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James Runnels BRISCOE1,1,2

about 18251,2 - 8th Nov 18631,1

Life History

about 1825

Born in Hawkins County, Tennessee.1,2

29th Aug 1844

Married Sarah Jane WALTON in Greene County, Missouri.8

Oct 1849

Birth of son Thomas Jefferson BRISCOE in Kaufman County, Texas.2,3,4


Birth of daughter Mildred Josephine BRISCOE.5


Birth of daughter Mary Ann BRISCOE.5

11th May 1856

Birth of son Isaac Newton BRISCOE in Texas.5,6,7

28th Aug 1859

Birth of son Robert James BRISCOE in Kaufman County, Texas.5

8th Nov 1863

Died in Austin, Conway, Arkansas.1,1


  • One source reports that James' son named Isaac Newton Briscoe was born in 1856.  Some others report this also.  But this is an error, based on other records and reports.

    James Runnnels Briscoe
    Birth 1820 in Hawkins County, TN, Death 08 Nov 1863
    Parents Isaac BRISCOE 1788-1864, Hester Kyle 1796-1867
    Son Isaac Newton BRISCOE, Birth 11 May 1856, Death in Y [Somme, France]
    --  Mead/Cox Family,

    This source reports that James' son Isaac died in France, but does not report the date.  But the location in France does not seem to fit with other information we have about him.  He would have been about 66 when he died.  I have found no information explaining why he would have been in France.  James died in Austin, Conway County, Arkansas in 8 November 1863.

    There are discrepancies in the birth date and probably the confusion of two different Isaac Newton Briscoes.  Public records, including cemetery gravestones, report that James' son named Isaac Newton was born in 1843 and died in 1920.  One genealogy reported that he had another son of the same name with a second wife.  One even reported that he had two sons named the same with the same wife.

    When I found censuses, I discovered what the problem was.  Several genealogies have confused have confused a John Runnels Briscoe and a James Runnels Briscoe, who were brothers, sons of Isaac Briscoe.  They share the same middle name and they both had a son named Isaac Newton Briscoe.  Rebecca Wray was married to John, while Sarah Jane Walton was married to James.  According to Judy, compiler of the Lovett-Seymour-Edelman Genealogy, John's son I N was called Newt, while James' son went by Ike.

    1850 Federal Census, Kaufman County, Texas, 16 October, page 263, Hse #334, Fam #335
    James R Briscoe 25 M Farmer $320 Real Estate b Tennessee [b abt 1825]
    Sarah Briscoe 15 F b Arkansas [b abt 1835]
    Thomas J Briscoe 10mos M b Texas [b abt November 1849]

    Note that the age given here in the census would make James born in abt 1925, the year his brother Robert was born.  But the year reported by family genealogies is 1820, which would make James only 20 at the time of this census.

    The Lovett genealogy provides birth and death information for all James' children.

    Thomas Jefferson Briscoe, Birth 4 Oct 1850 in Texas, Death Unknown
    Mildred Josephine Briscoe, Birth 1851, Death Unknown
    Mary Ann Briscoe, Birth 1853, Death Unknown
    Isaac Newton "Ike" Briscoe, Birth 11 May 1856 in Texas, Death Unknown
    Robert James "Bob" Briscoe, Birth 28 Aug 1859 in Kaufman County, Texas, Death 23 Nov 1940 in Tipton, Tillman, Oklahoma
    --  Lovett-Seymour-Edelman,


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