Edward I King of England PLANTAGENET John I Count of HOLLAND Humphrey 4th Earl Essex 4th Earl Hereford DE BOHUN Eleanor Lady DE BOHUN Edward II King of England PLANTAGENET Eleanor of CASTILE Mini tree diagram

Elizabeth Isabel of Rhudlan Princess PLANTAGENET6,1,7,5

7th Aug 12821,2,3,4,5 - 5th May 13163,1,5

Life History

7th Aug 1282

Born in Rhuddlan Castle, Flint, Wales.1,2,3,4,5

18th Jan 1296/7

Married John I Count of HOLLAND in Ipswich, Suffolk, England.5


Death of John I Count of HOLLAND.5

14th Nov 1302

Married Humphrey 4th Earl Essex 4th Earl Hereford DE BOHUN in Westminster, London, England.3,5

17th Oct 1304

Birth of daughter Eleanor Lady DE BOHUN in Yorkshire, England.3,8,9

5th May 1316

Died in Quendon, Essex, England.3,1,5


  • Elizabeth was born in the new castle just finished by her father in his newly conquered domain of Wales.  It was in the town known as Ruthin, or Welsh Rhuddlan, in the county called Flint, which was incorporated in the new county of Clwyd created in 1974.

    "Rhuddlan, community and district (borough), Clwyd county, northeastern Wales. The settlement, located at the head of the fertile Vale of Clwyd, grew up around a castle dating back to 1073. The castle now standing in Rhuddlan was completed by Edward I of England in 1282.... In 1282 Edward I's queen, Eleanor of Castile, gave birth to a daughter in Rhuddlan castle, and in 1284 Edward I issued, from Rhuddlan, the Statute of Rhuddlan providing for the government of the conquered principality of Wales. In 1399 Richard II was held in the castle on his way to Flint, where he formally surrendered his crown to Henry Bolingbroke. During the English Civil War, the castle fell in 1646 to General Mytton, a well-known Parliamentary leader and commander."
    --  Encyclopedia Britannica, CD Version 1997, "Rhuddlan"

    Lady Elizabeth de Bohun (born Plantagenet)
    Birth Aug 7 1282 Rhuddlan Castle, Flintshire, Wales
    Death May 5 1316 Quendon, Essex, England
    Father Edward Plantagenet
    Mother Leonor of England (born Castilla)
    Jan van Holland en Zeeland (born van Holland), Marriage Jan 18 1297 Ipswich, died 1299
    Humphrey VIII Bohun, Marriage Nov 14 1302 Westminster, London, England
    Elizabeth of Rhuddlan (also Elizabeth Plantagenet; 7 August 1282 - 5 May 1316) was the eighth daughter of Edward I of England and Eleanor of Castile.
    She is the ancestor of noted actress Valerie Bertinelli.
    --  WikiTree, http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Plantagenet-533

    Elizabeth was styled Countess of Holland, under her first marriage, then Countess of Hereford after her second marriage.


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