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Mildred Laverne Joyce FREEZE

Mildred Laverne Joyce FREEZE1,1,2,1,7,3,1,3,3,9,4,5,5,6,5,7,8

20th Jan 19311,2,3,3,4,5,6,7,8 - 2nd Nov 19902,7,7,8

Life History

20th Jan 1931

Born in Aransas Pass, San Patricio, Texas.1,2,3,3,4,5,6,7,8

about Jul 1946

Married Dontknow HARBOUR.4

before Mar 1947

Divorced from Dontknow HARBOUR

8th Mar 1947

Married Joseph Dudley MCCLELLEN in Crosby, Harris, Texas.9,5,5

24th Jun 1968

Married Coy Finis BROWN in Brazoria County, Texas.3,1,5

17th Aug 1970

Divorced from Coy Finis BROWN in Harris County, Texas.3

6th Nov 1970

Married Travis R EASTERLING in Fort Bend County, Texas.3,3,6

31st Aug 1971

Divorced from Travis R EASTERLING in Harris County, Texas.3

5th May 1972

Married Bobbie Gene WILLIAMS in Harris County, Texas.1

23rd Jun 1975

Divorced from Bobbie Gene WILLIAMS in Smith County, Texas.3

29th Jun 1977

Married Billy Joe BOYD in Montgomery County, Texas.1

13th Sep 1978

Divorced from Billy Joe BOYD in Harris County, Texas.3

13th Aug 1983

Married Raymond Norman HURDLE in Liberty County, Texas.1

2nd Nov 1990

Died in Crosby, Harris, Texas.2,7,7,8

after 2nd Nov 1990

Buried in Rosewood Funeral Home and Cemetery, Humble, Harris County, Texas.8


  • Mildred was apparently married 7 times.  Our research had located the Texas marriage record for six of these.

    A well-documented genealogy was the first record giving her maiden name and other family information.  This tree provides Mildred's middle name, the name of her parents and the name of her first husband, for whom neither this genealogist or myself have found the record of marriage.

    I have found neither the marriage nor the divorce record.  This genealogy reports that her marriage to Dudley McClellan occurred on 8 March 1947.  This means she was married to Mr Harbour less than a year.

    Mildred Laverne "Margie" Freeze
    Birth 20 Jan 1931, Death 15 Nov 1990 in Crosby, Harris, Texas
    Parents James Abner Freeze b 1902, Georgia Ruth Nixon 1909 - 1994
    Marriage to Joseph Dudley McClellen 8 Mar 1947
    --  Byrd-Armstrong,

    Her Social Security records, found only in January 2019, introduced another married name, showing the first name change from Freeze to Harbour.  The name change was reported to Social Security in July 1946.  With this information a new search produced a marriage record supporting that marriage.  It was a record her second marriage, to J D McClellan, as Mildred L J Harbour.

    Texas, Select County Marriage Records, 1837-2015
    J D McClellen and Mildred L J Harbour
    License issued and Mildred performed 8 Mar 1947 Harris County, Texas, USA
    Ceremony by W C Ragan Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1
    Document #118302 recorded 8 March 1947

    The separate marriage license reports their ages and residence in Texarkana, the same address for both.  The number 6313 in their address may be a box number.  This certificate reports recording details, but does not name the offiacting officer for the marriage ceremony.

    Texas, Select County Marriage Records, 1837-2015
    J D McClellen, age 22
    Address 6313 (?) Texarkana
    Mildred L J Harbour, age 18
    Address 6313 (?) Texarkana
    License issued 8 Mar 1947 Harris County, Texas, USA
    Recorded 8 March 1947 Harris County Marriage Records Vol 1, p 15 Record #118302, Vol 1, p 15

    The Intials L J are clarified on her Social Security records (see below) as Laverne Joyce.  Mildred apparently had two middle names and only Laverne is acknowledged in some records.  Most records actually have only an initial L.

    Mildred married Coy Brown in 1968 in Brazos County, Texas.  One copy of the rerod reports Mildre under her maiden name and the other under her last married name.

    Texas Marriage Index, 1966-2002
    Coy Finis Brown, Age 41, Birth Year abt 1927
    Mildred Laverne Freeze, Age 37, Birth Year abt 1931
    Marriage 24 Jun 1968 Brazoria County, Texas

    The second record collection has her married name of McClellan.

    Texas, Select County Marriage Records, 1837-2015
    Mildred Laverne McClellen
    Coy Finis Brown
    Marriage 24 Jun 1968 Brazoria County, Texas, USA
    Recording 24 Jun 1968 Brazoria County, Texas, USA

    Mildred and Coy divorced in 1970.  Notice that the date of the marriage is reported here as 21 July rather than 24 July.  This date may be the date the license was issued.

    Texas Divorce Index, 1968-2002
    Mildred L [Brown], Age 39, Birth Year abt 1931
    Coy F Brown, 43, Spouse's Birth abt 1927
    Marriage Date 21 Jun 1968, No Children
    Divorce 17 Aug 1970 Harris County

    In 1970 she married Travis Easterling, but they divorced also in1971,  This time they married in Fort Bend County, but divorced in Harris County, the county of Houston.

    Texas, Marriage Index, 1824-2014
    Travis R Easterling, Age 43 Birth Year abt 1927
    Mildred L Freeze, Age 39, Birth Year abt 1931
    Marriage 6 Nov 1970 Fort Bend County, Texas, USA

    Texas Divorce Index, 1968-2002
    Mildred L [Easterling], Age 40, Estimated Birth Year 1931
    Travis R Easterling, Age 43, Estimated Birth Year 1928
    Marriage Date 6 Nov 1970
    No Children
    Divorce 31 Aug 1971 Harris County

    Then in 1972, Mildred married Bobbie Williams, still in Harris County.

    Texas Marriage Index, 1966-2002
    Bobbie G Williams, Age 42, Birth Year abt 1930
    Mildred Freeze, Age 41, Birth Year abt 1931
    Marriage 5 May 1972 Harris County, Texas

    But Mildred and Bobbie were married three years, then divorced in Smith County, Texas.

    Texas Divorce Index, 1968-2002
    Bobbie G Williams, Age 45, Birth Year abt 1930
    Mildred L [Williams], Age 44, Birth Year abt 1931
    Marriage Date 30 Apr 1972 [date of license?]
    No Children
    Divorce Date 23 Jun 1975 Smith County

    In 1977, she married Bobby Boyd.

    Texas Marriage Index, 1966-2002
    Billy J Boyd
    Marriage 29 Jun 1977 Montgomery County, Texas
    Age 37, Birth Year abt 1940
    Spouse Mildred L Freeze
    Spouse Age 46, Spouse Birth Year abt 1931

    Mildred and Billy stayed married until 1978.

    Texas Divorce Index, 1968-2002
    Billy J Boyd Sr, Age 38, Estimated Birth Year 1940
    Mildred L [Boyd], Age 48, Estimated Birth Year 1930
    Marriage Date 27 Aug 1977
    No Children
    Divorce 13 Sep 1978 Harris County

    Mildred did not marry again until 1983 at age 52, in Liberty County, to Raymond Hurdle.  Raymond was 10 years younger than Mildred.

    Texas Marriage Index, 1966-2002
    Raymond N Hurdle, Age 42, Birth Year abt 1941
    Mildred L Freeze, Spouse Age 52, Spouse Birth Year abt 1931
    Marriage 13 Aug 1983 Liberty County, Texas

    Mildred's Social Security records list her name chnges.  Interestingly, the first name on the list has he middle name as Diverne, rather than Laverne, and adds a second middle name of Joyce, but the names are written as a single double name.  This is supported also in the second entry with only initials:  Mildred LJ Hrbour.  This also introduces an additional married name we had not found in the marriage and divorce records.

    Not all the known marriages are represented in the name list of her Social Security records.  Her final name, usually the name assigned after death. uses an earlier married name of Brown, rather than her final married name of Hurdle.  Her two middle names were apparently misenteered in the Social security records as Divernejoyce, mispelled and entered as a single name.  Her second entryhas initials L J.  These two initials are also ofund on her marriage record to her second husband J. D McClellan.

    U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007
    Mildred Divernejoyce (?) Freeze [Mildred Lj Harbour] [Mildred McClellen] [Mildred Easterling] [Mildred Hurdle] [Mildred Brown]
    Birth 20 Jan 1931 Aransas Pass, Texas
    Death Date 15 Nov 1990
    Father James A Freeze
    Mother Georgia R Nixon
    SSN 453183003
    Death Certificate #106978
    Sep 1937 Name listed as MILDRED DIVERNEJOYCE FREEZE; Jul 1946 Name listed as MILDRED LJ HARBOUR; Feb 1950 Name listed as MILDRED LEVERNE MCCLELLEN; Sep 1972 Name listed as MILDRED LAVERNE EASTERLING; 08 Nov 1984 Name listed as MILDRED LAVERNE HURDLE; [no date] Name listed as MILDRED BROWN

    U.S. Public Records Index, 1950-1993, Volume 2
    Mildred F Hurdle
    Birth Date 20 Jan 1931
    13713 Saddle Rdg, Crosby, TX, 77532-6327

    Mildred died in 1990 in Harris County, Texas.

    Texas, Death Index, 1903-2000
    Mildred Hurdle
    Death 2 Nov 1990 Harris County

    Social Security Death Index
    M L Hurdle
    Born 20 Jan 1931
    Died 15 Nov 1990
    SSN 453-18-3003 issued Texas (Before 1951)

    Texas Death Index, 1903-2000
    Mildred Hurdle
    Death 2 Nov 1990 Harris County

    Mildred Laverne “Margie” Freeze Hurdle
    BIRTH 20 Jan 1931 Aransas Pass, San Patricio County, Texas, USA
    DEATH 2 Nov 1990 (aged 59) Crosby, Harris County, Texas, USA
    BURIAL Rosewood Funeral Home and Cemetery, Humble, Harris County, Texas, Lot 261, Sec D, #3
    Married Raymond Hurdle, Aug 13, 1983, Liberty County, Texas
    Father James Abner Freeze 1902-1979
    Spouse Raymond Norman Hurdle 1941-2007
    Brother Douglas Warren Freeze 1927-2003
    Created by Paul O'Quinn 2 May 2014
    --  Find A Grave Memorial 129031836,


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