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Charles ADAMS

Charles ADAMS1,2,3

about 18301 - after 18801

Life History

about 1830

Born in Georgia.1

about 1879

Married Francis COLBERT in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.2

after 1880


Dec 1880

Birth of son Charles ADAMS in Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.4,5,6,7

about Mar 1881

Divorced from Francis COLBERT in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.3


  • The Chickasaw History reports that Charles Adams and Fannie Colbert-Green-Cochran had no children.  This source reports that they married in about 1879.  Then  the source reports that Fannie married her next husband, Theophilus East, on 13 May 1884.  But one of Charles' children, Charles, was born abt 1885, estimated from his age in the 1910 census.  He could have been born in 1884.  So it had previously appeared that he was Fannie's son.  Another child, Oliver, was born Dec 1881 according to the 1900 census.

    Later facts indicated that Charles wa born earlier, abotu 1880, since Charles abandoned Fannie while she was preegnant (apparently with Oliver) in October 1880.  IN his 1902 Chcikasaw census card, Charles was reproted as 22 years old, thus born about 1880.

    I had assumed this meant that Fannie and Charles had married about 1880 or 1879.  This matches Chckasaw History.  But it also appeared that both these sons were Fannie's.  Fannie would have been about 50 when Oliver was born, possible, and a bit older when Charles was born, stretching it.  This owuld match the Chickasaw Archives report that Fannie and Charles married in 1879, and the Divorce testimony that Chalres abandoned Fannie in October 1880, while she was pregnant with their second child (Oliver, born Dec 1881).  However, if  the was born in Dec of 1881 (instead of 1880), this means they still had to be together till about at least March 1881.

    But if Fannie is not their mother, I do not know who the mother was, and the birth date for Charles Jr would seem to be wrong, if the Chickasaw History source is correct about the marriage date of Fannie and Charles Sr.

    "She married Charles Adams circa 1879.  (Charles Adams is #26911.)  She married Dr. Theophilus H. East in Berwyn, Pickens Co., Chick Nation, IT, 13 MAY 1884.  They had no children."  [Other soruces report two children Charles and Oliver.]
    --  Chickasaw History, Francis Colbert,

    U.S. Native American Enrollment Cards for the Five Civilized Tribes, 1898-1914,
    25 Sep 1902, Dawes' Roll #4315
    Census Card #1615, Frances East, Age 71, Birth Abt 1831
    Dawes' Roll #4316, Census Card #1615, Daniel Green, Age 28, Birth Abt 1874
    Dawes' Roll #4317, Census Card #1615, Charles Adams, Age 22, Birth Abt 1880
    Tribal Affiliation Chickasaw By Blood


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