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Forrest Lee BRINKLEY

Forrest Lee BRINKLEY12,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,1

2nd Feb 188612,1 - 3rd Mar 195510,11,8

Retired Rail Road Worker is documented on Death Cert Texas #14560; family records and Rail Road ID cards1

Life History

2nd Feb 1886

Born in Dofford, Erath, Texas.2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,1

(most likely)

2nd Feb 1887

Born in Dofford, Erant CO., TX.12,1

(less likely)

4th Jun 1900

Resident in Justice Precinct 5 (West Part), Johnson, Texas.12,1

16th Jun 1907

Married Francis Telitha Cindy Clarinda RANDOLPH in Parker County, Texas.17,18,9

20th Mar 1908

Birth of daughter Audna Mae BRINKLEY in Parker County, Texas.13,9

20th Jan 1910

Birth of daughter Leora BRINKLEY in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.14,15,9,16

22nd Apr 1910

Resident in Weatherford Ward 1, Parker, Texas.1

26th Oct 1913

Birth of daughter Berta Cille BRINKLEY in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.8,9

26th Oct 1913

Birth of daughter Myrtle Lucille BRINKLEY in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.15,4,6,2,9,1

26th Oct 1913

Death of daughter Berta Cille BRINKLEY in Weatherford, Parker, Texas

Sep 1918

Resident WWI Draft Card in Parker County, Texas.1

20th Jan 1920

Resident in Weatherford Ward 2, Parker, Texas.1

7th Apr 1930

Resident in Weatherford, Parker, Texas USA.1


Resident Source is 1940 census in Parker County, Texas.1

1st Apr 1940

Resident in Parker County, Texas.1


Resident WWII Draft Registraton card, residence stated as Garner, Texas in Garner, Parker, Texas.7

2nd Mar 1955

Occupation Retired Rail Road Worker is documented on Death Cert Texas #14560; family records and Rail Road ID cards in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.1

2nd Mar 1955

Resident Address 317 Throckmorton, Family records/Death Cert Texas #14560 in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.1

3rd Mar 1955

Died in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.10,11,8

Coronary Occlusion

5th Mar 1955

Buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Weatherford, Parker, Texas.8,1

Other facts


Social Security number 703-10-6794.1


  • Family Births
    Forrest Lee Brinkley was born Feb 2.
    Francis Tlitha [sic
    ] Brinkley was born May 25, 1881.
    Audna Mae Brinkley March 20, 1988.
    Leora Brinkley Jan 20, 1910.
    Myrtle Lucille and Bertha Celle Brinkley Oct 26, 1913.
    Deaths Berta Cille [sic] Brinkley departed life Oct 26 - 1913
    Mollie May Brinkley borned July 14, 1900
    William Franklin Brinkley borned Oct 3, 1898
    Willis Perry Brinkley born Oct 5, 1914
    Reuben Wyette Brinkley ... [incomplete scaan]
    --  From Family records of Bill Alexander, son of Mollie Mae Brinkley Alexander;  Courtesy of Marion L Mixon, 07 Oct 2015, accessed 20 April 2016

    1900 Federal Census, Johnson County, Texas, 4 June, Grandview, District 64, page 4A, Hse/Family #63
    Brinkley, A W Head W M Apr 1862  38 Married 16 years TX TX TX Farmer Rents
    Brinkley, F L W F Apr 1867  33 Married 16 years 9 children 6 living  TN NC NC
    Brinkley, Horace L [Forrest Lee] W M Feb 1887  13 TX TX TX

    L Randolph left a note on my entry for Forrest Brinkley on my RootsWeb genealogy, giving me the information on Forrest's marriage to Fannie Randolph.  I later got a copy of the document.

    The following marriage record comes from Parker County, Texas
    Forest L Brinkley & Frances Randolph were married 16 Jun 1907 by R. B. Morgan, Missionary Baptist Minister

    Bible of Mollie Mae Brinkley Alexander
    Forrest Lee Brinkley and Francis Randolph were united in marriage June 16, 1907
    Leora Brinkley and Raymond Monroe Russell were united in marriage Oct 2, 1927
    Audna Mae Brinkley and Jonnie Urban Morris were united in marriage July 25, 1930
    --  From Family records of Bill Alexander son of Mollie May Brinkley Alexander, Courtesy of Marion Mixon, 25 November 2015

    Forrest and Fannie Brinkley with their first two children are recorded as a family in the in 1910, in the census for Weatherford, in Parker County, Texas.

    1910 Federal Census, Parker County, Texas, 22 April, Weatherford, District 66, page 7B, 305 Edna Street, Hse #148, Family #149
    Brinkley, F L Head M W 23 Married 3 years TX TN TX Laborer, Railroad
    Brinkley, Fannie Wife F W 28 Married 3 years OK US GA
    Brinkley, Audna Mae Dau F W 2 TX TX OK
    Brinkley, Leora Dau F W 3mos TX TX OK [born abt Dec 1909]

    World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
    Forest Lee Brinkley
    Residence Weatherford, Parker County, Texas
    Birth Date 2 Feb 1886
    Occupation Railroad Inspector, Weatherford
    Tall, Medium Build, Blue Eyes, Light Hair
    Wife Fannie Brinkley, Weatherford
    Registered Weatherford, Texas, 12 September 1918
    Signed Forrest Lee Brinkley

    Forrest's birth date in the WWI registration card is a year earlier than that commonly reported by the family.  The date of birth on his death certificate, reported by the informant, Forrest's daughter Mrs Urban Morris, is 2 Feb 1887.

    1920 Federal Census, Parker County, Texas, 19 January, Weatherford, District 62, page 17A-B, 123 Wheeler Street, Hse #325, Family #358
    Brinkley, Forest L Head Rents Home  M W 33 TX TN TX Laborer, Railroad
    Brinkley, Fannie T  Wife F W 38 OK MS GA
    Brinkley, Audna M Dau F W 11 TX TX OK
    Brinkley, Leora Dau F W 9 TX TX OK
    Brinkley, Myrtle L  Dau F W 6 TX TX OK

    Note that here the middle initial of Fannie is reported as T, while family sources have it as C.  The birthplace of Fannie's father is now reported as Mississippi.

    In 1930, Forrest's father Andrew W is living with Forrest and Fannie.  Forrest is listed this time as Lee.

    1930 Federal Census, Parker County, Texas, 7 April, Weatherford, District 1, page 17A, 305 Edna Street, Hse #156, Family #165
    Brinkley, Lee Head Rents Home  M W 43 TX TN TX Laborer, Railroad
    Brinkley, Fannie  Wife F W 49 OK MS GA
    Brinkley, Audna M Dau F W 22 TX TX OK
    Brinkley, Lucile  Dau F W 16 TX TX OK
    Brinkley, Andrew W  Father F W 67 Widowed TN TN TN

    I find it interesting that in 1930, the family is back at the same address where they were reported in 1910, but in 1920, they had a different address.  The daughter listed as Lucile matches Myrtle L in 1920.  We can deduce that she was named Myrtle Lucile.  Leora is out of the house, likely married, at age 19.

    The daughter is erproted again as Myrtle L in teh 1940 census.

    1940 Federal Census, Parker County, Texas, 27 April, Garner, District 184-14, page 9B, Hse #179, Rents $25
    Brinkley, Forrest L Head M W 54 Grade 4 b Texas same place in 1935 Railroad Laborer
    Brinkley, Francis  Head F W 58 Grade 3 b Oklahoma same place in 1935
    Brinkley, Myrtle L Dau F W 26 Single Grade H-1 b Texas same place in 1935

    U.S. WWII Draft Cards Young Men, 1940-1947
    Forest Lee Brinkley
    Residence Garner, Parker County, Texas
    Age 56, Birth 2 February 1886 Erath County, Texas
    Contact (Wife) Frances Brinkley, Garner, Parker County, Texas
    Employer Employer Mineral Well Southwestern RR Dallas, Garner, Parker County, Texas
    Signed F L Brinkley

    Marion Mixon, the grandson of Forest Brinkley, reports his date of death as 2 March 1954.  In April 2008, in looking up information to fill out my entry for Forest, I found that the Texas Death Index records his death as 2 March 1955.

    Texas Death Index, 1903-2000
    F L Brinkley
    Death 3 Mar 1955, Parker County
    Certificate #14560

    Texas, Death Certificates, 1903 1982
    F L Brinkley
    Birth 2 February 1887 Texas
    Residence 317 Throckmorton, Weatherford, Parker, Texas
    Occupation Retired Railroad Worker
    Father A W Brinnkley born Tenn
    Mother Martha Hill [should be France Leah Hill; Martha Hill was his grandmother, A W's mother] born Tenn
    Age at Death 68 yrs, 1 month, 1 day
    Death 03 Mar 1955 at home, 317 Throckmorton, Weatherford, Parker, Texas
    Cause of Death Coronary Occlusion
    Informant Mrs Urban Morris (daughter)
    Burial 5 March 1955 Greenwood Cemetery, 5 miles west of Weatherford [Parker County], Texas
    Filed 4 March 1955, Filed State 9 March 1955


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