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Meshack GREEN

Meshack GREEN2,1,3

25th Dec 17551 - 1st Jun 18511

Life History

25th Dec 1755

Born in Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland.1

1st Jan 1794

Married Susannah GREEN in Tennessee.1

about 1801

Birth of son Alfred C GREEN in North Carolina.4,5,1,6,7

1st Jun 1851

Died in Morgan County, Tennessee.1

Other facts


Married Mary UNKNOWN


  • There are some sources providing many good details, but citing no sources (not even family tradition!).  these sources  provide spotty information on selected individuals in some of the Green lineages.  It seems that several amateur (or otherwise sloppy) genealogists have confused various lines.  Let me just encourage everyone to look at the details you are considering from a common-sense perspective to find obvious errors of age and birth dates.

    Judith Chadwell in her genealogy of one Green line, reports the marriage in Tennessee of a Meshack Green born in 1755 Baltimore to a Susannah Green (parents Steven Green and Jemima Cook) born in South Carolina.  Some researchers question the reports that this Meshack Green was born in Baltimore.  It is quite likely that two or more Green lines have been confused at various stages by various researchers, including myself.  Some such crossed lines have been corrected in our database.

    Meshack Green, b 1755-12-25 Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, d 1510-06-01 Morgan County, Tennessee
    Son of Isaac Green 1721-1800 & Rebecca <Green> b 1725
    Married Susannah Green (maiden name) b 1762 Greenfield, Aiken, South Carolina d Unknown date Morgan County, Tennessee [no sources given]
    Daughter of Steven Green and Jemima Cook (no info)
    Married 1 Jan 1794 in Tennessee
    Son Alfred S Green 1803-1883

    Meshack Green
    b 1755-12-25 Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland
    d 1510-06-01 Morgan County, Tennessee
    married Susannah Green (maiden name)
    b 1762 Greenfield, Aiken, South Carolina
    d Unknown date Morgan County, Tennessee [no sources given]
    --  Judith Chadwell, Christopher Family Tree,

    This and other genealogies report that the father of this Meshack Green was Isaac Green (1721-1800) and Rebecca Green (b 1725).  Both Isaac and Rebecca died in Baltimore.  The information in Judith's genealogy means that Meshack moved at some time on his own to Tennessee, where he met Susannah Green, who had moved (with her parents?) from South Carolina, and they married in Tennessee.

    Several genealogies have made Meshack W Green, born in 1720, the son of Isaac Green.  This would mean the father was one year old when the son was born!  WHy the genealogists do not catch this glaring error is a mystery.  Isaac's wife Rebecca, reported as Meshack W Green's mother, was born in 1725!  Five years after Meshack W was born !  The Meshack that was the son of Isaac is the one born in 1755, as indicated in the data above.  It is obviously impossible for Isaac born 1721 and his wife Rebecca to be the parents of Meshack W Green, husband of Creasy

    The birth of Susannah Green in South Carolina seems to bring into question the role and identity of Meshack's family line, since we have other Greens in South Carolina with a Meshack born in Pendleton District SC in 1720.  This Meshack or one of his brothers could have been the brother of Meshack b 1755, instead of the Baltimore Isaac.  Maybe Susannah's Meshack was also born in SC instead of Maryland.

    No sources are mentioned by Judith or other genealogies I have seen that seem otherwise to provide credible information on their families.  Why can't these people tell us where they got this information?  How can we determine its reliability or credibility?

    At this point, it seems wise to consider the Meshack b 1755 as we have the information tying him to the Baltimore family, and consider the line of Meshack b 1720 in Pendleton District, SC as a separate family lineage.  This will be an area to probe in this continuing search.  It is also likely that Susannah is a member of the same lineage in South Carolina as the Meshack born in 1720 in Pendleton.

    There are also some suspicious aspects of the information Judith provides about Meshack (b 1755) and Susannah.  For instance, Meshack is reported as born in Baltimore, where both his parents were born and died.  So far so good, but then we find that Meshack and Susannah married in Tennessee, when Meshack would have been 39!.  When and why did the single Meshack move from Baltimore to Tennessee.  Was he married before he met Susannah?

    Almost everyone going south and west went through Pendleton District, SC.  Did Meshack perhaps go that way too? If so, isn't it likely he met Susannah in SC?  Did they maybe marry in SC instead of Tennessee?  Why were they both so old when they married?  How are their two lines of Greens related?

    Did Susannah move from South Carolina to Tennessee with her parents?  As a child?  As an adult?  She was 32 when she is reported to have married Meshack?  Was she also perhaps married before?  Only one child is reported?  What is the configuration of Meshack and Susannah's family?  Why are these questions not dealt with?

    Researcher Malissa Ruffner sent me information on a land transfer record that might give us a reference date for Meshack's move away form Baltimore.  this deed was transferred to his brother Abednego in June 1805, perhaps in preparation for his move to the south.  This indicates his wife was named Mary.  It seems likely that Mary moved with him to the Carolinas.  Since Susannah is reported born in South Carolina, it seems likely that Meshack met and married her there after Mary's death, before moving on to Tennessee.

    "I'm working on the Green family for a friend of mine and I've been spending a lot time on the Shadrack-Meshack-Abednego trio of brothers.  One of the things I picked up from a surname file here in town (and by that, I mean Baltimore)  is a citation to a land record of 1805.  Here's the description.
    "8 June 1805 - Meshack Green of Balto. Co. deeds to Abednego Green 1/3 the land willed to him by his father Isaac Green.  Meshack's wife Mary consented to the sale. (Baltimore Co. Land Records, W. G. #87, fol. 100.)"
    --  Malissa Ruffner, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 02 July 2012

    Thanks to Malissa for this helpful record is helpful.  This would be the Meshack Green who was the born the son if Isaac and Rebecca in 1755, and a brother of Abednego.  I have not been able to confirm the siblings, nor parents of Meshack W Green, who is fairly obviously related to the Gardner-Green Cherokee line.  The exact connection is still being sought on several fronts, but confirming links are elusive.  We are careful.  There are too many thrown-together, unanalyzed and self-contradictory lists out there.

    If this Meshack brother of Abednego and son of Isaac in Baltimore, was still in Baltimore with his wife named Mary in 1805, it is not likely this is the same Meshack that was married to Susannah in South Carolina in 1794.  So several Meshacks and Shadracks have been confused in various genealogies.  And I have been assisted to untangle some of those erroneous cross-connections in this database.  Insufficient facts are available in many cases.  It is a success to recognize that and let it stand till needed detail is discovered.

    Where no confirming data is available, or where obviously incompatible dates, like the birth dates of Isaac in 1721 and Meshack in 1720, we have to leave the question open, and resist connecting two lines that don't go together, just to resolve the question.  Meshack Greens just happened to be for some reason a very popular name in several green lines.  There may be a connection somewhere but it is definitely not with Meshack W Green as the son of Isaac and Rebecca in Baltimore.

    Some bits of progress are made periodically, and there may thus be inconsistencies in the presentation and analysis of the related information on the various individuals involved.

    1830 Federal Census, Morgan County, Tennessee, Eastern District, page 96
    Meshack Green  1 male 5-10 yrs, 1 male 30-40, 1 male 60-70
    1 female under 5, 1 female 15-20, 1 female 20-30, 1 female 50-60

    In 1830 there are two other younger Greens living near Meshack.  John lives next door, and James is recorded two houses above him on the same page.

    1830 Federal Census, Morgan County, Tennessee, Eastern District, page 96
    John Green  1 male under 5 yrs, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 30-40
    1 female 10-15,  1 female 20-30

    1830 Federal Census, Morgan County, Tennessee, Eastern District, page 96
    James Green  1 male under 5 yrs, 1 male 20-30, 1 female 15-20

    1840 Federal Census, Morgan County, Tennessee, Eastern District, page 208
    Pensioner for Revolutionary War  Meshac Green 1 male 80-90, 1 female 70-80
    Meshac Green age 87 [b abt 1753]


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