Madog Ap MADOG Elizabeth LE STRANGE Gwenllian Verch ITHEL Mini tree diagram

Maelor Of Rhuddailt Gruffyd Ap Madog Ap GRUFFYD4,1,5,3

also known as Gruffyd "Llwyd" Ap MADOG2

about 12801,2,3 - about 13654,3

Life History

about 1280

Born in Rhuddallt, Rhiwabon, Denbighshire, Wales.1,2,3

8th Jul 1304

Married Elizabeth LE STRANGE in England, UK.2


Death of Elizabeth LE STRANGE in Fadog, Wales.3

about 1365

Died in Glyndyfrdwy, Wales.4,3


  • Angel Streur, GeneaNet genealogy,
    provides second name Llwyd (Lloyd).

    Stephen Smith Genealogy, GeneaNet,;p=gruffydd+llwyd+ap;n=madog, provides the place of birth and an exact birth date, but birth date is 23 Nov 1298, impossible with marriage in 1304.

    I am reporting no year of birth.

    Angel Streur, GeneaNet genealogy,
    reports year of death, but no place.

    U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
    Gruffudd O'R Gruffudd
    Gender:  Male
    Spouse Elizabeth Le Strange

    One genealogy provides an exact birth date, but without any docuemntaiton.

    Gruffyd ap Madog ap Gruffyd
    Birth 23 Nov 1298 in Rhuddallt, Denbighshire, Wales
    Death 1365 in Glyndyfrdwy, Wales
    Madog Crupl Ap Gruffydd
    Birth 1255 in  Glyndfrdwy, Denbighshire, Wales
    Death 11 Nov 1306 in  Heleigh Castle, Staffordshire, England
    Gwenllian Verch Ithel1
    Birth 1262 in  Flintshire, Wales
    Death 1358 in  Flintshire, Wales
    Spouse Elizabeth LeStrange
    Birth 1298 in Oswestry, Shropshire, England
    Death 1330 in Fadog, Wales
    --  Burgess Family,


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