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Jeremiah GREEN

Jeremiah GREEN1,2

18331,2 - UNKNOWN

Life History


Born in Georgia.1,2


Death of Jane DOWNY



Other facts


Married Jane DOWNY


  • Several undocumented genealogies of this family report that Henry and Alley's son Jeremiah was born in 1833 and died in 1834. None of these genealogies has any documentation or discussion, not mentioning where they got this information.  In the 1860 census there is a Jeremiah Green, with his wife Jane enumerated near other members of this family,  So it seems likely this is the Jeremiah reported in virtually every genealogy as the son of Henry and Alley.

    But we have another problem is the age and time of birth.  Jeremiah is generally agreed to have been born about 1833, and this is consistent with the census entry in 1860, where Jeremiah is reported to be 27 years old.

    If Alley is his mother and he was born in 1833, from her birth year in 1785, Alley would have been 48 when he was born.  This might be theoretically possible, but how likely?  It seems likely several generations of this Green family are mixed here, or different people of the Green lineage with the same names have been merged.

    1860 Federal Census, Cherokee County, Alabama, 7 June, District 2, PO Centre, pages 55-56, Hse/Fam #398
    Jeremiah Green 27 M Farmer $0 Real Estate $25 Personal rptd  born South Carolina [b abt 1833]
    - page 56 -
    Jane Green 21 F born Georgia [b abt 1839]
    Elizabeth Downy 48 F Wanderer born South Carolina [b abt 1812]
    Elizabeth Downy Senr 100 F born South Carolina [b abt 1760]


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