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Edward HARMAN1,2,3

19th Sep 18251,2,3 - 15th Aug 18814

Life History

19th Sep 1825

Born in Henry County, Tennessee.1,2,3


Married Nancy GRAVES in Belton, Bell, Texas.7

24th Aug 1856

Birth of son Benjamin Franklin HARMAN in Bryan, Brazos, Texas.1,5

about 1858

Death of Nancy GRAVES in Bell County, Texas.6


Married Mary Frances THOMASON in Texas.4

24th Jul 1869

Birth of son John Tyson HARMAN in Jones Prairie, Milam, Texas.8,9,3,10,2

about 1875

Birth of daughter Mary Jane HARMAN in Milam County, Texas.3

about 1879

Birth of daughter Ione B HARMAN in Milam County, Texas.3

15th Aug 1881

Died in Jones Prairie, Milam County, Texas.4


  • 1870 Federal Census, Milam County, Texas, 18 July, PO Maysfield, page 93 (scan p 257), Hse #667, Fam # 671
    Harman, Edward 45 M W Farming $500 Real estate $500 personal b Tennessee
    Harman, Mary 32 F W Keeping House b Alabama
    Harman, Benjamin 15 M W b Texas
    Haynes (?), Edward 13 M W b Arkansas
    Haynes (?Harman), John 1 M W b Texas

    This household is Edward Harman with his second wife Mary Francis (Frances) Thomason.  Benjamin would be the first son of Edward with his first wife Nancy Graves.  The Porter genealogy reports both these marriages and son Benjamin as Nancy's son.  That genealogy also reports John T Harman as the first son of Mary Frances.  Why John is enumerated here with the last name of Haynes is a mystery.  The name is clearly Haynes for the second child Edward, with ditto marks for John's last name.

    The age of the second child Edward would fit to be a second son of Edward and Nancy.  Nancy is reported to have died about 1857-8.  This would allow for the birth of Edward before her death.  It is possible that she died in childbirth with Edward.  However, I note that the Porter genealogy does not a report a child named Edward from either marriage.

    Likewise, the census says this Edward Haynes was born in Arkansas.  Edward and Nancy were living in Texas, and Ben was born there.  Mary Frances' family was also already living in Texas.  Thus it seems unlikely that a second son would have born to Edward and Nancy in Arkansas two years after the birth of Benjamin in Texas, when Nancy dies in Texas a year or less afterwards.  I have found no documentation to account for this Edward Haynes.

    He could be a child of Mary Frances form a first marriage.  She was born in 1838, the child Edward Haynes was born 1857 (Mary would have been 19), she married Edward Harman in 1868 (she would have been 30).

    On the other hand, the 1-year-old John clearly fits the son of Edward and Mary Frances, John T Harman.  I can only conclude that the enumerator's error here was to assign the preceding name of Haynes to John rather than the correct name of Harman.  Few resources are available on the Harman family with which to cross-check details like this.  Other details may later come to light from other sources.

    The genealogy Harman Heritage has the children of each wife detailed here.  This confirms, as we analyzed above, that Benjamin, reported above in the 1870 census, is the child of Nancy, Edward's first wife, and reports him as her only child.

    430. Edward5 HARMAN, (Ambrose4, Alexander3, Hezekiah2, Zachariah1) born 19 Sep 1830 in Henry Co., Tennessee. He married
    (1) 22 Nov 1854 in Bell Co., Texas (Bk A/p 33), Nancy Francis GRAVES, born 24 Nov 1834, died 19 Oct 1857 in Bell Co.,
    Texas ?.
    He married (2) 09 Nov 1868 in Texas, Mary Frances THOMASON, born 10 Feb 1838 in Alabama, died 1927 in Jack
    Co., Texas, buried Perrin Memorial in Perrin, Jack Co., Texas.

    Edward died 14 Aug 1881 in Jones Prairie, Milam Co., Texas, buried in Jones Prairie, Milam Co., Texas.

    Children by Nancy Francis GRAVES:
    i. Benjamin Franklin6 HARMAN born 24 Aug 1855.

    Children by Mary Frances THOMASON:
    ii. John Tyson HARMAN born 24 Jul 1869.
    iii. Infant HARMAN, born 02 Aug 1871 in Milam Co., Texas, died infancy in Milam Co., Texas.
    iv. Mary Jane HARMAN born 29 Aug 1874.
    v. Adaline Jane 'Addie' HARMAN born 16 Jul 1878.
    --  Harman Heritage,

    Another child named Ione B is listed in the 1880 census.  Her age of 1 year places her birth close to that reported by the Harman Heritage genealogy.  It may be that Adaline died and in a short time Ione was born.  Yet the Harman Heritage genealogy reports that Adaline grew up and married.  Why is she not in the 1880 census?

    1880 Federal Census, Milam County, Texas, 22 June, Jones Prairie, District 101, page 60, Hse #399, Fam #405
    Harman, Edward  W M 49  Head Farmer TN TN TN
    Harman, Mary F  W F 42 Wife Keeping House AL NC TN
    Harman, John T W M 10 At Home TX TN AL
    Harman, Mary J  W F 5 Dau TX TN AL
    Harman, Ione B  W F 1 Dau TX TN AL

    1701. Adaline Jane 'Addie'6 HARMAN, (Edward5, Ambrose4, Alexander3, Hezekiah2, Zachariah1) born 16 Jul 1878 in Milam Co.,
    Texas. She married 14 Nov 1895 in Jack Co., Texas (Bk 4/p 287), Benjamin T. KEEN, born in Missouri.
    4727 i. Amy7 KEEN, born abt 1899 in Texas
    4728 ii. Benjamin T. KEEN, Jr., born abt 1913 in Texas
    4729 iii. Mildred KEEN, born abt 1916 in Texas
    --  Harman Heritage,


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