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Samantha Gabriel NIXON1,3,5,6

also known as Samantha Gay NIXON2

also known as Samantha G STRANGE4

5th May 18721,2,3,4,5 - 8th Dec 19602

Life History

5th May 1872

Born in Alabama.1,2,3,4,5

14th Feb 1892

Married Samuel Lurs STRANGE in DeKalb County, Alabama.12,2

25th Sep 1892

Birth of daughter Leona STRANGE in Albertville, Marshall, Alabama.1,7

Sep 1894

Birth of son Other E STRANGE in Alabama.4,1

Dec 1896

Birth of daughter Anna J STRANGE in Alabama.4

23rd Dec 1899

Birth of son Otis W STRANGE in Alabama.4,9,5,1


Resident in Thompson, Marshall, Alabama.4


Birth of daughter Annis E STRANGE in Alabama.1

3rd Jun 1906

Birth of son Bert William Garland STRANGE in Wichita County, Texas.1,5,6

24th Sep 1908

Birth of son Arlin Cemon STRANGE in Foard County, Texas.10,5,1


Resident in Justice Precinct 4, Wichita, Texas.1

24th Jan 1912

Birth of daughter Ona Lee STRANGE in Foard County, Texas.11,5

11th Feb 1915

Birth of daughter Nona M STRANGE in Electra, Wichita, Texas.3,2,5

Aug 1919

Birth of daughter Joly G STRANGE in Wichita County, Texas.5,3

2nd Aug 1951

Death of son Arlin Cemon STRANGE in Stanislaus County, California.10

22nd Oct 1957

Death of Samuel Lurs STRANGE in Waurika, Jefferson, Oklahoma

26th Oct 1959

Death of daughter Anna J STRANGE in Wichita Falls, Wichita, Texas.8

8th Dec 1960

Died in Comanche, Stephens, Oklahoma.2


  • One genealogy provides some details on Samantha.  This genealogy reports only this one child of Samantha and Sam.

    Samantha Gay Nixon
    Birth 1872-05-28 in Alabama
    Death 1960-12-08 in Comanche, Stephens, Oklahoma
    Marriage 14 Feb 1892 in De Kalb County, Alabama to
    Samuel Lusers [sic] Strange
    Birth 1872-02-02 in Martling, Marshall, Alabama
    Death 1957-10-22 in Waurika, Jefferson, Oklahoma
    Daughter Nona M Strange
    Birth 1915-02-11 in Electra, Wichita, Texas
    Death 1999-01-25 in Sun Valley, Los Angeles, California
    --  Palyrma Remington,

    This genealogy does not give the names of Samantha's parents.  Several other genealogies, however, do present her parents.  Interestingly, however, all the genealogies with this similar information also spell her husband Samuel's middle name as Lusers.  But Strange descendant Elisa J Strange-Von Rice, a genealogist, has his middle name as Lurs.  Other sources I have found also have Lurs as his middle name.

    The California Death Index record for a person that could be her son Arlie, reports the mother's maiden name as Gay.  These several genealogies reporting Samantha's family have her middle name as Gay.  But Elisa reports her as Samantha Gabriel Nixon.  Arlie's name was reported in the Death Index as Arlin Cemon.  This could be the same person reported in the 1910 as Arlie S, son of Samantha and Sam Strange.

    This would indicate her maiden name was Nixon, but also would indicate that -- if the name Gay is actually valid for Samantha -- Gay is a nickname for Gabriel.

    Samantha Gay Nixon
    Birth 28 May 1872 in Marshall, Alabama
    Death 8 Dec 1960 in Comanche, Stephens, Oklahoma
    Parents John B Nixon 1845-1902
    Ahenoam A Childress 1849-1901
    Marriage 14 Feb 1892 in  DeKalb, Alabama, to Samuel Lusers [sic] Strange
    --  Fullerton-Laird,

    The 1920 census confirms the name Gabriel, recorded her only by that name.

    1920 Federal Census, Wichita County, Texas, 19 January, Justice Precinct 4, District 132, page 8A, Hse #139, Fam #152
    Strange, Sam  Head  Rents M W 47 AL GA GA Farmer (abt 1872)
    Strange, Gabriel  Wife F W 47 AL AL AL No occupation (abt 1872)

    Elisa J Strange-Von Rice tells this story about Samantha Gabriel Nixon Strange from family tradition.

    Just a little folk lore.....
    Samantha Gabriel Nixon-Strange, wife of Samuel Lurs in Wichita Co. Texas, was a midwife and a faith healer.  When I was little, people came to her house all the time for natural medicines which she ground up and gave to them after she prayed for their souls.  They said she delivered all the babies for 2-3 counties around Wichita Co. Tx.  She also preached (that Methodist background).  My mom said when she married into the family, Samantha wore all black clothing, drove a black buggy, pulled by a black horse.  She said Samantha would go off and leave the younger children with Sam and the older girls to care for a week at a time preaching at Camp meetings.

    Mom said she would stand up in the buggy and snap a whip over the horses' heads and he would run like heck with the buggy hitting all kinds of ruts in the road,  It would throw her all around and everyone would say... She's gonna kill herself.


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