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Esther Sunrise PARKER2,1,3

about 18871 - UNKNOWN

Life History

about 1887

Born in Comanche Reservation, Oklahoma Territory.1




  • In the 1905 Comanche census, Esther is listed in a family group by herself, right after the first entry for the family, her father Quanah and his wife To-nar-cy, one of Esther's mother's in the extended family of 7 wives.

    1905 Indian Census Rolls, Comanche Tribe, Oklahoma, 30 June, Kiowa Agency, Comanche Tribe, Page 22
    Ind Name Quanah Eng Name Quanah Parker Male Husband age 64
    Ind Name To-nar-cy  Female Wife age 41
    (on a separate line as a family by herself:)
    Eng Name Esther Parker Female  age 18

    Her mother is listed farther down, as the last wife of 6 that are reported here.

    From the Find-a-Grave memorial of Esther's mother A-er-with-take-um:

    "Born in the old Oklahoma Territory, Aer-wuth-tak-um had four children by Quanah Parker, three of whom survive her. They are Tom Parker and Lynn Parker, of south of Apache, and a daughter, Mrs. Neda Birdsong of Cache. A second daughter, Esther Sunrise, preceded her in death."
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #52037110, http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=52037110

    Note that though the memorial states that she was born in Oklahoma Territory, there was no such political or geographical entity by that name until 1890, when the United States established Oklahoma Territory.  This territory included previous Indian areas, including the Comanche, Apache and Kiowa reservation where Quanah Parker had agreed to settle with his people.  This was in the area of Comanche County, Oklahoma.

    This area that was incorporated into Oklahoma had previously been a part of the free area of the Comanches, referred to as Comancheria, which covered lands in Texas and northern Mexico until the final battles with the United States and the State of Texas that confined Quanah and other resistance fighters in the High Plateau (Staked Plains) of Northwest Texas, until his surrender, after losing no battles to the white men.

    The Oklahoma Territory existed until December 1907, when the State of Oklahoma was established, incorporating and basically wiping out the previous Nations of Indian Territory.  Treatied rights and limitations continued under a joint sovereignty with the State of Oklahoma and the United States, and the various Nations came to greater prominence only later in the 20th century. Details of the sovereignty of each Nation over its members varied according to the various treaty provisions and later concessions by the US government.

    See more details about Oklahoma Territory in the following article:
    --  "Oklahoma Territory," Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture, http://digital.library.okstate.edu/encyclopedia/entries/O/OK085.html


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