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Wiley B WINTER9,1,10,2,8,3,4,5,7,6,11,12

18221,2,3,4,5,6 - before 18805

Life History


Born in Alabama.1,2,3,4,5,6

between 1838 and 1870

Resident Voter registration in 1867 states he has been resident in Precinct 3 of that county for 29 years; he was still in Cass County in 1870, but in Precinct 4, according to the census. in Cass County, Texas

1st Jan 1848

Married Lucinda HANEY in Cass County, Texas.9

about 1849

Birth of daughter Mary J WINTER in Cass County, Texas.13,14,15,1,16,17

22nd Dec 1854

Civil in Cass County, Texas.7

Jan 1857

Birth of son Nelson Haney WINTER in Cass County, Texas.3,5,18,19,20,21,22,23

21st Jun 1860

Civil in Cass County, Texas.8

25th Mar 1863

Birth of son James N WINTER in Cass County, Texas.24,25,26,27,3

before 1880

Died in Montague County, Texas.5


  • Wiley volunteered for service in the Mexican War, when Mexico and the United States wre in a dispute over the southern border over Texas.  The record shows he enrolled in Bowie County, which is just north of his residence county of Cass County.  Texarkana is in Bowie County.

    U.S., Compiled Military Service Records for American Volunteer Soldiers, Mexican War, 1845-1848
    Wiley B Winters
    Enlistment Boston, Bowie County
    Service 2 July 1846 San Antonio, Texas
    Private, Company F, Third Texas Mounted Volunteers

    The family name is found variously as Winters or Winter.

    Texas Marriage Collection, 1814-1909 and 1966-2002
    Wylie B Winter
    Spouse Lucinda Hayney
    Marriage 1 January 1848 Cass County, Texas

    A descendant and resercher reported in September 2019 that from her research, the marriage date was 2 January 1949.  This source also reports that Wylie received a land grant abou8t 1838 when he first moved to Texas.

    "Wylie B Winter b abt 1823 in AL.  He also arrived bef Feb 1838, and was granted 320 acres of land in the Unionville area of Cass County.  He served in the Mexican War in 1846. Company F, recruited primarily from Boston, TX; mustered in on 2 July 1846; out on 5 September 1846. He married Lucinda Hayney on 2 January 1849."
    --  Jill Confer, Ancestry Messaging to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 01 September 2019

    1850 Federal Census, Cass County, Texas, 7 November, Precinct 4, page 765, Hse #45, Fam #48
    Wiley B Winter 27 M Farmer $660 Real Estate b Alabama [abt 1823]
    Lucinda Winter 20 F b Tennessee [abt 1830]
    M J Winter 1 F b Unreported

    Texas, County Tax Rolls, 1846-1910
    Willie B Winter
    Cass County, Texas, United States

    Texas Land Title Abstracts
    File 246, Patent Volume 10, Patent #691, Certificate 162
    Grantee Samuel Nesbit
    Patentee Wiley B Winter
    Bowie District, Cass County
    320 Acres, Class Bowie 3rd
    Patent Date 22 Dec 1854

    Texas Land Title Abstracts
    Grantee Wiley B Winter
    Patentee Wiley B Winter
    File 245, Patent Volume 29, Patent #578, Certificate 93
    Bowie District, Cass County
    320 Acres, Class: Bowie 3rd
    Patent Date 21 Jun 1860

    In 1860, we discover, as suspected, that MJ was born in Texas.

    1860 Federal Census, Cass County, Texas, 16 October, Precinct 3, PO Unionville and Cusseta, p 64, Hse #434, Fam #444
    W B Winter  37 M Farmer $150 Personal Estate b Alabama (b abt 1823)
    L Winter 30 F  b Tennessee (b abt 1830)
    M J Winter 11 F b Texas
    W Winter 4 M b Texas
    --  page 65 --
    L Winter 5 M b Texas
    N Winter 3 M b Texas
    -- Winter 1 F b Texas

    1870 Federal Census, Davis County, Texas, 17 August, Precinct 3, PO Cussetta, page 39, Hse/Fam #316
    Winter, Wily 48 M W Farmer $500 Real Estate $500 Personal born Alabama Attended School this year (?)
    Winter, Lucinda 40 F W b Tennessee Attended School this year (?)
    Winter, Luther 17 M W born Texas Attended School this year
    Winter, Nelson 14 M W born Texas Attended School this year
    Winter, Sarah E 12 F W born Texas Attended School this year
    Winter, Joseph C 9 M W born Texas Attended School this year
    Winter, James 7 M W born Texas Attended School this year

    This family has a unique reportage in this census.  Every member of the family, even the parents attended school, if the enumerator has correctly marked the boxes.  This is one of only three families on this page where even the children were reported as attending school, and these are the only adults so reported.

    A related family genealogy provides details on some of the children:
    Wylie B Winters
    Birth 1823 in Alabama
    Death 1900
    Parents Daniel Winters 1790-1840
    Lavina McDaniel 1802-1875
    Marriage 1 Jan 1848 in Cass County, Texas, to Lucinda Haney
    M J Winters b 1849
    W Winters b 1853
    Luther Winters b 1855
    Nelson H Winters b 1857
    Sarah Elizabeth Winters b 1859
    Joseph Clinton Winters b 1861
    James N Winter 1863-1925
    --  Millsap Family, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/4766848/person/-879530776?ssrc=&ftm=1

    Wiley B Winter sp. Lucinda Haney
    f/o Nelson "Nell" Haney Winter sp. Margurette Cassandra Jenkins
    f/o Claude Coleman Winter sp. Etta Lillie Pickett
    f/o Clothida "Tillie" Clarice Winter
    --  Pam Smith, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 08 August 2013


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