Henry 4th Lord Scrope LE SCROOP John I BERNARD John II BERNARD Elizabeth LE SCROOP Mini tree diagram

Margaret LE SCROOP2,2,3

also known as Margaret SCROPE1

14401,2 -

Life History


Born in Yorkshire, England.1,2


Married John I BERNARD in Wensleydale, Yorkshire, England


Birth of son John II BERNARD in Abington Hall, Abington, Northamptonshire, England.2,4


Death of John I BERNARD in Abington, Northamptonshire, England.5,2



(less likely)

Other facts


Died in Abington Hall, Abington, Northamptonshire, England.3


  • My ancestor Margaret Le Scrope (b 1440, Yorkshire), who married John Bernard of Northamptonshire, was descended from two lines of Le Scropes, Bolton and Masham.  Here is the entry from Scroope.Net that details their common origin.

    Sir William Le Scrope was the son of William Le Scrope. He was born between 1245 and 1255 in Bolton or Bracewell, Wensley, Yorkshire, England. He succeeded his brother Richard Le Scrope. Sir William Le Scrope was listed as holding the manor of West Bolton in 1286. He served as Bailiff of Richmonshire in 1294. He was later knighted at the Battle of Falfirk in 1298.

    He married Constance de Newsom (Gille) [born about 1249 in Newsom On Tyne, Yorkshire, England]. They had four children, including two sons, Henry Le Scrope and Geoffrey Le Scrope, from which the two great family lines of the Scropes of Bolton and the Scropes of Masham have descended.

    Sir William Le Scrope died in February, 1312.
    --  Scroope Network Genealogy, http://www.scroope.net/ancestors/bolton/williamlescrope1286.htm

    Mike Scroope compiled an extensive scholarly genealogy of the Scroope family, which was conveyed to me in July 2009 by my friend, his brother, Jonathan Scroope (Edenvale, South Africa).  This genealogy reports the connection of the Scroope line to our Bernard/Barnett lineage.  (Margaret's father is our common ancestor.)  Mike has referenced the Scroope.net research, and included the links to that in his compilation.  Here is the information on Margaret as presented in Mike's work.

    Sir Henry le Scrope, born 4th June, 1418, was only two years old when his father, Richard le Scrope, 3rd Lord Scrope of Bolton, died (29th August, 1420). He then became a Ward of the Nevilles. He married Elizabeth le Scrope (born about 1417 in Upsal, Masham, Yorkshire; died after August 1498 in Young), daughter of John, 4th Lord Scrope of Masham, circa 1435 in Masham, Yorkshire. They had four children:
    · John Scrope - eldest son; born 22nd July, 1435; became 5th Lord Scrope of Bolton
    · Margaret - born in 1440 in Yorkshire. She was married to John Bernard.
    He was first summoned to parliament in 1441, during the reign of Henry VI. Sir Henry le Scrope died on the 14th January, 1459.
    --   The Scroope Family, Mike Scroope, p 32

    According to the Tudor Place medieval genealogy, Margaet was married four times.

    Margaret SCROPE
    Born: AFT 1435

    Father: Henry SCROPE (4° B. Scrope of Bolton)
    Mother: Elizabeth SCROPE (B. Scrope of Bolton)

    Married 1: John BERNARD (Sir Knight) Wensleydale, Yorkshire, England
    1. John BERNARD
    2. Eustace BERNARD

    Married 2: William PLESSYNGTON ABT 1466, Wensleydale, Yorkshire, England
    Married 3: Henry STAFFORD Wensleydale, Yorkshire, England
    Married 4: Hugh STAFFORD Wensleydale, Yorkshire, England
    --  Tudor Place, http://www.tudorplace.com.ar/SCROPE.htm#Margaret SCROPE3

    The Tudor Place source does not report a year for her death.  Some genalogies have reported her death as the year 1466, but this is impossible, since this is the year she married her second husband.  There are other discrepancies, also, since genealogies report her son John Bernard was born 1469.  Her husband John Bernard did not die until 1485.


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