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Alfred E ROBERTS1,4,7,2,3,8,9

18746 - 14th Oct 19004

Life History


Born in Mississippi.1,2,3

(most likely)


Resident in Southwest, Jackson, Mississippi.1

24th Sep 1896

Married Malissa J COPELAND in Faulkner County, Arkansas.9

16th Aug 1897

Birth of son Manfred Mobil ROBERTS in Arkansas.5,10,11,12

30th Dec 1899

Birth of son Alfred Zebdee ROBERTS in Arkansas.11,3,13,14,5

after Oct 1900

Birth of daughter Malissa ROBERTS in Faulkner County, Arkansas.8

14th Oct 1900

Died in Arkansas.4

Other facts


Born in Arkansas.5


Born in Mississippi.6


  • One genealogy gives the birth date of Alfred (Alford) Roberts as 20 Oct 1885.  But this is impossible if the seemingly reasonable birth dates of his two sons are correct.  The first son Manford Mobil Roberts was born 16 August 1897.  The date this genealogy gives for the Alfred's birth would make him 12 years old when his first son was born!  And his wife, Malissa (Malissie) Copeland was born in 1877.  Some date around this year is more reasonable for the birth year of her husband Alfred Roberts.

    Censuses and other sources of that era spell Alfred and Manfred as Alford and Manford in many cases.  One genealogy spells the name Alfard and Manfard.  Perhaps this is a misreading of the censuses that record the name as Alford and Manford.

    In the 1880 census, his name is spelled in the normal fashion Alfred.  This census gives us information on Alfred's parents and siblings in Mississippi.

    1880 Federal Census, Jackson County, Mississippi, 18 June, Southwest, Beat #4, District 146, p 11, Hse #Not given
    Irvin Roberts 42  AL AL SC
    Martha Roberts 36  MS NC MS
    Alice S. Roberts 16  MS AL MS
    Emma C. Roberts 14  MS AL MS
    Martha B. Roberts 12  MS AL MS
    Mary L. Roberts 10  MS AL MS
    Lilian L. Roberts 8  MS AL MS
    Alfred E. Roberts 6  MS AL MS
    Thomas G. Roberts 4  MS AL MS
    Charley M. Roberts 2  MS AL MS

    Alfred's full information appears as:
    Roberts, Alfred E  W M 6 Son MS AL MS

    Another genealogy gives us his mother's maiden name:  Martha Cates.  We are told she was born 13 Aug 1845 in Arena, Mississippi and died 16 Nov 1916 in Jackson County, Mississippi.  I cannot find any listing for Arena, Mississippi.  Perhaps this was an informal community.  The name does not appear in a list of now defunct communities or towns.  The source also tells us Martha and Irvin were Methodists.

    This genealogy gives the names of the full family, some of whom were born after the 1880 census:
    Samuel E. ROBERTS b: 14 Feb 1862
    Alice ROBERTS b: 6 Sep 1863
    Emma Caroline ROBERTS b: 8 Aug 1865 in Jackson County, MS
    Martha D. (Drucilla) ROBERTS b: 19 Sep 1869
    Mary L. (Louella) ROBERTS b: 6 Jun 1868
    Lillian E. ROBERTS b: 1872 in Jackson County, MS (Arena, MS)
    Alfred E. ROBERTS b: 7 Mar 1874 in Jackson County, MS
    Thomas G. ROBERTS b: 15 Jul 1876 in Jackson County, MS
    Charles M. (Marvin) ROBERTS b: 18 Aug 1878
    Jerome ROBERTS b: 17 Jun 1881 in Jackson County, MS (Arena, MS)
    Joanna ROBERTS b: 17 Jun 1881 in Jackson County, MS
    Limon L. (Lymon) ROBERTS b: 7 Mar 1884
    Wiley James ROBERTS b: 25 Feb 1887 in Jackson County, MS

    Sources cited in the genealogy:
    Melba Allen, Melba Allen's Southern Families, Published Dec 5, l999
    Headstone, June 1999-Photo-Ona Mae Cook
    --  Ancestry Trees,

    Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
    A Roberts, Age 54 (b abt 1842) [b 1874, thus about 22 yrs old]
    Residence Cato, Faulkner, Arkansas
    Melissa Copeland, Age 19
    Residence Cato, Faulkner, Arkansas
    Marriage 24 Sep 1896 Faulkner County
    Marriage License Date 22 Sep 1896

    Alfred's age here is impossible, given other records.  He was born in 1874, so in 1896, he would have been only 22.  This appears to be a mistranscription or an original misentry.  There is no copy of the actual documetn or marriage book available to compare.

    1900 United States Federal Census, 21 June, Wilson, District 32, page 8A, Hse #119, Fam #120
    Roberts, Alferd Head W M May 1844 56 Married 3 yrs MI Canada (French) MI Farmer Owns
    Roberts, Malissa Wife W F Aug 1877 22 Married 3 yrs 2 children; 2 living AL MS AL
    Roberts, Manford Son W M Aug 1897 2 Single AR MI AL
    Roberts, Alferd Jr Son W M Dec 1899 5mos Single AR MI AL

    Alfred died 14 October 1900.  He had been on an invalid military military pension since 1885.

    In his military pension records, his name is spelled Alfred, as in the 1880 census.

    U.S., Civil War Pension Index: General Index to Pension Files, 1861-1934
    Alfred Roberts
    E22 Michigan Infantry
    Pension Filed Arkansas, USA
    Spouse/Widow Malissie [sic] McPherson
    Minor Malisa [sic] Roberts
    1885 April 13 Invalid Application
    1901 April 8 Widow Application, Arkansas
    1902 April 22 Minor Application, Arkansas


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