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Levi Ittawamba Mingo COLBERT

Levi Ittawamba Mingo COLBERT6,3,8,4,5,1

also known as Levi Itawamba Minco COLBERT6,1,7

17592,3,4,1 - 2nd Jun 18342,4,5,1

Chief, Chickasaw Nation, Mississippi

Life History


Born in Muscle Shoals, Chickasaw Nation, Alabama.2,3,4,1

about 1790

Married Dollie TEMUSHARHOCTAY in Chickasaw Nation, Mississippi.12,8,12

before 1799

Married Mintahoyo IMATAPO in Chickasaw Nation, Mississippi.1


Birth of son Winchester Daugherty COLBERT in Monroe County, Mississippi.9

5th Jan 1811

Birth of son David COLBERT in Eastern Chickasaw Nation.1,10,11,3


Military in Battle of New Orleans, under General Jackson.1

after 1818

Death of ISHTIMMARHARLECHER in Chickasaw Nation, Mississippi.1


Resident in Chickasaw Nation Roll, Chickasaw Nation, Mississippi.1


Birth of son Andrew Morgan COLBERT in Cotton Gin Port, Monroe, Mississippi

before 1834

Occupation Chief, Chickasaw Nation, Mississippi.1

2nd Jun 1834

Died in Buzzard Roost Spring, Franklin, Alabama.2,4,5,1

after 2nd Jun 1834

Buried in Buzzard Roost Spring, Franklin, Alabama.1

24th Nov 1835

Wrote will in Probated Monroe County, Mississippi.1

Other facts




  • "'Levi Colbert had 12 sons and 8 daughters.' This statement is now known to be untrue, as it appears there were more children, and the possibility that there were more than three wives."
    --  Chickasaw History, "Maj. Levi "Itawamba Minco" Colbert," http://www.chickasawhistory.com/colbert/i0001073.htm [no longer online]

    "Chickasaw nick-name: "Okolona"From his quiet manner he was also given the name "Okolona" which means calm or peaceful. Itawamba County, Mississippi and the town of Okolona, Mississippi are both named for him."
    --  Maj. Levi "Itte-wamba Mingo" COLBERT, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/940080/person/-1379635678?ssrc=&ftm=1 [This lnk may not stay active, due to the way Ancestry works]

    Levi and several members of his family are specifically mentioned in the US-Chickasaw Treaty relating to the removal of the Chickasaw Nation from Mississippi-Alabama to Indian Territory, and their reimbursement.  The following excerpts are from the Treaty of 31 August 1830.

    ARTICLE 6. Whereas Levi Colbert, George Colbert, Tishimingo, William McGilvery and Saml. Seeley Senr., have been long known, as faithful and steady friends of the United States, and regardless of the interest of their own people; to afford them an earnest of our good feeling, now that they are about to seek a new home; the commissioners, of their own accord, and without any thing of solicitation or request, on the part of said persons, have proposed, and do agree, that they have reservations of four sections each, to include their present improvements, as nearly as may be; or, if they have improvements at any other place than one, then, equally to divide said reservations, so that two sections may be laid off at one place of improvement, and two at another; or, the whole at one place, as the party entitled may choose. They shall be entitled to the same in fee simple, to be resided upon; or, if they prefer it, they may, with the consent of the President, sell and convey the same, in fee. And it is further agreed, that upon the same terms and conditions, a reservation of two sections, to be surveyed together, and to include the improvements of the party entitled, shall and the same is hereby declared to be, secured to Capt. James Brown, James Colbert, John McLish & Isaac Alberson.

    ARTICLE 9. At the request of the delegation, it is agreed that Levi Colbert shall have an additional section of land, to that granted him in the 6th article, to be located where he may prefer, and subject to the conditions contained in said sixth article.

    ARTICLE 15. A desire having been expressed by Levi Colbert, that two of his younger sons, Abijah Jackson Colbert, and Andrew Morgan
    Colbert, aged seven and five years, might be educated under the direction and care of the President of the United States; and George Colbert having also expressed a wish that his grand-son, Andrew Frazier, aged about twelve years, might have a similar attention: It is consented, that at a proper age, as far as they may be found to have capacity, they shall receive a liberal education, at the expense of the United States, under the direction and control of the President.

    [Signing the Treaty among other chiefs]

    Levi Colbert, his x mark.
    George Colbert, his x mark.
    James Colbert, his x mark.

    [Supplementary articles added by Chickasaw representatives also contain mention of Colberts, including place names]

    2. Colbert's Island, in the Tennessee river, just below the mouth of Caney Creek, supposed to contain five hundred acres, has always been in the use and occupancy of George Colbert, and has been admitted by the nation, to be his individual property. It is agreed now, that he shall be recognized, as having a title to the same, and that he shall receive from the United States, in consideration of it, one thousand dollars, to be paid in one year after the Chickasaws shall remove to their new homes.

    3. James Colbert has represented, that he has a claim of thirteen hundred dollars, of money due from a citizen of the United States;-that he has become insolvent, and is unable to pay it. It is further represented, that by the rule of the Chickasaw people, where an Indian cannot pay a debt due to a white man, the nation assumes it. Also, Levi Colbert shews, that some time since, he purchased of a white citizen, a horse which was stolen, and proven and taken out of his possession, as stolen property, for which he has not, and cannot, obtain remuneration. Being now about to leave their ancient homes, for a new one, too distant to attend to their business here; it is agreed that a section of land may be located and reserved, to be bound ancient homes, for a new one, too distant to attend to their business here; it is agreed.

    [Signing the Supplementary Articles among other chiefs]

    Colo. George Colbert his X mark
    Majr. Levi Colbert his X mark
    James Colbert

    --  Chickasaw Treaty -- 1830, http://www.chickasawhistory.com/t9.htm accessed 14-Aug-09

    The first known birth year of a child of Levi and Dollie is abt 1795, for the birth of Martin Colbert.  There are three other children reported who were apparently born before Martin, meaning Dollie would have married Levi about 1790.

    Sources tel us Levi died on his way to Washington to discuss the Pontotoc Treaty with the Federal government.  He was in his daughter's home in Buzzard Roost, Chickasaw Nation (Colbert, Alabama).

    "Levi Colbert died in 1834 on his way to Washington DC to discuss the Pontotoc treaty, he fell ill at the home of his daughter and son-in-law at Buzzard Roost (Levi's former home which was a half mile south of Barton Station on the Southern Railroad)"
    --  Maj. Levi "Itte-wamba Mingo" COLBERT, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/940080/person/-1379635678?ssrc=&ftm=1 [This lnk may not stay active, due to the way Ancestry works]

    Family Data Collection - Individual Records
    Levi Colbert
    Spouse: Temusharhoctay
    Parents: James Logan Colbert, Second Fullblood [Sopha Minta Hoya]
    Birth 1759 Country, Chickasaw, AL
    Death 2 Jun 1834 Colbert County

    Levi Colbert (1759-1834), also known as Itawamba in Chickasaw, was a leader and chief of the Chickasaw in the American Southeast. Colbert was called Itte-wamba Mingo, meaning bench chief.  He and his brother George Colbert were prominent interpreters and negotiators with President Andrew Jackson's appointed negotiators related to Indian Removal; the United States wanted the people to cede its traditional lands and move west of the Mississippi River to extinguish its claims in the Southeast.

    Spouse(s):  Ishtimmarharlechar, Temusharhoctay 'Dollie' (Schtimmarshashoctay), Mintahoyo House (Minto-Ho-Yo) of Imatapo, Seletia Colbert
    Children:       Sons, Martin, Charles, Alex, Adam, Lemuel, Daugherty, Ebijah, Commodore and Lewis; Daughters, Charity, Mariah, Phalishta and Asa
    Parents:        James Logan Colbert and Sopha Minta Hoye
    --  "Levi Colbert," Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Levi_Colbert


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