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Ralph Fitz Herlewin de Hunstanton BRUN3,4

also known as Ralph fitz HERLUIN3

about 10682 - UNKNOWN2

Life History

about 1068

Born in Hunstanton, Norfolk, England.1

(most likely)

about 1094

Born in Cheswardine, Shropshire, England.2

(less likely)

about 1094

Birth of son Simon Fitz RALPH in Hunstanton, Norfolk, England.1

about 1097

Birth of son Reginald LE BRUN in Hunstanton, Norfolk, England.1

about 1100

Birth of daughter Matilda LE BRUN in Cheswardine, Shropshire, England.4,1

about 1119

Married Helwisa DE PLAIZ.2


Death of daughter Matilda LE BRUN.5


Death of Helwisa DE PLAIZ


Death of son Simon Fitz RALPH


Died in Hunstanton, Norfolk, England.2


  • The Le Strange Website explains the origins of the family in Hunstanton in the early years of the Norman consolidation of power in Britain.  The Norman overlord, primarily for tax purposes under William I, was Roger Bigod.  Bigod was in charge of three areas in Norfolk County, Hunstanton, Ringstead and Tottingham.

    The landholding tenant of Hunstanton was Ralph fitz Herluin (Ralph son of Herluin, also spelled Herlewin), who then took up the name associated with the land he was in charge of, Ralph de Hunstanton.  His daughter Matilda (Maud in some sources -- both are Norman-Germanic names) married one of the newcomers (Extraneus, foreigner, which came to be pronounced [Le] Strange), named Roland.  Roland then inherited the tenancy-lordship status of Matilda's father Ralph.

    One source reports Roland born in Cheswardine, in Shropshire (Welsh border area).  But Burke's Peerage  reports him born in Mileham, Norfolk (though possibly of Breton origins).  His son Hamon was granted lands in Cheswardine in Salopshire.   Roland's son Guy served as Sheriff of Salop 1159-60, and owned land in Alveley, Salop.


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