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William TERRY1,5,4,6,3,2

17241,2 - 18031,4,2

Life History


Born in Orange County, Virginia.1,2

9th Jun 1740

Birth of daughter Ester TERRY in Bladen County, North Carolina


Birth of son Miles B TERRY in Botetourt County, Virginia.5

before Feb 1759

Death of Cheepoake HARRIS in Surry County, North Carolina.2,6,7

3rd Feb 1759

Married Rachel MANSON in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.6


Birth of son John Burris TERRY in Fincastle, Botetourt, Virginia.7


Death of Rachel MANSON in Botetourt County, Virginia.1,7


Died in Botetourt County, Virginia.1,4,2


Buried in Terry Family Cemetery, Oakwood, Bedford County, Virginia.3

Other facts


Married Cheepoake HARRIS


  • William Terry
    Birth 1724 in Orange, Virginia
    Death 1803 in Botetourt, Virginia
    Father William Terry Birth 1700 Virginia, Death 1744 in Botetourt, Virginia
    Mother Unknown
    Spouse Rachel Manson
    Birth 1730 in Botetourt, Virginia
    Death 1766 in Botetourt, Virginia
    Son Miles B "Devil Jett" Terry
    Birth 1762 in Botetourt, Virginia
    Death 30 Jan 1810 in Botetourt, Virginia
    --  Bowman-Eledge, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/52490177/person/13391112862

    A record collection reports William's son Miles, reported in the genealogy above, was born in 1750, but reports his mother as Rachel Manson.  Records indicate his father did not marry Rachel Manson until 1759.  Other genealogies also report chidlren born on dates before Rachel's marriage to William.

    Other sources report that William was first married to a Cheraw Indian woman named Cheepoake Harris.  The tribal name is found as Seraw or Saurain in early Virginia and North Carolina records.  Cheepoake died "when Miles was a baby," which could be from 1850 for a few years.  The term "baby" I have seen used for 6 and 8-year-old chidlren.  You would think William would remarry pretty quickly after the death of his wife.  With that in mind, we can think that Cheepoake died as late as 1758, a few months before the reported remarriage by William in February 1759 (if that is the sme William Terry).

    "A full blooded Cheraw Indian. Cheraw often written as Saraw or Saura in early VA & NC records. The Cheraw Indians ceasd to exist as a tribe around 1730 and were absorbed into the related Catawba and Cherokee Tribes, but most seem to have become the mixed-blood "Lumbee" of Robeson County Indians. Cheraw Cheepoake was the first wife of fur tader William Terry of Botetourt County, Virginia. Only two of their children (Esther Terry and Miles "Devil Jett" Terry) had offspring. Cheepoake died when Miles was a baby, and William remarried."
    --  Cheepoake "Cheraw-Cherokee" Harris Terry, Geni, https://www.geni.com/people/Cheepoake-Cheraw-Cherokee-Harris-Terry/6000000045614461881?through=6000000014630414171

    The above source provides a profile of Cheepoake Harris Terry.

    Cheepoake Cheepoake Terry (Harris)
    Gender Female
    Birth 1710 Surry County, North Carolina, United States
    Death 1758 Surry County, North Carolina, United States
    Wife of William "Trapper" Terry
    Children: Stephen Terry; Esther Burris; William Terry, Jr.; Isabel Burris; Mary Terry and 2 others
    Added by Kent on March 12, 2009
    Managed by Teresa Lynn Skaggs, Kent, Gaye Jeanes and Bob Wood
    --  Cheepoake "Cheraw-Cherokee" Harris Terry, Geni, https://www.geni.com/people/Cheepoake-Cheraw-Cherokee-Harris-Terry/6000000045614461881?through=6000000014630414171

    Several historical sources match Rachel Manson in marriage to William Terry.  No dates are reported.  A marriage record found more recently reports they were married in 1759, but the place is in Pennsylvania.  This Terry family is associated with Lunenburg County, Virginia, which is in South Central Virginia (would have been southeastern Virginia in the pre-Civil War era, before West Virginia seceded form Virginia).  It lies one county above the North Carolina border to the south.

    It is noted in sources, however, that Rachel Manson was born in Botetourt County, where she and William Terry are known to have lived, and where they both died.  At least one son, Miles, was born in Botetourt County.  This county is in the center of the old colony-state of Virginia, now in the west near West Virginia.

    It may be that some historical sources with minimal information have linked our Rachel Manson and William Terry to a different similar couple in Philadelphia.  On the other hand, we recall that Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was  center of commerce, society and politics in the colonies, and soon became the capital of the new United States a few years after their marriage.  Being prominent landholders and influential in colonial affairs, this William Terry may have been in Philadelphia regularly.

    Pennsylvania, Compiled Marriage Records, 1700-1821
    Rachel Manson
    Spouse William Terry
    Marriage 3 Feb 1759 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    This record is only a list of names and dates in a typed compilation in a publication of the transcribed record of Christ Church, Philadelphia, 1709-1806,, with no further information to identify the listed.

    William Terry was a common name in this line of Terrys, and occurs in other Terry families that show no connection with these Terrys in this era.  The following military record, spars as it is in details, appears to be for William Terry who was born in 1730 in Orange County, Virginia and died in Botetourt County of the same state.

    Virginia, Compiled Census and Census Substitutes Index, 1607-1890A
    William Terry
    1785 Tax list, Capt Easons County Township, Botetourt County, Virginia
    From Virginia Early Census Index

    William's death is reported to have occurred in Botetourt County.  But a burial record that appears to match him, and is attached to him in some genealogies, reports his burial in a family cemetery, presumably on Terry family land, in neighboring Bedford County.

    Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots
    William Terry
    Burial Family Cemetery, Oakwood, northern Bedford, Bedford Co, Virginia

    Some sources report different dates from the major old record compilations, which are used by most genealogies that clearly follow this Terry lineage.  The following Find a Grave profile has different dates, and this may indicate only the uncertainty of dates in that era.  This FAG memorial reports the same wife, Rachel Manson, with the same dates, and reports that the place of birth for both is unknwon, and may have been either Virginia or North Carolina.

    The reported occupation as a trapper seems somewhat out of line with what else we know of William and Rachel, but is not impossible.  It may be, however, that two diffeerent individuals or Terry lineages have been confused hee.  Another indication of this is the geneallogy included below which hs the sme dates we have, and locates William's death in Botetourt and provides informatoin abotu his estate there.  But it also has a diferent name for his wife, Rachel Mordock.  This warrants investigatoin as a possible avenue to clrity.But the location.

    Note that the FAG memorial reprots that William's parentage is unknown, whicle the genealogy below reports the normal paretnage of William Terry I (or Sr) and reports his mother as Keziah Sarah (no maiden name), wheras most genealogies have no name for William's mother.

    William Terry
    Birth 1710 Botetourt County, Virginia, USA
    Death 1792 Surry County, North Carolina, USA

    Parents unknown. The above dob & dod are approximate, the best information we have at present. Some sources say he died in NC, some say in VA.

    His surname is alternately spelled Terriy or Terry. He was a fur trader.

    William married Cheepoake Harris in NC. Their known children were Isabell & Esther, & possibly Jasper, Miles & William. Isabell & Esther both married men surname Burris.

    Some researchers claim that after Cheepoake's death, William married again. I have no information to say whether this is true or not, and no name of a possible 2nd wife, so cannot confirm or deny it.

    William Terry & Cheepoake Harris have many descendants who have tried to get more information about them, but we have found nothing further.

    Cheepoake Harris (1710 - ____)
    Rachel Manson Terry (1730 - 1766)

    Ester Terry Burris (1740 - 1830)
    John Burris Terry (1760 - 1842)

    Burial Unknown

    Created by Rebecca Paddon Feb 06, 2011
    --  Find a Grave Memorial #65291212, https://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=65291212

    However, other genealogies reprot the same dates for William Terry, the Trapper, as those we report and the place of death as Botetourt County, Virginia, as shown in most sources and genealogies.  Thie following genelaogy reports the same list of children shown in genealogies that have the dates given in the above FAG profile for Wililam Terry.  William's fathe is also reported as William Terry Sr here as in the genealogies with the dates 1710-1792, and the same motehr, Keziah Sarah (no maiden name).  Most genealoies have no name for the wife of William Terry Sr.

    There is on differtence her that may provide some guidance to clarifying the identities here, if two families have been confused in sources or genealogies.  The name of William Terry's second wife here is Rachel Murdock, not not Rachel Manson, as other soruces report.  This genealogy reports that Willam's death place is uncertain, as stated in the FAG above that has the other dates of birth and death.  They share information on his fur trapping, etc, but differ on his wife's name.

    The following genealogy also references the above FAG for William, but adds info that matcehs the family line we know and the locatoin in Botetourt County.

    William "Trapper" Terry, II
    Birth circa 1724 (79) Botetourt,Virginia,USA
    Death circa 1803 (71-87) Botetourt,Virginia,USA
    William Terry, I
    Keziah Sarah Terry
    Married to:
    Cheepoake "Cheraw-Cherokee" Harris Terry
    Rachel Mordock Terry
    Stephen Terry; Esther (Terry) Burris; William Terry, Jr.; Isabel (Terry) Burris; Mary Terry and 9 others
    Occupation Fur Trader
    "William "Trapper" Terry was a fur trapper, a surveyor, an Indian fighter and was given land grants. By the late 1700's, the old Terry Plantation was made up close to 1,000 acres. The property located where Roanoke, Virginia was later established. His farm was named Elmwood."
    Managed by Geoffrey David Trowbridge
    Last Updated November 28, 2016
    --  Wiliam Terry, Geni, https://www.geni.com/people/William-Trapper-Terry/6000000014630414171


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