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James Lester Verlin BRISCOE

James Lester Verlin BRISCOE1,11,12,2,13,3,14,4,5,6,15,7,8,16,9,10

29th Aug 18921,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 - 12th Jan 19732,3,7

Life History

29th Aug 1892

Born in Llano, Llano, Texas.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

about 1911

Married Amanda Luella CARPENTER in Tillman County, Oklahoma.9

1st Aug 1912

Birth of daughter Oval Ilene BRISCOE in Frederick, Tillman, Oklahoma.6,17,7,18,9,5,19

23rd Dec 1913

Birth of son Verlin A BRISCOE in Frederick, Tillman, Oklahoma.20,5,6,21,3,9,19

12th May 1917

Birth of daughter Carmen Oletta BRISCOE in Musselshell County, Montana.9,6,7,22

16th Jul 1920

Birth of daughter Helen Doris BRISCOE in Musselshell County, Montana.2,4,22

4th Mar 1926

Birth of son Bernard Bertrum BRISCOE in New Richland, Waseca, Minnesota.22,4,23,24,2,25,26,18,3,27,28

21st Mar 1964

Death of Amanda Luella CARPENTER in Contra Costa County, California.7,2

12th Jan 1973

Died in San Pablo, Contra Costa, California.2,3,7

after 12th Jan 1973

Buried in Memory Gardens Cemetery, Concord, Contra Costa County, California.2


  • 1900 Federal Census, Bosque County, Texas, 14 June, Justice Precinct 4, District 7, page 6B, Hse #101, Fam #103
    Briscoe, Edmond Head  W M Mar 1864 36 Married 16 years AR TN TN Farmer Rents
    Briscoe, Frances Wife W F May 1865 35 Married 16 years 3 children/3 living MO TN MO
    - page 7A -
    Briscoe, James L Son W M Aug 1892 7 TX AR MO

    1910 Federal Census, Tillman County, Oklahoma, 9 May, Richland Township, District 255, page 15B, Hse #287, Fam #293
    Briscoe, Edmon W Head M W 46 Marriage 1 Married 23 years AR AL TN Farmer Rents [married about 1887]
    Briscoe, Francis M Wife F W 44 Marriage 2 Married 23 years 4 children/4 living MO TN MO
    Briscoe, James L Son M W 17 Single TX AR MO Farm Laborer

    In 1918 James was in Musselshell, Montana, where he registered for the WWI draft.  He reports he is married with 3 children.

    U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
    James L V Briscoe
    Muselshell [Musselshell] County, Montana
    Birth 29 Aug 1892 Llano, Llano County, Texas
    Laborer Employed by H I Case, Roundup, Montana
    Wife and 3 children
    Tall, Medium Build, Gray Eyes, Brown Hair
    Registered 5 June 1917 Musselshell
    Signed James L V Briscoe

    The draft registration reproted that James was born in Llano County, Texas, in the center of the state.

    Llano County is a county located on the Edwards Plateau in the U.S. state of Texas.  As of the 2010 census, its population was 19,301.  Its county seat is Llano, and the county is named for the Llano River.

    In 1869, pioneer rancher John Wesley Snyder led a cattle drive from Llano County along the Chisholm Trail to Abilene, Kansas.

    In the 1870s, a pioneer community known as Baby Head existed in Llano County.  According to local legend, a small child was killed by Native Americans, and her remains were left on a hill called Baby Head Mountain.  Hence Jodie May McKneely (died January 1, 1884) originated the Baby Head Cemetery.  The community no longer exists.
    --  "Llano County, Texas," Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Llano_County,_Texas, accessed 16 November 2015

    James' grandson reports that his name is James Lester Briscoe.  This gives us the name for the initial L reported in several records.

    Francis Briscoe

    I'm looking for information on Francis M Briscoe and came across the Source Citation for the 1910 Federal Census, Tillman County, OK in your tree where there's a transcript that states she was married to Edmond W Briscoe but says he's her 2nd husband.  I believe, from what I have heard, this is true.  Although I cannot find anything anywhere else to prove it.  No prior marriage license, newspaper articles, death certificate.

    I heard from my mom, who would have been her granddaughter, that her first husband was shot.  Interesting, but I can't find anything on that and really not much on her.  I know that marriage produced a son, Herman, who went by Briscoe (1881-1915).  I have proof the last name was Johnson from a list of deaths in my grandfather wrote in his Bible.  My grandfather was James Lester Briscoe (1892-1972) from her 2nd marriage.
    --  J Sheets, Ancestry Messaging to Orville Boyd Jenkins, Francis Briscoe 02 August 2019

    In 1920, I found James L Briscoe in Montana, married to Amanda Carpenter, in a household with their parents and working a farm there.  The Carpenters are from Iowa, where Amanda was born.  We can tell from the birthplace of the children that they married in Oklahoma, probably about 1911.  Ilene was born about 1911 or 1912.  James and Amanda later moved back to Iowa.

    1920 Federal Census, Musselshell County, Montana, 30 January, School District 9, Enumeration District 64, Fishel Creek Rd, page 7B, Hse #130, Fam #133
    Carpenter, Samuel E Head Owns M W 54 IA IN IA Farmer
    Carpenter, Nancy D Wife F W 49 IA OH OH
    Brisco, Amanda Dau F W 27 IA IA IA
    Brisco, James L M W 27 TX US US Farmer
    Brisco, Ilene Granddau F W 8 OK TX IA
    Brisco, Verlin A Grandson M W 6 OK TX IA
    Brisco, Carmen Granddau M W 3yrs7mos Montana TX IA [b abt May 1916]

    There is an amazing duplication of James and Amanda's family enumeration in the 1920 census.  Earlier in the month of January 1920, they had already been registered in the census, while they were still in Frederick, Oklahoma, where her parents were living at the time of the 1910 census.  They had moved from Oklahoma to Montana sometime before 1917, since Carmen was reported as 2 years 8 months in the Oklahoma census.

    Their next child Helen was also born in Montana in July 1920.  Perhaps they were on a visit back to Oklahoma and just happened to get enumerated a second time.  But they are in their own household, according to the listing.  So I do not have a satisfactory explanation for this interesting situation.

    1920 Federal Census, Tillman County, Oklahoma, 2 January, Frederick, District 167, 216 South Main St, page 1B, Hse/Fam #19
    Brisco, Jim L Head M W 27 TX US US tin Shop Plumer [sic]
    Brisco, Amanda Wife F W 27 IA IA IA
    Brisco, Ilene Dau F W 7 OK TX IA
    Brisco, Verlin Son M W 6 OK TX IA
    Brisco, Carmen Dau M W 2yrs8mos Montana TX IA [b abt May 1917]

    Note also the difference in age reported for Carmen in the two census records.  If the Montana record is correct (3 yrs 7 months) then she was born in 1916.  This conflicts with the date of death (1917) on her gravestone.  Given the date on the grave, I would declare the Oklahoma report of age 2 yrs 8months to be the correct one.  The age reported in 1930 matches birth in 1917.

    1930 Federal Census, Tillman County, Oklahoma, 3 April, Frederick Ward 2, District 5, page 2A, 104 South 16th St, Hse #35, Fam #37
    Briscoe, James L Head Rents $20 M W 37 Married at age 18 MO TX MO Laborer
    Briscoe, Amanda E Wife F W 37 Married at age 18 IA IA IA
    Briscoe, Ilene O Dau F W 17 OK MO IA
    Briscoe, Verlin A Son M W 16 OK MO IA
    - page 2B -
    Briscoe, Carmen O Dau M W 12 MT MO IA
    Briscoe, Helen D Dau F W 9 MT MO IA
    Briscoe, Bernard B Son M W 4 MN MO IA

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Mason City, Iowa, City Directory, 1933, p 66
    Briscoe Carmen student r 1418 N Adams Ave
    Briscoe Jas L (Amanda) chauf Jacob E Decker & Sons h 1418 N Adams Ave
    Briscoe Verlin A (Mary) meat ctr r 1418 N Adams Ave

    Verlin here is James Briscoe's son and Carmen is his daughter.  This was reported by his son James W Briscoe in January 2014.  So we see three generations of Briscoes here.  Since he named one son Verlin, this may be his other name starting with V as reported in his WWI registration, as transcribed above, James L V Briscoe.

    "My grandfather was Verlin A Briscoe Born in 1914 and died in 2000, his wife was Mary and I believe her last name was Laval."
    --  James W Briscoe, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 7 January 2013

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Mason City, Iowa, City Directory, 1938, p 71
    Briscoe Edw W (Frances) r 502 5th SE
    Briscoe James L (Amanda E; 1b) Driver Witwer Grocer Co r 502 5th SE
    Briscoe Verlin A (Mary B; 1g 1b) butcher r 502 5th SE

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Mason City, Iowa, City Directory, 1939, p 54
    Briscoe Fannie (wid Edw W [Edmond W]) r 317 6th SW
    Briscoe Helen D r 317 6th SW
    Briscoe James L (Amanda E; 1b) Driver Witwer Grocer Co r 317 6th SW
    Briscoe Verlin A (Mary B; 1g 1b) whsemn Stacy Fruit Co r 527 12th SE

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Mason City, Iowa, City Directory, 1940, p 56
    Briscoe Frances M (wid Edw [Edmond]) r 317 6th SW
    Briscoe Helen D r 317 6th SW
    Briscoe James L (Amanda E; 1b) Driver Witwer Grocer Co r 317 6th SW
    Briscoe Verlin A (Mary B; 1g 1b) lab Decker's r 527 12th SE

    Later records I found indicate that Helen is the daughter of James and Amanda who was born in July 1920.  She is buried in Concord Cemetery, Contra Costa County, California, as they are.  In the 1940 census, she is living in her parents' home, but is working as a stenographer.

    1940 Federal Census, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, 8 April, Mason City Ward 4, District 17-33, Page 7A, 317 6th St SW, Hse #131, Owns $1850
    Briscoe, James L Head F W 47 Grade H2 b Texas same place in 1935 Truck Driver, Witwer Grocers
    Briscoe, Amanda Wife F W 47 Grade 8 b Iowa same place in 1935 Housewife
    Briscoe, Helen Dau F W 19 Grade H4 b Montana same place in 1935 Stenographer
    Briscoe, Bernard Son M W 14 Grade 7 b Minnesota same place in 1935 No Occup
    Briscoe, Frances Mother F W 74 Widow Grade 6 b Missouri Residence same place in 1935 "Unable"

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Mason City, Iowa, City Directory, 1941, p 54
    Briscoe Frances M (wid Edw [Edmond] W) r 317 6th SW
    -----  Helen D r 317 6th SW
    -----  James L (Amanda) Driver Witwer Grocer Co r 317 6th SW
    -----  Verlin A (Mary B) h 415 N Mass av

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Mason City, Iowa, City Directory, 1942, p 52
    Briscoe Bernard student  r 317 6th SW
    -----  Helen D r 317 6th SW
    -----  James L (Amanda E) Driver Witwer Grocer Co r 317 6th SW
    -----  Verlan (Mary) h 136 26th SW

    At some point later James moved to Contra Costa County, California, where he died in 1973.  He and Amanda are both buried in Memory Gardens Cemetery in Concord, California.

    California, Death Index, 1940-1997
    James L Briscoe
    Social Security #479073612
    Birth 29 Aug 1892 Texas
    Death 12 Jan 1973 Contra Costa

    U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-Current
    James Briscoe
    Last Residence 94806  San Pablo, Contra Costa, California
    Born 29 Aug 1892
    Died Jan 1973
    SSN 479-07-3612 issued Iowa (Before 1951)

    James L Briscoe
    Birth Aug 29, 1892 Texas
    Death Jan 12, 1973 Contra Costa County, California
    Family Spouse Amanda Luella Carpenter Briscoe (1892 - 1964)
    Son Bernard Bertrum Briscoe (1926 - 2004)
    Burial Memory Gardens Cemetery, Concord, Contra Costa County, California
    Created by Grothmann Nov 20, 2012
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #101038626, http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=101038626


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