,8,23,9,24

7th Oct 189510 - 1st Jan 196317,18,3,4,5,19

Life History

Oct 1893

Born in Texas.10

(less likely)

between 1895 and 1920

Residence1 in Parker County, Texas.2,10,6,7

7th Oct 1895

Born in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.1,2,3,4,5,6,6,7,8

(most likely)

about 1917

Married Lillie D ROWLAND in Parker County, Texas.8,8

between 1920 and 1928

Residence2: City Directories, Hatler alone in 1920, Hatler and Lillie Norris both from 1924, 2723 or 2724 Hanna St, Ft Worth; moved here after 1923, but Rowland was also born in Parker Co in 1926 in Hanna Street, Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas.13,14,15,16


Birth of daughter Juanita NORRIS in Texas.26


Birth of daughter B Louise NORRIS in Texas.26,27

26th Aug 1922

Birth of daughter Odela Mae NORRIS in Texas.28,26

21st Jul 1924

Birth of son Wendell T NORRIS in Texas.27,26,29,17

3rd May 1926

Birth of son Rowland E NORRIS in Parker County, Texas.30,26,17,27

between 1929 and 1931

Residence3: 2501 NW 27th St; No further documentation of Hatler's location after 1931 has been found, until his death in 1963; residence then was Aledo, Parker, Texas in Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas.11,12,8

about 1937

Divorced from Lillie D ROWLAND in Texas.22,25,25,9

after 1940

Married Laura M TOEWS in Texas.6,7,7,9

between 1940 and 1963

Residence4: No further documentation of Hatler's location after 1931 has been found till his death in 1963 in Aledo; his wife Lillie is Head of Household in 1940, M for married, but a line through it. No record of divorce in Aledo, Parker, Texas

1st Jan 1963

Died in McKinney, Collin, Texas.17,18,3,4,5,19

Coronary Thrombosis

after 1st Jan 1963

Buried in Annetta Cemetery, Annetta, Parker County, Texas.3,5,9


  • The 1900 census reports that Hatler's birthday is October 1893.  However, an exact birth date in a family genealogy (Anonymous on Ancestry World Tree) reports Hatler Leslie Norris born  b: 7 Oct 1895 in Parker Co., Texas.  Because we often find errors even in these birth reports in the 1900 census, I am following this family genealogy, which in general appears credible and has good, careful details on the members of this family.
    --  Norris, http://awtc.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=*v06t4483&id=I039

    1900 Federal Census, Parker County, Texas, 6 June, Justice Precinct 7, District 78, page 3B, Hse/Fam #52
    Norris, Henry N Head W M Jan 1845  55 Married 13 years IL Unknown Unknown  Carpenter Owns Home
    Norris, Lucinda E Wife W F Oct 1869  30 Married 13 years TX Unknown Unknown
    Norris, Hatler W M Oct 1893  4 TX IL TX

    1910 Federal Census, Parker County, Texas, 28 April, Justice Precinct 1, District 65, page 7A, South Main St [no house address or city name], Hse/Fam #102
    Norris, Henry N Head M W 66  Married 22 yrs  IL KY AR [should be Illinois] Carpenter Owns Home [b abt 1844]
    Norris, Lucindy Wife F W 41 Married 22 yrs TX IN MO [b abt 1869,  m abt 1888]
    Norris, Hatler Son M W 14 TX IL TX Working Out

    Hatler's WWI Draft Registration differs in the year of birth, one year later than the genealogy.

    US WWI Draft Registration
    Hatler Norris
    Residence Aledo, Parker County, Texas
    Age 21 born 7 Oct 1896 [should be 1895 if really age 21]
    Weatherford, Parker County, Texas
    Blue Eyes, Light Brown Hair
    Occupation Farmer, Employed by R T Wiltcher, Aledo, Texas
    Registration 5 June 1917, Parker County, Texas

    The date of birth in this registration does not match the age reported.  If indeed Hatler was only 21 in June of 1917, then his birth in October would have been in 1895, not 1896.  If his birthday was in 1896, he would not have been 21 until October 1917.

    U.S., Department of Veterans Affairs BIRLS Death File, 1850-2010 Hatler Norris
    Gender Male
    Death Date 1 Jan 1963
    SSN 459184922
    Enlistment Date 1 May 1918 Army
    Release Date 1 Aug 1919

    1920 Federal Census, Parker County, Texas, 2 February, near Aledo, Justice Precinct 7, District 16, page 10B, Hse/Fam #213
    Norris, Hattler Head Rents M W 24 TX IL TX Working on Ranch
    Norris, Lillie Wife F W 23 TX TX MO

    In 1920, Hatler is also reported alone in the 1920 Fort Worth City Directory.  Hatler had a job in Fort Worth, so he may have initially been maintaining the Hanna Street address for that purpose.  From 1924, both Lillie and Hatler are reported at the Hanna St address.  The library accession date for this copy of the 1920 Directory was 30 Aug 1920.  It is difficult to tell how early in the year, or even before, Hatler may have been at this address.

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Fort Worth, Texas, City Directory, 1920, p 940
    Norris Hatler Hlpr [does not say for whom or what company]   h 2723 Hanna

    Hatler is reported alone again in the 1923 Ft Worth Directory, but in 1924 and later, Lillie is with him.  We know from other records that Rowland was born in Parker County in 1926.  Since both Hatler and Lillie recorded definitely as early as 1924 in Ft Worth, Lillie must have gone back to the family home for this birth.  I have not yet discovered details about the birth of Odela (1923) and Wendell (1924).  Because of this 1923 Directory, I would venture that Odela was born in Parker County, and likely she went back there for Wendell's birth also in 1924.  It looks like Lillie joined Hatler in 1923 or early 1924 after Lillie's birth.

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Fort Worth, Texas, City Directory, 1923, p 872
    Norris Hatler driver h 2723 Hanna

    Hatler and Lillie are found in the Ft Worth City directory in 1924, and again in 1927 and 1928.  Note that the address changes in each of these.  But the address in 1924 and 1928 is only one house number different.  But in 1927.  In the oth4er two years they are on two different streets.  In 1929, they have the same address as where they are enumerated in the 1930 census and the 1931 city directory.

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Fort Worth, Texas, City Directory, 1924, p 872
    Norris Hatler (Lillie) driver h 2723 Hanna

    In 1927 and 1928, Hatler's parents and his brother Zeddie are are also listed in the directory.  In 1927, Hatler and his parents are onthe same page and Zeddie is on the next

    U.S. City Directories, 1822-1995
    Fort Worth, Texas, City Directory, 1927, p 702
    Norris Hatler (Lillie) hlpr Webb-North Motor Co h 2222 W 24th
    Norris Henry N (Lucinda) h 1020 Bryan av

    U.S. City Directories, 1822-1995
    Fort Worth, Texas, City Directory, 1927, p 683
    Norris Zeddie E r 1020 Bryan av

    U.S. City Directories, 1822-1995
    Fort Worth, Texas, City Directory, 1928, p 702
    Norris Hatler (Lillie) mech Armour & Co h 2724 Hanna av
    Norris Henry N (Lucinda) r 4513 El Campo av
    Norris Zeddie E r 4513 El Campo av

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Fort Worth, Texas, City Directory, 1929, p 679
    Hatler Norris (Lillie) mech Armour and Co h 2501 NW 27 th

    1930 Federal Census, Tarrant County, Texas, 9 April, Ft Worth Ward 17, District 70, page 28B, 2301 NW 27th St, Hse #220, Fam #240
    Norris, Hapler [Hatler] Head Rents $15 Owns Radio M W 34 First Married at age 21 TX IL TX Auto Mechanic
    Norris, Lillie Wife F W 24 First Married at age 21 TX TX MO No Occup
    Norris, Juanita Dau F W 9 TX TX TX
    Norris, Louise Dau F W 8 TX TX TX
    Norris, Adela [Odela] Mae Dau F W 7 TX TX TX
    Norris, Wendel T Son M W 5 TX TX TX
    Norris, Rowland E Son M W 3yr11mo TX TX TX

    Further documentation of Hatler's location after 1930 was hiding.  I finally found a Ft Worth Directory entry for them in 1931.

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Fort Worth, Texas, City Directory, 1931, p 568
    Norris Hatler  (Lillie) mech Armour and Co h 2501 W 27th

    In the 1936 City Directory, I found a listing for one Hatler and Lillie, running a filling station.  There is another Lillie Norris at 1059 Illinois St.  This is probably Lillie B Norris.

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Fort Worth, Texas, City Directory, 1936, p 625
    Norris Hatler (Lillie) fill sta 4001 Gravevine rd h do (same add)
    Norris Lillie h 1009 Illinois av

    There is a period without documentation from here to his death in 1963.  Hatler's residence at death was the old home area in Aledo, Parker County.

    No 1940 census record has been found for Hatler.  In 1940, his wife Lillie is the Head of their household in Ft Worth, with three of the children still at home.  Lillie's marriage status is reported as M for married, but there is a line through the M, with no further explanation or correction of status.

    The Ft Worth City Directory for 1947 listed Hatler and Lillie, but did so by listing Lillie as the Widow of Hatler.  Hatler did not die in fact until 1963.  No mention of Hatler occurred in other listings of Lillie after the 1930 census.  No occupation is reported for Lillie in the 1947 entry.  Lillie is reported in the 1955 Ft Worth Directory, working as a waiter in a Tea Shop, and living on Ellis Avenue.

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Fort Worth, Texas, City Directory, 1947, p 815
    Norris Lillie (wid Hatler ) h 2711 W Loraine

    A relative gives us more on their divorce and living situation.

    "Just read your research notes on Hatler Norris that I found on Ancestry. His youngest son Rowland was my uncle. Hatler and Lillie were divorced when Rowland was young, so that is why she is listed alone in the directories and as a "widow" in the census. Hatler later remarried Laura and they have a double headstone; however, Laura moved to California after Hatler died. She died in 2006 in Tulare County, California, and is buried in the Smith Mountain Cemetery there."
    -- B McEntire, Ancestry Messaging to Orville Boyd Jenkins, Mar 13, 2015

    Their divorce would have occurred between the 1931 directory entry and the 1938 city directory.

    Hatler's record in the Social Security Death Index agrees with the birth date in 1895.

    Social Security Death Index
    Hatler Norris
    Born 7 Oct 1895
    Died Jan 1963
    Last Residence Texas
    SSN 459-18-4922 issued Texas (Before 1951)

    Texas Death Index, 1903-2000
    Certificate #1108
    Hatler Norris [Hatler Leslie Norris]
    Death 1 Jan 1963 Collin County

    Texas Deaths, 1890 - 1976
    Certificate #01108
    Hatler Norris
    Residence Aledo, Parker County
    Occupation Carpenter
    Father Henry N Norris (dec'd)
    Mother Lucinda Griffit (dec'd)
    Age at Death 67 years
    Born 07 Oct 1895 Texas
    Died 1 January 1963 VA Hospital, KcKinney, Collin County, Texas
    Cause of Death:  Coronary Thrombosis, contributory Rheumatic Heart Disease, inactive
    Removal 1 Jan 1963 by Flesher Funeral Home, for burial
    in Anneta [Annetta] Cemetery, Weatherford, Parker, Texas

    Hatler's gravestone is a double gravestone with Laura M Norris, with only the birth date Sept 14, 1918.  After Hatler's death, Laura moved back to her family's home of Dinuba, Tulare County, California, where she died and was buried.

    Hatler Leslie Norris
    Birth Oct. 7, 1895
    Death Jan. 1, 1963 Parker County, Texas
    Son of Henry Newyear & Lucinda Elizabeth (Griffith) Norris.
    Spouse Lillie D Norris (1896 - 1987)
    Burial Annetta Cemetery, Annetta, Parker County, Texas
    Created by Gary Wiley Mar 04, 2007
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #18194310, http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=18194310


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