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Matthew MULLINAX1,8

also known as Matthew MULLINEX2

also known as Matthew MULLINNEX5,6

also known as Matthew MULLINNIX4

also known as Matthew MULLENIX7

also known as Mathew MULLINAX3

3rd Oct 18021,2,3,4 - 3rd Sep 18642,4

Life History

3rd Oct 1802

Born in Spartanburg Dist, South Carolina.1,2,3,4

Jul 1824

Married Dorothy Kennemore CANADA in Pendleton District, South Carolina.7,9

7th Apr 1834

Birth of son William Franklin MULLENNIX in South Carolina.6,3


Resident in District 6, Franklin, Alabama.1


Residence2 in Eastern Subdivision, Franklin, Alabama.3

25th Oct 1862

Death of Dorothy Kennemore CANADA in Arkansas.6

3rd Sep 1864

Died in Arkansas.2,4


  • Matthew and Dorothy (Dorothea) moved from South Carolina to Alabama then on to Arkansas.  Most genealogies have only one child, a son, Franklin W Mullinax.  The middle name was William.  Some sources have the name as William Franklin and others as William Franklin.  I am informed by Sarah Mullennix that the family descendants list the name as William Franklin.

    In Alabama in 1860, we find William in the same household with his parents, serving as a public school teacher.  With him is his wife Lydia, called Liddy, but listed in the census as Liddo O Mullinax, age 18.  This is Lydia Obedience Autry.  She was born in Tennessee, according to this census entry, but Sarah Mullinix, a researcher of the Mullinax lineage, informs me that she was born in Mississippi.

    1850 Federal Census, Franklin County, Alabama, 17 December, District 6, page 72, Hse #572, Fam #512
    Matthew Mullinax  48 M Farmer  SC
    Dorotha Mullinax  48  SC (makes birth seem to be in 1802)
    Franklin W Mullinax  18 M Farmer  SC

    1860 Federal Census, Franklin County, Alabama, 13-14 September, Eastern Subdivision, PO Frankfort, page 80-81, Hse #580, Fam #583
    Mathew Mullinax  58 M Farmer  SC
    Dorothy C Mullinax  61  SC (C seems to be for maiden name Canada) [b abt 1799]
    Wm F Mullinax  26 M Farmer  SC  Public School Teacher
    Liddo O Mullinax  18 TN

    William F is their son (listed as Franklin W in 1850), with his wife Liddy (Lydia Obedience Obedience Autry).

    Both Matthew and his wife Dorothy died not long after moving from Alabama to Arkansas.  They moved sometime after the census in 1860.  Dorothy died 25 October 1862 and Matthew 3 September 1864.


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