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Jacob VAN TASSELL1,3,2

9th Feb 17841,2 - 15th Jun 1868

Life History

9th Feb 1784

Born in Cobbleskill, Schoharie, New York.1,2

17th Mar 1806

Married Rebecca WRIGHT in Onandaga, Onandaga County, New York.3,5

15th Jun 1825

Birth of son Julius A VAN TASSELL in New York.4

15th Jun 1868

Died in Uncertain


  • There are many reported but undocumented and confusing facts reported about Jacob Van Tassell.

    In 1860 Jacob is reported as born in New York.  In the 1880 census his son Julius reports that his father was born in Germany.

    1860 Federal Census, Monroe County, Michigan, 23 August, Whiteford, PO Ottawa Lake, page 154, Hse #565, Fam #536
    Jacob Van Tassell 76 M $4900 b N Y [b abt 1784]
    Rebeca Van Tassell Widow  69 F b N Y [b abt 1791]
    Josephine Van Tassell 5 F b Michigan [b abt 1855]

    Several family genealogies indicate Jacob was born in Albany County, New York.
    Jacob Van Tassel
    Born 1784 in Cobbleskill, Albany, New York, USA
    --  Taylor Coffel, http://trees.ancestry.com/pt/RequestTreeAccess.aspx?tid=3238274&pid=-1757781740

    It appears they are following a data collection of facts on Jacob.  The cited genealogy here, and others, report the birthplace as Cobbleskill in Albany County.  However, the village of Cobbleskill is In Schoharie County, not Albany County.  A couple of other genealogies report birth in Albany, Cobbleskill, New York, but there is no Cobbleskill County in New York.  (Perhaps there used to be?)  So was the birth in Albany, Albany County, NY or in Cobbleskill, Schoharie County, NY?

    Family Data Collection - Individual Records
    Jacob Van Tassel
    Spouse: Rebecca Wright
    Parents: Cornelius Van Tassel, Elsey Alsey Elsa Brower
    Birth Albany, Cobbleskill, NY 9 Feb 1784
    Marriage Date: 17 Mar 1806
    Death Fort Plain [Montgomery County, New York? Fort Plains, MI?] 15 Jun 1868

    Note that the data collection reports he died in Fort Plain.  The only Fort Plain I can find is in Montgomery County, New York.  Several family genealogies report death in Michigan, where he lived.  One reports the place of death was Ft Plain, Montcalm, Michigan, but I cannot find a Ft Plain in Montcalm County.  There is a Fair Plain. I did find in one version of the Data Collection the name Fort Plains, Michigan, with no county stated.  But I cannot find any other reference current or historical, for a Fort Plains, Michigan, either.

    There may be a confusion of two men named Jacob Van Tassell.  I found an entry in the 1800 census for Cobbleskill, Schoharie, New York for a head of household Jacob Van Tassell.  In 1800 our Jacob was 16 years old, and was not married until 1806.  This Jacob was in the age range 26-45, as was his wife.  There were no children in this Van Tassell household.

    The following genealogy has interpreted the place of birth as the city of Albany, and correctly placed that in the County of Albany, but provides no further documentation as to this place of birth.  It follows the confusing Data Collection to report the place of death as Fort Plain, Michigan in Montcalm.  Perhaps this was never an official location, since I can find on references in any source to such a name.

    Jacob Vantassel
    Birth 9 Feb 1784 in Albany, Albany, New York
    Death 15 Jun 1868 in Ft Plain, Montcalm, Michigan
    Parents Cornelius Van Tassel, 1748 - 1830, Elsie Brewer 1755 - 1839
    Marriage to Rebecca Wright 17 Mar 1806 Onondaga, Onondaga, New York
    --  Hanson Family, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/16467415/person/1307750313?ssrc=&ftm=1


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