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James Everett JENKINS

James Everett JENKINS2,4,5,6,1,7,11,8,15,9,16,17,18

also known as Evert JENKINS14,10

17th Jan 18882,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 - 16th Jan 19634,5,8

Tailor, Mangaging Clothes Cleaning Business10

Life History

17th Jan 1888

Born in Dalton, Cass, Texas.2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9


Resident in Marlow Town, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.1

9th Apr 1907

Married Osa Ida MCCLANAHAN in Lawton, Comanche, Oklahoma Territory.6,17

3rd Mar 1908

Birth of son Joseph Pere JENKINS in Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma.5,4,11,20,10,21,8


Occupation Tailor, Mangaging Clothes Cleaning Business in Mt View, Kiowa, Oklahoma.10


Residence2 in Mountain View Ward 1, Kiowa, Oklahoma.10

10th Jan 1911

Birth of daughter Agnes Vernice JENKINS in Mt View, Kiowa, Oklahoma.22,23,7,24,16,25,26,17

11th Jun 1915

Birth of son Harry Carroll JENKINS in Lone Wolf, Kiowa, Oklahoma.4,11,5,8,17,27


Residence3 in Healdton, Carter, Oklahoma.2

3rd May 1918

Birth of son James Percy JENKINS in Oklahoma.31,28,11,29,12,30,8


Occupation2: Oilfield Driller in Burkburnett, Wichita, Texas.11


Residence4 in Burkburnett, Wichita, Texas.11

1st Apr 1921

Birth of daughter Beatrix Virginia JENKINS in Healdton, Carter, Oklahoma.14,7,8,25,26,32

between 1928 and 1930

Married Beulah UNKNOWN in Oklahoma.12

about 1928

Divorced from Osa Ida MCCLANAHAN in Oklahoma.19,12

12th Feb 1928

Birth of son Gene Keck JENKINS in Healdton, Carter, Oklahoma.5,21,33,34,16,35,36


Occupation3: Tailor in Maud, Seminole, Oklahoma.12


Residence5 in Maud, Seminole, Oklahoma.12

before 1940

Divorced from Beulah UNKNOWN in Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma.7

9th Aug 1960

Death of Osa Ida MCCLANAHAN in Orange County, California.8,16


Residence6 in Bellflower, Los Angeles, California.13

28th Dec 1962

Death of son James Percy JENKINS in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California.28,29,30,8

16th Jan 1963

Died in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California.4,5,8

16th Jan 1963

Buried in Loma Vista Memorial Park, Fullerton, Orange County, California.8


  • 1900 Federal Census, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, 19 June, District 164, Marlow, Page #310, Family #133
    Jenkins, Joe    Head    W M  Jun 1866  33 Married 13 yrs TX SC GA Farmer
    Jenkins, Hattie   Wife   W  F  Jul 1870  29 Married 13 yrs 6 children/4 living TX TN TX
    Jenkins, James   Son   W M  Jan 1888 12   TX TX TX

    In 1910 Everett and Ocy are in Mountain View, Kiowa County, Oklahoma.

    1910 Federal Census, Kiowa County, Oklahoma, 15 April, Mountain View Town, Ward 1, District 178, 3rd Street, page 1A-1B, Hse/Fam #11
    Evert Jenkins 22 TX USA TX Tailor [spelled Taylor] Cleaning and Pressing
    Osa Jenkins 21 OK MO MO
    Joseph P Jenkins 2 OK TX OK

    Everett (recorded as Evert) is reported in the 1910 census as a Tailor in a "Cleaning and Pressing" business.  Harold Christian seems to indicate in the Jenkins Family History that the Dry Cleaning business was owned by Everett's brother Ben (Joseph Benjamin).

    "Everett married Ocy McClanahan, whose parents are believed to have lived on a farm west of Marlow.  Everett subsequently moved to Mountain View where he later worked with his brother Ben in his dry cleaning shop."
    --  Harold Keith Christian, Jenkins Family History, private document.

    In 1918 he is reported living in Healdton, a town form the Jenkins family history, working in the oil fields.

    U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
    J Everett Jenkins
    Residence Healdton, Carter County, Oklahoma
    Age 29, Birth 17 Jan 1888 Cass County, Texas
    Occupation Oil Pumper, Healdton
    Employer Myers Bros Petroleum Co
    Height 5'10" Medium Build, Black Eyes, Black Hair
    Registered 5 June 1917 Ardmore, Carter, Okla
    Signed J Everett Jenkins

    In the 1920 census he and Ocy are living west and south of Healdton near Wichita Falls, Texas, on the Red River at Burkburnett, Wichita County, Texas.  He and his brother-in-law Neil Yates (husband of Mary Jenkins) are both working as drillers in the oil fields there.  The two families live in the same household.

    1920 Federal Census, Wichita County, Texas, 13 January, Burkburnett Town, District 197, page 8B, Hse #157, Fam #202
    James E Jenkins Head M W 32 TX TX TX Driller Oilfield
    Osa I Jenkins Wife F W 32 OK MO MO
    Joseph P Jenkins Son M W 11 OK TX OK
    Verneice O Jenkins Son F W 9 OK TX OK
    Harry C Jenkins Son M W 4yr 6mos OK TX OK
    James P Jenkins Son M W 1yr 7mos OK TX OK
    -- Fam #202 --
    Yates, Neil  Head M W 23 OK TX TX Driller, Oilfield
    Yates, Mary M  Wife F W 22 OK TX TX
    Yates, O'Neil O C  Son M W 2 OK OK OK
    Mary A Yates Dau F W 9 months TX OK OK (yields birth in March 1919)

    By 1930, the picture has changed considerably.  Osa and Everett are listed in different households in different counties of Oklahoma.  While Osa is in Earlsboro, Pottawatomie County, with 22-year-old Joseph and 2-year old Gene K, Everett ("Evert") is married to a Beaulah (Beulah?), with his other children.  Beaulah at age 29 in 1930 is about 13 years younger than Ocy, who was reported as age 32 in 1920.

    Everett and Beaula and family appear to be living in a boarding house, or a multi-family home, at 305 King Street in Maud, Seminole County, Oklahoma.  Children living with Everett and Beulah are Vernice, Harry, James (reported in previous censuses) and another daughter Annie V, age 9.

    1930 Federal Census, Seminole County, Oklahoma, 2 April, Maud, District 19, page 1B, 305 King St, Hse #12, Fam #13
    Jenkins, Evert  Head  Rents M W 41 First married age 19 TX TX TX Taylor [Tailor] Clothing Industry
    Jenkins, Beaulah Wife F W 29 First married age 23 OK TN AR
    Jenkins, Vernice Dau F W 19 Single OK TX OK Clerk, Variety Store
    Jenkins, Harry P Son M W 14 Single OK TX OK No Occupation
    Jenkins, James C Son M W 12 Single OK TX OK No Occupation
    Jenkins, Annie V Dau F W 9 Single OK TX OK No Occupation

    I would think from the given information that Anna, at age 9, was a daughter of Osa and that they divorced sometime after the birth of Gene, on 12 February 1928.  In the 1930 census Osa is living in another town with her two sons James O and Gene.  It is not clear why Osa is reported as a widow, unless that was the standard census entry for an adult no longer living with a spouse.

    The available information suggests that Osa and Everett divorced sometime in 1928, and Everett married Beulah sometime before the census in 1930.  The census indicates that Beulah was age 23 at the time of first marriage and 29 at this census.  Since it appears that Everett was still married to Ocy until 1928 (assuming that Gene is Everett's child born in wedlock), this seems to indicate that Beulah was married previously also, and either divorced or widowed before marrying Everett between 1928 and 1930.

    But the 1936 Oklahoma City directory seems to indicate that Everett and Osa (Ocy) are still married, or married again.  Everett is back working in the Oil Fields as in 1920.  This is puzzling after Osa being reported as divorced in 1930, and Evertt's wife being Beulah in 1930.

    I also found letters from Everett's grandmother Mattie Wall Terry to his stepmother Julia Virginia Terry Jenkins asking about "Ocy" and Everett in letters in the early 1930s.  This seems to indicate they were still married at this time.  I have found no other documentation of Osa with the name Beulah.  Maybe they were back together for a short time?  Oklahoma marriage and divorce records are not online.

    But the details for Beulah as Everett's wife do not match Osa.  She is only 29 in 1930, while Osa was already 32 in 1920, and the birth states for Beulah and her parents are different from those previously reported for Osa.

    But then James Everett and Osa are together in the 1936 and 1937 Oklahoma City city directory.

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, City Directory, 1936, p 420
    Jenkins Jas E (Osa) Ollwkr  h 9l0 N Lindsay av

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, City Directory, 1937, p 382
    Jenkins James E (Osa) r 923 1/2 NE 8th

    So who was Beulah?  And if Everett is still married to Osa in 1936, what does the 1930 census record mean?  Everett and Beulah also divorced.  Since his wife is Beulah in 1930, why would he report Osa as the wife's name in 1936?  Perhaps he and Beulah had already divorced and he reverted to referring to his older, long-time wife Osa as the wife when asked her name?

    In the 1940 census, Everett is reported as divorced.  His two daughters are in the household.  In 1940 Verniece is also divorced, but is enumerated under her maiden name.  She is Verniece A instead of Verniece O as in 1920.  The younger sister, matching Anna V in the 1930 census, is listed as Beatrice U.

    1940 Federal Census, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma, 7 May, Shawnee, District 63-54B, page 62A, 417 1/2 Tennessee St, Hse #242, Rents $20
    Jenkins, James E  Head M W 52 Divorced Grade H-4 b Texas Same place in 1935 Salesman, Clothing Store
    Jenkins, Verniece A Dau F W 29 Divorced Grade H-4 b Oklahoma Same place in 1935 Clerk, Clothing Store
    Jenkins, Beatrice U Dau F W 19 Single Grade H-4 b Oklahoma Same place in 1935 Waitress

    Everett lived for a long time in Bellflower, California.

    But Everett and Osa must have remarried.  It is not certain, but they were living in Orange County, and are buried in the same cemetery, where their son Harry and other Jenkinses are also buried.

    In 1946, Everett's parents (father and stepmother) visited them out in California, and in Jennie Jenkins' collection of photos there was one of Josepjh Asa and Jennie at a restaurant with Everett and, presumably, his wife.  But the inidivdual names are not noted on the photo.  We have not seen any other photo of Osa.

    On Everett's Social Security records his name is found as just James Jenkins.

    Social Security Death Index
    James Jenkins
    No address given for Last Residence
    Born 17 Jan 1888
    Died Jan 1963
    SSN 572-22-4795 issued California (Before 1951)

    The date of birth in his Social Security records matches the date reported in a list of family names and dates form Everett's stepmother, Jennie Jenkins, who gave all the family information to Lou Ila Gregory Jenkins in about 1955 (papers now in possession of Lou's son Orville Boyd Jenkins, compiler of this genealogy).  His date of birth from family records is 17 January 1888.

    For some reason his death certificate information reported the brith date as 17 January 1886.  The correct information was submitted to his memorial on Find a Grave, but memorialist has chosen to retain the date reflecting the erroneous grave marker.  The updated memorial with the additional information and family links we submitted is given below.

    California Death Index, 1940-1997
    James E Jenkins
    Birth 17 Jan 1886 Texas
    Death 16 Jan 1963 Los Angeles County
    Mother's Maiden Name Smith
    SSN 572224795

    James Everett Jenkins
    Birth Jan 17, 1886 Dalton, Cass County, Texas
    [birth year on the marker and death record is wrong.  Note the Social Security record above, which matches family record; year should be 1888, as in the SS record above]
    Death Jan 16, 1963 Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California
    Joseph Asa Jenkins (1866 - 1962)
    Annie Hester Jenkins (1870 - 1900)
    Spouse Osa Ida McClanahan Jenkins (1889 - 1960)
    Joseph Pere Jenkins (1908-1967)
    Harry Carroll Jenkins (1915 - 1980)
    James Percy Jenkins (1918 - 1962)
    Gene Keck Jenkins (1928 - 1998)
    Burial Loma Vista Memorial Park, Fullerton, Orange County, California
    Created by Chuck/Karen Brackett Sep 27, 2012
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #97879407,


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