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Richard MURPHY

Richard MURPHY3,4,1,5,6,7,2

17361,2 - 18251

Life History


Born in Spotsylvania County, Virginia.1,2

before 1760

Married Keziah TERRY in Virginia.4,2

6th Sep 1809

Death of Keziah TERRY in Lincoln County, Kentucky.8,1,9


Died in Adair County, Kentucky.1


  • U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
    Richard Murphy
    Birth Year 1736
    Keziah Terry Scott

    North Carolina Census, 1790-1890
    Richard Murphy
    1771 Early Tax List,Surry County NC
    Database: NC Early Census Index

    The Chamberlain-Kent Famliy Tree reports other details about Richard, seeming to report from famly sources.  He has Richard's name as Richard Daniel Murphy.  But no source information is provided.

    Richard Daniel Murphy
    Birth 1736 Spotsylvania, Virginia, United States
    Death 1825 Adair, Kentucky, United States
    William Murphy Sr 1695-1739
    Eleanor Elizabeth Echols 1704-1760
    Spouse Keziah Terry, Birth 1730 Pittsylvania, Virginia, Death 6 SEP 1809 Lincoln, Kentucky
    --  Chamberlain-Kent, Chamberlain-Kent,

    Tonya Brown declares that Richard Murphy and Daniel Murphy are two different individuals, rather than Richard Daniel Murphy being a correct name for the husband of Keziah Terry.  Rechecking the sources on the Chamberlain-Kent tree, I find that Chris Chamberlain still has no documentation for this name on his profile for "Richard Daniel Murphy," whom he reports as the husband of Keziah Terry.

    Daniel Murphy and Richard Murphy are two separate people.
    1. Daniel Murphy born circa 1734/6 possibly in NC (wife unknown/not certain) is the father of William Murphy (husband of Nancy Hornbeak) and grandfather of Reverend Richard Daniel Murphy.

    2. Richard Murphy was born 1738 in Virginia he is the husband of Keziah Terry-Scott they had three children Joseph Murphy, Peter T. Murphy, and Mary Murphy.  Richard and Keziah's children are confirmed in a lawsuit between Richard Murphy and Zadock Riggs that went on for over ten years.  Richard and Keziah's children and most of their grandchildren are mentioned in this lawsuit many times through the years.  There is no doubt who thier children are.

    [Fathers of each?]

    --  Tonya Brown, Geneanet Messaging to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 29 March 2019

    1800 Federal Census, Surry, North Carolina, Salisbury
    Richard Murphy
    1 Free White Person - Male - 16 thru 25
    1 Free White Person - Female - 16 thru 25

    Richard Murphy and Keziah Terry of Halifax and Pittsylvania Co., VA and Surry Co., NC and Lincoln and Adair Co., KY  Richard Murphy

    The author (Marty Grant) is a 5th Great Grandson of Richard Murphy and Keziah Terry.

    Richard Murphy was born ca 1730. That date is a very rough guess, he could be younger than that. His birth place is unknown, though he was likely born somewhere in Virginia.

    His parents are unknown, but researchers generally believe that he is a brother to Rev. Joseph Murphy and William Murphy who lived near him in Virginia and Surry Co., NC. I've seen no definitive proof that the three men are brothers, but it seems very likely they are closely related.

    Richard Murphy married the widow Keziah Terry Scott sometime between 20 May 1762 and 16 Aug 1764 in Halifax Co., VA. Keziah Terry was born ca 1730 (rough guess), probably in Caroline Co., VA. Her parents are Benjamin Terry and Elizabeth Dickerson.

    Keziah Terry was first married to James Scott who died ca 1757 (perhaps due to the French and Indian War, as is sometimes claimed, but not proven).

    On 20 May 1762 William Byrd of Charles City Co., VA deeded 90 acres to Keziah Scott of Halifax Co., VA for £3. The land was on the south side of the Dan River. (Halifax Co., VA Deed Book 3, page 345).

    On 16 Aug 1764 Richard Murphey and wife Kezia of Halifax Co., VA sold the above 90 acres to Thomas Robertson for £30. They both signed the deed. There were no witnesses. (Halifax Co., VA Deed Book 4, page 176).

    Note: there are many other records in Halifax Co., VA that might be of interest. I do not have them ready to include here, but perhaps someday I will add them.

    In 1767 Pittsylvania County was formed from the section of Halifax where the family lived.

    Richard Murphy and Bob Scott were listed together on the 1767 tax list in Pittsylvania in Theophilus Lacy's district. I don't know who Bob Scott was, though I'd bet the original record reads "Ben" Scott instead.
    That is the name of Keziah's oldest son. He would have been of taxable age by 1767, but probably still at home.

    Keziah's father Benjamin Terry made his Will in Pittsylvania Co., VA on 27 Sep 1770 naming his heirs. He left slaves to his daughter Keziah Murphy. This will come up again many years later.

    Note: there are many other records in Pittsylvania Co., VA that might be of interest. I do not have them ready to include here, but perhaps someday I will add them.

    By 1771 the family had moved to nearby Surry Co., NC. Richard Murphey is listed there on the tax list that year with 4 polls (that means 4 taxable males, they would be himself, and his stepsons Benjamin Scott and John Scott. I don't know who the fourth one would be, for his own sons weren't of age. The extra person was probably a slave.

    Richard Murfee was listed on the 1772 tax list in Surry Co., NC. This time he had 5 polls.

    A list dated 28 Jun 1774 showed that Richard Murphy was a Captain in the Militia in Surry Co., NC.

    According to other researchers and various records, Capt. Richard Murphy was a loyalist during the Revolutionary War. His loyalty remained with Great Britain. Most men in his position were hanged by the victorious "rebels" but he survived the war and the noose that so many other loyalists had to face. It is said that this is because his wife Keziah was very helpful to the Patriot cause and her actions added the rebels, and it was for her sake that her husband was spared. I don't know if that story can be verified, but it has been passed down.

    Keziah Murphy was listed on the 1782 tax list in Surry Co., NC. Note that the taxes were in her name, not her husbands. The property of many loyalists was confiscated after the war, but apparently not in their case.

    On 11 Dec 1785 Richard Murphey (and Obediah Winfrey and Henry Southard) witnessed a deed from James Fielder and wife Sarah to Peter Murphey  for 200 acres on the South Fork of Mitchell's River. Peter was Richard's son. (Surry Co., NC Deed Book D, page 423).

    Richard Murphy was listed on the 1786 North Carolina State Census in Surry County. He had 1 male over 21 (born before 1765), one male under 21 (born between 1765 and 1786) and 2 females. He also had 2 slaves.

    On 15 May 1789 Peter Murphey sold 125 acres on South Fork of Mitchell's River to John Franklin. Richard Murphey, Daniel Wolf and Mary Wolf were witnesses. (Surry Co., NC Deed Book D, page 429).

    Richard Murphy is listed on the 1790 census in Surry Co., NC. He is listed with one male over 16 (born before 1774), two females and 4 slaves.

    Richard Murphey is mentioned in a deed dated 4 Jan 1796 as an adjoining landowner. The deed was a State Land Grant to Peter Terry for 30,000 acres on Mitchell's River and Fisher's River. Peter is Keziah's brother. The land was described as adjoining Braham, Fishers Peak in the Virginia line, Mountains in the Wilkes County line, John Williams line, Marshall's Nob and Richard Murphey. (Surry Co., NC Deed Book F, page 109).

    Note: there are many other records in Surry Co., NC that might be of interest. I do not have them ready to include here, but perhaps someday I will add them.

    Most of the Murphys and Scotts and some of their in-laws moved from Surry County, North Carolina to Lincoln County, Kentucky in the late 1790's.

    The 1800 census is lost for Kentucky, but an 1800 tax lists for Lincoln County shows entries for Catherine Murphey, John Murphey, Joseph Murphey, Peter Murphey, Richard Murphey, Stephen Murphey, Thomas Murphey, Zadock Riggs, Aaron Rite, Benjamin Scott, James Scott, Jesse Scott, John Scott, Thomas Scott, and William Scott. Not all of those are identified, but Benjamin and John Scott are Keziah's sons. Joseph and Peter Murphy are her sons. Zadock Riggs and Aaron Rite (Wright) are her sons-in-laws.

    Keziah Terry Scott Murphy died in 1809 in Lincoln Co., KY.  A court suit was filed almost immediately over the slaves she had inherited from her father Benjamin Terry. Richard Murphy had them and didn't want to give them up. He had sold some of them to John Scott already, but the other heirs were entitled as well, or at least they thought so. This case is extensive, dragging on for 10 years. The heirs are named repeatedly throughout, so that is a good thing to come of it. The court case clearly shows who all of Keziah's children were, and many of her grandchildren. (Equity Case File accession # A1998-135 Case 725 Date 1814 Plaintiff Riggs & Others Defendent Murphy & Others). I do not have copies of the case. Cousin Joy Benemann kindly shared some data from the case with me. The case (191 pages) can be ordered from the Kentucky Archives.

    Richard Murphy was not listed on the 1810 census, though he was still alive at that point. There is a Richard Murphy in Lincoln in 1810, but it a younger man, his nephew. He is probably the "extra" male in the household of his son Peter Murphy in neighboring Adair Co., KY that year. Peter's house contained one male age 26-44 (born ca 1765/84) which is Peter himself, and a male over 45 (born before 1765), which must be Richard.

    I didn't find Richard on the 1820 census either, though he was still alive as late as 1821 (per the court records). He didn't seem to be with his son Peter at that point.  Richard Murphy died some time after 1821 somewhere in Kentucky.

    Children of Richard Murphy and Keziah Terry and James Scott. The Court Case mentioned above (1810-1821) names the children of Keziah several times.  They are Benjamin Scott, Sarah Scott who married Zadock Riggs, John Scott, Lucy Scott who married Arthur Crutchfield (or Scritchfield), Elizabeth Scott who married Daniel (or David) Austin; Joseph Murphy, Peter Murphy and Mary Murphy who married Aaron Wright.

    --  Marty Grant,


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