Tapley White KNAUL Sarah KNAUL George KNAUL Eleanor KNAUL Bethany KNAUL Charles KNAUL Benjamin KNAUL James Warren BRISCOE Hannon W BRISCOE Joseph Wallis BRISCOE Mini tree diagram

Margaret Ann PARKER5,1,2,6,3,4

18111,2,3,4 - 4th Jul 18761,4

Life History


Born in Tennessee.1,2,3,4

30th Dec 1826

Married Tapley White KNAUL in St Clair County, Alabama.5

about 1836

Birth of daughter Sarah KNAUL in Alabama.2

about 1839

Birth of son George KNAUL in Alabama.2

about 1840

Birth of daughter Eleanor KNAUL in Alabama.2

about 1845

Birth of daughter Bethany KNAUL in Alabama.3,2

about 1848

Birth of son Charles KNAUL in Alabama.3

about 1849

Birth of son Benjamin KNAUL in Alabama.3

15th Apr 1854

Married James Warren BRISCOE in Sevier County, Arkansas.6,3

about 1855

Birth of son Hannon W BRISCOE in Sevier County, Arkansas.3

15th Nov 1856

Birth of son Joseph Wallis BRISCOE in Sevier County, Arkansas.4,3,7

1st Dec 1862

Death of James Warren BRISCOE in Sevier County, Arkansas.6,4

4th Jul 1876

Died in Center Point, Howard, Arkansas.1,4


  • With the information in the 1860 Briscoe record, I was able to locate Margaret and her previous husband in Cherokee County, Alabama, under the name of Tapley and Margaret Nauls in the 1850 census.  The three younger children reported here are reported as the older children in the 1860 Briscoe household after Margaret's marriage to James Briscoe following the death of both their spouses.

    1850 Federal Census, Cherokee County, Alabama, 10 October (?), District 27, p 102, Hse/Fam #197
    Tapley W Nauls 50 M Farmer $0 Real Estate b Virginia [born abt 1800]
    Margaret Nauls 39  Tennessee [born abt 1811]
    Sarah A Nauls 14 M Alabama [born abt 1836]
    George Nauls 11 M b Alabama [born abt 1839]
    Eleanor Nauls 10 M Alabama [born abt 1840]
    Bethany Nauls 5 M Alabama [born abt 1845]
    Charley Nauls 3 M b Alabama [born abt 1847]
    Benjamin Nauls 5mos M b Alabama [born abt May 1850]

    This led me to their marriage record in Alabama, where their names are Tarpley Nawl (Nall) and Peggy Ann Parker (Peggy being a nickname for Margaret).  The date here is the date the license was issued, but I have not seen the original to detrmine is the actual ceremony date is the same.

    Alabama Marriage Collection, 1800-1969
    Peggy Ann Parker
    Spouse Tarpley W Nawl (Nall)
    Surety/Bond 30 Dec 1826 St Clair County, Alabama
    Source information Jordan Dodd, Liahona Research

    Tapley White Nall
    Birth 1800 in North Carolina, Death Unknown
    Spouse Margaret Ann Parker
    Birth 1811 in Tennessee
    Death 1877 in Center Point, Howard, Arkansas
    --  Busby, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/11924186/person/1561946289?ssrc=&ftm=1

    After the death of her husband, Margaret married widower James Warren Briscoe, whose wife Mary had died in about 1852 in Sevier County, Arkansas.

    James Warren Briscoe
    Birth 1804 in Virginia, Death 1 Dec 1862 in Sevier, Arkansas
    Marriage to Mary Polly Dossey 1820 Morgan, Alabama
    Marriage to Margaret Nobles Knauls 15 Apr 1854 Sevier, Arkansas
    --  Covar, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/13540452/person/479068?ssrc=&ftm=1

    James Warren Briscoe
    Born 1804 in Verginia [Virginia]
    Died December 1,1862 in Sevier Co, Arkansas.
    James W Briscoe served as Justice of the Peace In Morgan Co, Alabama in 1836 and also in Sevier Co Ark in 1847
    He had 14 children
    Married Marry Polly Dossey 1820 in Alabama
    Born 1807 in Tennessee
    Died 1851/52 in Sevier Co, Arkansas
    He married Margarett Knauls (Nobles) (Naules) the widow of Taplay Knauls (Knolls) April 15.1854. in Sevier Co, Arkansas
    They had two sons, Hannon [Harmon] W and Joseph Wallis
    She was born Abt 1816 in Tenn. and died July 4,1876 in Sevier Co Ark
    --  Briscoe Genealogy, http://www.briscoe-fam.com/James_w_briscoe/james_w_briscoe.htm

    The first chidl reported above of James and Peggy  is called Hannon in teh genealogy.  This is how the name is tanscribed in an 1893 tax record in Bexar County, Texas.  It appears to be a mistranscripoitn for Harmon, under which a matching indivivdual is reproted in San Antonio City directories and censuses over the years.  Harmon is reproted born about 1855, in census records and consistent with the marriage reocord for Peggy and James in April 1854.  However, the name seems firm as "Hannon" in the brief Briscoe family comments.  The genealogy remarks that Hannon W Briscoe never married, matching the directories for "Harmon" Briscoe in San Antonio.

    There is no Hannon or Harmon in the 1960 census below.  Various sources estimate Polly's death as in 1851 ort 1852.  No death record or burial has been found.  This would mean that the child reported as a daughter by the name Hannah W would be Peggy's daughter, unreported by the Briscoe genealogy above.  This matches Hannon or Harmon W, making him born about a year or so after his paretn married.

    Joseph W is reported in 1860 as born about 1857.  That would be about right, with their marriage in 1854, and estimated birth of Harman in 1855.  But the age of "Hannah" matches that of "Hannon."  So this may be an error of recording by thye enumerator who heard "Hannon" as "Hannah," or had forgotten exactly by the time he wrote it down among hte 15 chidlren's names.

    Their blended family is enumerated in the 1860 census in Sevier County.

    1860 Federal Census, Sevier County, Arkansas, 31 July, Madison Township, PO Centerpoint, page 105, Hse #762, Fam #737
    James W Briscoe 56 M Farmer $1000 Real Estate $1700 Personal Estate  born Virginia [born abt 1804]
    Margarett Briscoe 45 F Tennessee [born abt 1815]
    Bethenee Knolles 15 F born Alabama [born abt 1845]
    Charles Knolles 12 M born Alabama [born abt 1848]
    Benjamin Knolles 11 M born Alabama [born abt 1849]
    James M Briscoe 11 M born Arkansas [born abt 1849]
    George W Briscoe 9 M born Arkansas [born abt 1851]
    Hannah [Hannon] W Briscoe 5 F born Arkansas [born abt 1855]
    Joseph W Briscoe 3 M born Arkansas [born abt 1857]


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