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Emma Cornelia KINARD

Emma Cornelia KINARD1,2,3,5,10,6,11,7,9,9

10th Sep 18661,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,9 - 25th Sep 19462,8

Life History

10th Sep 1866

Born in Arkansas.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,9

1st Feb 1885

Married in Married first husband Edward Collise Dumond.8

14th Feb 1885

Married Edward Caliste DUMOND in Arkansas County, Arkansas.8,31,9

15th Feb 1886

Birth of daughter Nora Virginia DUMOND in Arkansas.12,8,13,5,9,14,15

26th Dec 1887

Birth of daughter Mary Theresa DUMOND in Arkansas.5,8,8

22nd Dec 1889

Birth of son Edward Luther DUMOND in DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas.17,5,18,19,20,21,8,12,22

2nd Jan 1892

Birth of son Solomon Elmer DUMOND in Arkansas.8

25th Feb 1894

Birth of son Ira Eugene DUMOND in DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas.20,23,5,9,25,26,17,27,8,16

23rd Sep 1896

Birth of daughter Dollie Emma DUMOND in Arkansas.5,8

27th Sep 1899

Death of son Solomon Elmer DUMOND in Arkansas.8

27th Apr 1900

Birth of daughter Lillie Viola DUMOND in Arkansas.5,28,29,30

27th Apr 1900

Birth of son William McKinley DUMOND in Arkansas.5,8

4th Sep 1900

Death of son William McKinley DUMOND in Arkansas.8

12th Mar 1902

Death of daughter Dollie Emma DUMOND in Fork Lagrue, Arkansas, Arkansas.8,8

11th Mar 1902

Death of daughter Mary Theresa DUMOND in Fork Lagrue, Arkansas, Arkansas.8,16

22nd Mar 1902

Death of Edward Caliste DUMOND in DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas.4,16,8

about 1903

Married in Married second husband George Miller, estimated date

about 1913

Birth of daughter Anna Belle MILLER in Missouri.1,9

5th Oct 1913

Married George H MILLER in Arkansas County, Arkansas.34,9

27th Jan 1925

Death of George H MILLER in Arkansas County, Arkansas.11,32,33

11th Mar 1943

Death of son Ira Eugene DUMOND in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.23,24,8,16

25th Sep 1946

Died in Arkansas County, Arkansas.2,8


  • In letter of 1977 to us about family information, Bertie McSwain recalled that Emma Cornelia Kinard had half brothers and sisters, but had no last names.  Bertie had names of three of the half-siblings:
    Jennie, Thomas and George

    She tells us that after the death of her husband Edward Collise Dumond, Emma married George Miller.

    In May 2008 I found details on the half siblings.  Both her parents had been married and lost their first spouses.  Emma appears to be the only child of the marriage of Levi Kinard to Mary Ann Glover Baker Kinard.

    I have located the half-siblings Bertie McSwain mentioned in her information.  Thomas is Thomas Larkin Baker, son of Mary Ann (Some have her name as Mary Jane) Glover and Rollin Thomas Baker of Georgia. Thomas' wife is Emma Jane Nichols from Indiana.
    --  Mark W Stevens, RootsWeb, http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=stevensmw&id=I1958

    In the 1880 census, which I also did not find until May 2008, twice-widowed Mary Kinard and her daughter Emma Kinard are living with Thomas L Baker and his wife Emma in LaGrue Township of Arkansas County, Arkansas.  Mary is reported as the mother of Thomas, and Emma as his sister.  (See transcription below.)

    The half-brother Bertie named as George appears to be the first child of Levi from his first marriage to Mary Ann Collins of Georgia.  His name was George Martin Kinard.  He was born 3 October 1846 in Floyd County, Georgia, according to a genealogy of the Stevens/Simpson family.
    --  Mark W Stevens, RootsWeb, http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=stevensmw&id=I6372

    The name Jennie was a little harder to account for.  This is Eugenia (Lula Gennie) Baker, another child of Mary Ann Glover with her first husband Rollin Thomas Baker.  Lula Gennie was born in 1828 in Georgia, according to Mark Stevens, and died in February 1835 in Bayou Meto, Arkansas.  The info as Mark has it reported would indicate a town in Pulaski County.  I am wondering, from the other information we have about this family if this does not refer to Bayou Meto Township in Arkansas County.  She married William Washington Simpson of Mississippi in 27 December 1876.
    --  Mark W Stevens, RootsWeb, http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=stevensmw&id=I0343

    1880 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 10 June, Lagrue Township, District 3, page 16, Hse #134, Fam #143
    Baker, Thomas L  W M 25   Farmer  GA GA GA
    Baker, Emma W F 24 Wife Keeping House  IL IL IL
    Kinard, Mary  W F 46 Mother At Home GA GA GA
    Kinard, Emma  W F 13 Sister AR GA GA

    Emma Cornelia Kinard married Edward Caliste Dumond on 14 February 1885.  The wedding occurred two weeks after the license was issued.  Bertie McSwain had a marriage date of 1 February 1885 from some source, presumably family.  And this date appeared in one genealogy I found early by Mark Stevens.

    But the record, which I found online only much later, reports they were married on 14 February 1885.  Perhaps this is a misrecording or a mistranscription.  I have not seen a copy of the actual document.  The license was issued on 31 January 1885 in Arkansas County.

    Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
    E Kinard
    Gender: Female
    Age 18, Birth Year abt 1867
    Spouse's Name: E C Dumond
    Spouse's Gender: Male
    Spouse's Age 25, Marriage 14 Feb 1885 Arkansas
    Marriage License Date 31 Jan 1885

    After marriage in Arkansas County, Emma established a family with Edward Caliste Dumond, and they are located in Cleburne County in central Arkansas in 1900.  The 1900 census enumerated them in Cleburne County, in the north central part of Arkansas.

    1900 Federal Census, Cleburne County, Arkansas, 14 June, Sugar Loaf Township, District 18, page 8B, Hse #137, Fam #141
    Dumond, Edward C Head  W M  Jan 1860  40  Married 15 years AR AR AR Farmer  Owns Farm
    Dumond, Emma C  Wife  W F Sept 1866  33 Married 15 years AR GA GA
    Dumond, Nora V   Dau W F Feb 1886  14 AR AR AR Farm Laborer
    Dumond, Mary T  Dau  W F Dec 1887  12 AR AR AR Farm Laborer
    Dumond, Edward L  Son W M Dec 1889  10 AR AR AR Farm Laborer
    Dumond, Ira N Son W M Feb 1894  6 AR AR AR
    Dumond, Dollie E  Dau W F  Sept 1896  3 AR AR AR
    Dumond, Zula (?=Lillie) Dau   W F  Apr 1900  2mos AR AR AR
    Dumond, McKinley Son   W M  Apr 1900  2mos AR AR AR

    Emma Cornelia Kinard's first husband Edward Collise (Caliste) Dumond died 22 Mar 1902, along with two of her daughters and her mother, in a pneumonia epidemic.  She married widower George Miller (also called Tom), who had one daughter, according to family memory.

    Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
    G H Miller
    Gender Male
    Age 68, Birth Year abt 1845
    Residence Van, Arkansas, Arkansas
    Spouse's Name [No first name] Dumand [Dumond]
    Spouse's Gender Female
    Spouse's Age 47
    Spouse's Residence DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas
    Marriage 5 Oct 1913 Arkansas County
    Marriage License Date 3 Oct 1913

    They are recorded in later census enumerations for Prairie Township of Arkansas County, near where Emma grew up.

    1920 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 11 February, Prairie Township, District 15, page 8A, Old Van Rd, Hse #144, Fam #146
    Miller, George  Head Owns M W 74 GA GA GA Farmer [b abt 1845]
    Miller, Emma Wife F W 52 AR AR AR [b abt 1867]

    The daughter is not reported in this census, but appears later with Emma in the 1930 census.  Bertie Lois McSwain gave me the first information about George and Emma, but did not have the date of that marriage or the date of birth of George's daughter Anna Belle.  The 1920 census did not report how long people had been married.  So it is unclear from this when George and Emma married.

    I could not find any marriage record online until September 2014, when in a new search a transcription of the record did appear on Ancestry.com.  Bertie told us that Emma Cornelia Kinard (Dumond) adopted her stepdaughter Anna Belle after George's death.  Anna Belle was 12 at the time of adoption, according to Bertie.  Age variations in the censuses make the reported ages uncertain, so Anna Belle could have been born in 1913 before George and Emma married, as Dumond family tradition says.

    One genealogy did say George and Emma married in October 1913.  And now the discovered marriage record confirms that with the exact marriage date.  There is a problem with this date, however, since George's stepdaughter was born about 1914, possibly late 1913.  I have not found records of George's first wife or the birth of Anna Belle.  It is odd that Anna Belle does not appear here with them in 1920, but she appears in the 1930 census with widow Emma as Emma's 16-year-old adopted daughter.

    After George's death in 1925, Emma applied for a pension as Confederate veteran's widow.

    Arkansas, Confederate Pension Records, 1891-1935
    George H. Miller
    Spouse Emma Miller
    Residence Arkansas County, Arkansas
    Infantry Division, K  Company, Arkansas Regiment
    Vet Application 1915
    Death 27 Jan 1925
    Comments: widow applied 1925 / questionnaire

    1930 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 18 April, Prairie Township, District 24, Page 11B, Hse #225, Fam #226(?) (Some family numbers are duplicated)
    Miller, Emma Head Owns F W 62 Widow First married at age 18 AR GA GA No Occupation
    Miller, Anna Belle Adopted Dau F W 16 Single MO MO MO

    The family story is that Anna Belle was the daughter of a widow whom George married as his first wife, thus she was George's stepdaughter.  This is consistent with the report of Anna Belle's parents both being born in Missouri, as well as Anna herself.  George was born in Mississippi, and had lived in Arkansas County, Arkansas since a child.  I have not discovered the names of Anna Belle's parents.

    If Anna Belle was born in early 1914, her father might have died in late 1913, during the 9-month period before her birth.  George would have married Anna's mother during or after her birth in about 1914, so it is confusing that George is reported to have married his second wife Emma in 1913, before the birth of Anna Belle.

    I suspect that the compiler of the records confused two different marriages.  The first marriage to Anna Belle's mother could have been in 1913.  But this marriage could not have been to Emma Kinard.

    There had to be time for the girl to be born, George to marry her mother (either before or after her birth), her mother to die, and George to adopt Anna before he married Emma Kinard.  So the marriage to Emma could not have been earlier than late 1914, if everything was squeezed in like clock work.

    There is a further complication to the family configuration.  There were other Miller children older than Annabelle.  This may mean that there was a third, first, wife, before Annabelle's stepmother.  Or it may be that family tradition has remembered incorrectly Annabelle's status.  The Dumond family had no information about the other Miller children.  I found the 1910 census for George only in April 2011.  I found him reported as a widower, living with his 24-year-old single son Tom.

    Next door is a Jeane (?) Miller, 22 years old and his wife and family.  The birth state information and proximity seems to indicate this is also a son of George.  The 1900 census might be of help in filling some of these gaps, but I cannot find George or either of these sons in the 1900 census.  Nor any census entry for Annabelle until the 1930 census with Emma Kinard Dumond Miller.  So where was Annabelle in the 1920 census?  Similarly she is not in Emma's household in 1940, and I have not found her elsewhere.

    In the 1940 census, Emma Kinard Dumond Miller is living alone in her own household, reported as Single rather than Widowed, next door to Luther Dumond and his wife, Emma.

    1940 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 4 May, LaGrue Township, District 1-17, page 20A, Road to Cuba, Hse #378, Rents $1
    Miller, Emma Head F W 73 [b abt 1867] Grade 5 b Ark same place in 1935

    Since Emma Miller is living next door to a Luther Dumond, we would think this is her son Edward Luther.  But if the age is correct here, this Edward was born in about 1886, instead of 1889, like Emma's son Edward Luther.  But I cannot find another Edward in the Dumond family to account for this Edward as a different individual.

    This Edward's wife is Emma, while Edward Luther's wife was Hassie, and lived until 1978.  This Emma has been previously married and widowed, and her Teal children from her first marriage are reported in Edward's household as his stepchildren.

    This Luther seems to match her son Edward Luther Dumond, but the age is a little different.  And Edward Luther is enumerated in 1940 in his household in Prairie Township, not far away, with his wife Emma Lee, and two different children, Doris and Vernon.  The grade levels achieved in school also differ her for both Luther and his wife Emma.

    1940 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 4 May, LaGrue Township, District 1-17, page 20A, Road to Cuba, Hse #377, Rents $5
    Dumond, Luther Head M W 54 Grade 6 b Ark same place in 1935 Farm Operator
    Dumond, Emma Lee Wife F W 51 Grade 4 b Ark same place in 1935
    Dumond, Esther Lottie Dau F W 6 [b abt 1834] Single Grade 0 b Ark same place in 1935
    Dumond, Jas Carl Son M W 1 [b abt 1839] Single Grade 0 b Ark same place in 1935
    Teal, Troy Stepson M W 9 Single Grade 2 b Ark same place in 1935
    Teal, Marie Stepdau F W 11 Single Grade 3 b Ark Father b Okla Mother b Ark same place in 1935
    Teal, Jas Wesley Stepson M W 11 Single Grade 3 b Ark same place in 1935
    Teal, Thos Chester Stepson M W 14 Single Grade 4 b Ark same place in 1935

    Arkansas Death Index, 1914-1950
    Volume 49, Certificate #4
    Emma Miller
    Age 80, Estimated Birth Year 1866
    Death 25 Sep 1946 Arkansas County


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