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Isabella DUMOND1

about 18641 - before 1870

Life History

about 1864

Born in Arkansas.1

before 1870



  • Brian Demoe lists this child in his genealogy of this family.  But I do not find her with her mother in the 1870 census.  Brian estimates her birth as about 1864, but does not give the source of this date.  This would mean that in 1870 she should have been 5-6 years old, but she is not in the census.  If she is truly Caliste and Sarah's daughter, then she must have died before 1870.

    But her birth date is also a problem.  Brian himself also reports the actual death of her father Caliste as 29 April 1863.  This means the latest period in which Isabella could have been conceived was April 1863, meaning the latest birth date was in January 1864.

    I think it is possible Isabella is a daughter of another Dumond, rather than Caliste and Sarah, but I have not found where she should go in the Dumont/Dumond families.  Otherwise, she died at the age of about 5 before the 1870 census.


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