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Jean-Baptiste DUMOND

Jean-Baptiste DUMOND1,4

between 1810 and 18151 - after Nov 18612,3,4

Life History

between 1810 and 1815

Born in Arkansas, New Madrid District, Louisiana Territory.1

after Nov 1861

Died in Desha County, Arkansas.2,3,4


  • There are few details about Jean-Baptiste.  No marriage information is known.  It is unclear when he died.  I have reported the date as after 19 Mar 1838.  Patrick Noonan in his Dumond genealogy reports this as the date of Jean-Baptiste's death.

    Ralph Dumond, posting on RootsWeb Dumont List, 1999, clarifies the meaning of this date:  "Jean Baptiste Dumond b 1810-1815 (first taxed for poll in 1837) d after 19 Mar 1838 when he witnessed the will of Michael Petersel in Ark Co."

    Yet there is a listing for a J Dumond in the Desha County Militia (Confederate States of America) in 1861.  The only Dumond we know that matches this is Jean-Baptiste.  There is also a listing for a C Dumond in that Militia, which appears to be his brother Caliste.

    Desha County Battalion Arkansas Militia
    DUMOND, C.
    DUMOND, J.
    Enlistment as Nov 28, 1861
    Laconia [Desha County], Arkansas
    "A copy of a letter dated Laconia, (AR) Nov 28, 1861, attached to the roll is addressed to Gov. H.M. Rector, Commander in Chief, Arkansas Militia, b T. C. Fluornoy, Col. C.D.C.M. and it shows that the Court of Desha County, Ark in accordance with an ordinance of the State Convention passed in June 1861, organized the militia of the county according to the following plan: The county was divided into military districts (believed to be 13) and a company ordered to be organized  in each district. This was done in July 1861 and all the officers of the battalion were commissioned from the County Court. If the emergency arises, which may require the services of the Desha County Battalion to the field, a call will be promptly responded to."
    --  Civil War in Arknasas, http://www.couchgenweb.com/civilwar/deshabn.htm

    Unfortunately, Noonan gives no source for his information.  If this J Dumond in the Desha Militia is our Jean-Baptiste, he may have died in the war, since he is not listed among the heirs of Félicité Dumond in the settlement of her estate after her death in 1862.


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