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Anna VAUX2,5

1494 - 15713

Life History


Born in Harrowden, Northamptonshire, England

(less likely)


Born in Harrowden, Northamptonshire, England.1,2,3

(most likely)

about 1511

Birth of daughter Nicholas LE STRANGE in Hunstanton, Norfolk, England.1

21st May 1513

Married Thomas LE STRANGE in Harrowden, Northamptonshire, England.3

about 1516

Birth of son Richard LE STRANGE in Moyston, Ireland.1,6

about 1517

Birth of daughter Anne LE STRANGE in Norfolk, England.6

about 1519

Birth of daughter Elizabeth LE STRANGE.6

about 1521

Birth of daughter Katherine LE STRANGE

about 1521

Birth of daughter Alice LE STRANGE.6

about 1524

Birth of son Roger LE STRANGE.6

about 1526

Birth of daughter Mary LE STRANGE.6

about 1527

Birth of son Edmond LE STRANGE in Hunstanton, Norfolk, England.7,8

about 1529

Birth of son Henry LE STRANGE.6


Birth of son William LE STRANGE in Hunstanton, Norfolk, England.9

16th Jan 1545

Death of Thomas LE STRANGE in Chesterton, Gloucestershire, England.10,3,2,10

14th Apr 1569

Died in Harrowden, Northamptonshire, England.3

(less likely)


Died in Coughton, Warwickshire, England.4

(most likely)


Birth of son William (Junior) LE STRANGE


  • Sources on this era of history vary a lot on dates and even places.  Genealogies related to different family lineages have different information for various individuals.  And different family sources will have different bits of complementary details.

    One source had 1488 as the birth year for Anna (Anne) Catherine Vaux.  This seems to be an error.  Another set of sources (various popular genealogies seem to simply repeat each other) use a more reasonable date.  I have, however, used a third date, provided by the Le Strange Family Website.

    The very exact death date of 14 Apr 1569 sounds credible and authoritative.  This source, however, has many errors in various dates, that conflict with marriage dates and ages, etc.  Thus I have followed another set of sources that give the date of only the year 1571.

    Sources also differed on the place of death.  The source with erroneous dates is the same as the place of birth.  Some genealogies follow this information, while other sources have the Warwickshire site.  I have used Warwickshire from what I can determine at this point.  I have not found sufficient information to definitively resolve the place of death of Anna Catherine Vaux.

    Different genealogies have different configurations for this family.  Some suggest that Catherine and Anne Vaux are the same person, a child of Elizabeth Fitzhugh and Nicholas Vaux, 1st Baron of Harrowden.  Others report Anne and Catherine as two separate children, and report their separate husbands.  Others report different parents for Anne or Catherine Vaux.

    This may be one reason for the broad discrepancy of birth dates reported by the various genealogies for Anne Vaux, who married Sir Thomas Le Strange, born about 1494.  This is the date reported by several sources for Thomas' wife Anne Vaux, as well as Thomas Le Strange.  Others report her born as early as 1488 or as late as 1513, which makes it impossible to match the children commonly reported by various family sources as her children with Thomas Le Strange.  Sources which report a marriage date for Thomas and Anna have the date of 21 May 1513.  It makes me thin that the sources who report that Anne was born in 1513 have confused the birth date with the marriage date, or have confused two different Anne Vauxs, as discussed in the problem of the two different sets of parents for Anne Vaux.

    For instance, in the Familypedia article, the opening summary reads:
    "Thomas Le Strange was born circa 1492 in Hunstanton, Norfolk, England to Sir Robert Le Strange and Margaret Le Strange and died circa 16 January 1545 in Hunstanton, Norfolk, England of unspecified causes. He married Anne Vaux 21 May 1513"
    --  Sir Thomas Le Strange (1493-1545),

    This would be easy to misread to thin that the date here after Anne's name is here birth date.  But the factbox on the page clarifies this with the following format, specifically stating that the May 1513 date is the wedding date.

    Sir Thomas Le Strange (1493-1545)
    Birth 1493 Hunstanton, Norfolk, England
    Death January 16, 1545 Hunstanton, Norfolk, England
    Father: Sir Robert Le Strange
    Mother: Margaret Le Strange
    Spouse: Anne Vaux
    Wedding May 21, 1513

    This Familypedia source provides aditonal informatoin abotu Thomas and his life events.

    "S¦ir Thomas Le Strange of Hunstanton inherited the Norfolk estates of his nephew, John who died without issue aged 13 in 1514. His career was influenced by his father, Robert, of Elsing manor, who had died 3 years prior, and whom had arranged for his children to marry well. Indeed Sir Thomas $and his siblings did, and his early arranged marriage to Anne Vaux, in 1501, who was 5th in descent from John of Gaunt, enriched his life by bringing them 16 children."
    --  Sir Thomas Le Strange (1493-1545),

    Some sources report the parents of Anne Vaux, wife of Thomas Le Strange b 1494, as Nicolas Vaux and Anne Greene.  This appears to be an error, and may be a different Nicholas Vaux and a different daughter named Anne.  Because of so many similar persons and names in every generation of many of these noble lines, it is quite possible both the Anne Vauxs married a Thomas Le Strange.  Most family sources report that Anne Vaux who married Thomas Le Strange b abt 1494 was the daughter of Nicholas Vaux and Elizabeth Fitzhugh.

    The Le Strange Family Website is a very good resource for family configuration and some family insights.  This source lacks many details of dates and places and does not have much comment or source documentation.  It seems to reflect family sources and insights.  This and other family sources that lack details but provide strong family configuration, are a good point of comparison for more formal resources that provide more details and context or background information but lack family insights.

    Another family site by a current Le Strange descendant is very helpful with many details that also match other family sources on the family configuration and names.

    Sir Thomas le Strange  [1493-1545] [Esq. to Body of Henry VIII] Son of: Sir Robert le Strange (see above) of Elsing Hall, Norfolk [d.1511] and Anne le Strange
    (issued  1. Sir Thomas le Strange  [1493-1545]  2. Katherine le Strange m.Sir Hugh Hastings.)
    Spouse  Anne Vaux [b.1494, living 1548]
    1.  Sir Nicholas le Strange of Hunstanton [b.c.1511 d.1580]
    2.  Richard le Strange of Moystown, Ireland
    3.  William le Strange
    4.  Roger le Strange
    5.  Henry le Strange
    6.  Thomas le Strange
    7.  William le Strange (Junior)
    8   Edmund le Strange
    9.  Elizabeth le Strange  m.John Cressener
    10. Alice le Strange   m.Thomas Calthorpe
    11. Anne le Strange  m.Anthony Southwell
    12. Katherine  m.Rowland Clark
    13. Mary le Strange
    --  Jamesina M Remfry,

    Wikipedia usually provides high quality and reliable information and is excellent for historical and social context missing from the bare family sources.  This is a good source for clarifying relationships and family connections for similarly-named people in these noble lines.  This source includes among the children of Nicholas Vaux and Elizabeth Fitzhugh two daughters, Anne and Catherine and their separate husbands.  No dates of birth are provided for these daughters.

    After the death of Sir William Parr c. 1484, Elizabeth re-married Nicholas Vaux, 1st Baron Vaux of Harrowden c. 1483/4 as his first wife. Their issue includes:
    Hon. Catherine Vaux (abt 1490-c. 1571), married Sir George Throckmorton of Coughton and had issue. Their descendants include the current queen of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth II, the Duchess of Cornwall and the late Princess of Wales.
    Alice Vaux (d. 1543), married Sir Richard Sapcote c. 1501. No issue.
    Anne Vaux, married Sir Thomas Le Strange (1493-1545) and had issue.
    --  Wikipedia,,_Baroness_Vaux_of_Harrowden

    Tudorplace is a good source for these medieval noble and royal famlilies, but often lacks details of dates and laces.  This osurce is helpful for gaining a persopective across lineages and seeing the broader interconnections.  Because Le Strange was such a prominent and extensive lineage and intermarried with most other noble and royal families in England and to some extent France and the continent, this is helpful for critical comaprison where discrepanices occur.

    Anne VAUX
    Father: Nicholas VAUX (1º B. Vaux of Harrowden)
    Mother: Elizabeth FITZHUGH (B. Vaux of Harrowden)
    Married: Thomas Le STRANGE of Hunstanton (Sir Knight) 21 May 1513
    1. Son Le STRANGE
    2. Nicholas Le STRANGE of Hunstanton (Sir)
    3. Richard Le STRANGE of Moystown
    4. Anne Le STRANGE
    5. Thomas Le STRANGE
    6. Elizabeth Le STRANGE
    7. Anne Le STRANGE
    8. Catherine Le STRANGE
    9. Alice Le STRANGE
    10. William Le STRANGE The Elder
    11. Hamon Le STRANGE
    12. Henry Le STRANGE
    13. Roger Le STRANGE
    14. Mary Le STRANGE
    15. Robert Le STRANGE
    16. Edmund Le STRANGE
    --  Tudorplace, VAUX2

    In speaking about Thomas Le Strange, "born circa 1492 in Hunstanton, Norfolk, England," Familypedia comments on his attendance by his wife Anne before his demise, and about the disposition of his titles and estate.

    "His health begun deteriorating at Christmas time 1540, with kidney stones and made him bedridden for weeks. His doctor who Anne paid for "castyng of my husbonds water & for his counsell", treated him again at Christmas 1543. Anne took some wine to her husband "Whan yow War sykke on the collyke & ston" but a recurrence two years later, in 1545 ended his life suddenly. Aged about 51, his will was still incomplete and his natural heir, Sir Nicholas, succeeded him and executed his grants to his brothers in 1547, one of whom was Richard who founded the Irish Moystown Branch."
    --  Familypedia,


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