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Lola Montez CLEMENTS1

18681 - 18941

Life History



8th Jun 1881

Married William Walker TERRY.1

11th Jun 1888

Birth of son Forest Allen TERRY in Mills County, Texas.1,2,3,4,5

8th Mar 1890

Birth of daughter Delma Montez TERRY in Texas.6,7,1,3

17th May 1891

Birth of son Clarence Clyde Walker TERRY in San Angelo, Tom Green, Texas.3,1


Died in Buffalo Gap, Taylor, Texas.1


  • Lola's family name is spelled variously Clements, Clemons, Clemens in various documents.  The to latter spellings are on death certificates of her children.  This seems to indicates the name was not normally Clements by the family, but I cannot determine the previous generation spelling.  Most genealogies have the family name as Clements.

    According to the following genealogy, Lola married William Walker Terry 10 years before their first child was born.  There may have been other children who died young.  This Elliott genealogy has no documentation for most facts, but has such detail that it appears to be reporting from family sources.  i consider this source credible.

    The Elliott genealogy reprots that Lola died in Buffalo Gap, a little southwest of Abilene, Texas.

    Lola Montez Clements
    Birth 1868
    Death 1894 in Buffalo Gap, Taylor, Texas
    Married 8 Jun 1881 to William Walker Terry
    Birth 27 Aug 1860 in Murray, Georgia, Death 21 Feb 1919 in Arizona
    Clarence Clyde Terry, Birth 17 May 1891 in Texas, Death Dec 1939
    Forest Allen Terry, Birth 11 Jun 1888 in Texas, Death 1955
    Delma Montez Terry, Birth 8 Mar 1890, Death 23 Mar 1942 in Arizona
    --  Elliott, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/19577429/person/1599576900


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