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Sudie Bell MULLINS2,3,1,5

also known as Sudie TRIPP4

14th Jul 18922,3,4,1,5 - 25th Sep 19732,3,1

Life History

14th Jul 1892

Born in Pontotoc County, Oklahoma.2,3,4,1,5


Resident in Bryan, Coal, Oklahoma.1

25th Dec 1910

Married William Lucky MULLINS in Pontotoc County, Oklahoma.4

2nd Nov 1911

Birth of son Pascal Leon MULLINS in Ada, Pontotoc, Oklahoma.1

22nd Nov 1917

Death of William Lucky MULLINS in Cuervo, Guadalupe, New Mexico.4,1

25th Sep 1973

Died in Roseburg, Douglas, Oregon.2,3,1

Other facts


Social Security number 526-20-8052.3


SSN issued in Arizona.3


  • The first reference I found on Sudie Mullins was in Mike Taylor's extensive database of Mullins and Mullinax.  Mike lists her as Sudie Tripp and reports her birth date as abt 1892.  Finally in February 2010, I found Sudie's Social Security Death Index entry.  The SS Death Index indicates they were in Oregon at the time of Sudie's death.

    Social Security Death Index
    Sudie Mullins
    Born 14 Jul 1892, Died Sep 1973
    Last Residence Roseburg, Douglas, Oregon 97470
    SSN 526-20-8052 issued Arizona (Before 1951)

    Oregon Death Index, 1903-98
    Certificate 73-15826
    Mullins, Sudie B
    Birth Date Jul 1892
    Spouse Willia[m]
    Death 25 Sep 1973 Douglas County
    Age 81

    The Oregon Death Record provides the middle initial.  This matches Sudie's listing in one genealogy listed below, found after I had found the SSDI and Oregon records.

    The Mullins-Gassaway-Jones tree reports an unnamed Tripp woman married an unnamed Mullins man who matches William Lucky's birth and death dates from other sources.  Her birth date of 1892 matches that given by Mike Taylor for Sudie Tripp.  This genealogy reports that this Tripp woman died in 1920.  But from what I have found out about Sudie B Mullins, this would be the first wife, perhaps the Emma Tripp mentioned in Glenda Moore's work, since Sudie continued living until 1973, after William Lucky died.  This Tripp woman, then, appears to be the first wife of William Lucky Mullins, probably named Emma Tripp.
    --  See http://pages.sbcglobal.net/mike_in_katy/mikeshouse.htm

    TRIPP Birth c 1892 Death 25 Dec 1920, Marriage 25 Dec 1910 to MULLINS 1873-1917 Pontotoc Co., Oklahoma
    --  Mullins-Gassaway-Jones, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/433315/person/-2083261915?ssrc=&ftm=1

    The Mullins Family Tree by Gilda reports full details about a Sudie B Mullins, the daughter of James Christopher Mullins and Dora Lea Taylor.  This genealogy also provides further details about our William Lucky Mullins, including the place of death.  This Sudie Mullins has the maiden name of Mullins, not Tripp.  This marriage date matches the date Mike Taylor reports for William's marriage to the wife Mike reports as Sudie Tripp.  Mike also reports a Sudie B Mullins, but has no details and no parents.

    Sudie Bell Mullins
    Birth 14 July 1892 in Pontotoc Co., Oklahoma
    Death 25 September 1973 in Roseburg, Douglas Co., Oregon
    Spouse William Lucky Mullins
    Birth 15 March 1873 in Pickens County, Georgia
    Death 22 Nov 1917 in Cuervo, Guadalupe Co., New Mexico
    Parents James Christopher Mullins 1840-1935, Dora Lea Taylor 1851-1924
    --  Mullins Family Tree by Gilda, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/430559/person/-2083597868?ssrc=&ftm=1

    Gilda reports no marriage date for William and Sudie.

    The Tripp maiden name for Sudie in some family trees appears to be a confusion with Emma Tripp, his first wife.  The detail in this genealogy seems to make sense of the disparate and scattered details in other sources and fill in the gaps consistently.  Thus it appears that Emma Tripp was William's first wife, after which he married Sudie Bell Mullins.

    Sudie appears in the census with her parents in 1910, at age 17.

    1910 Federal Census, Coal County, Oklahoma, 13 May, Bryan Township, District 74, page 6B-7A, Hse #120, Fam #125
    Mullins, James C  Head M W  70  Married 41 years  TN AL TN Laborer, Own Farm Rents
    --  page 7A  --
    Mullins, Dora  Wife  F W 56  Married 41 years  8 children, 5 living  TX GA MS
    Mullins, Sudie F W 17  OK TN TX Laborer, Home Farm


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